Legend of Master Chai episode 14 recap

Timmy’s uncle told Noel’s father that Timmy’s godfather bought all the medication and sold them at a high price. Timmy’s uncle suggests Noel’s father to share half of his wealth to Timmy’s godfather for the medicine. Noel’s father asked Timmy’s uncle to taste his food, and he choked. The chicken had poison. Timmy’s godfather sneaked in Timmy’s room and saw the poison powder in his room. Timmy entered his room and saw the poison powder being opened. As Timmy burned the poison powder, Joey came and asked him to surrender. Timmy saw an illusion of patients beating him up. Noel’s father visited Timmy’s godfather and demanded him to give the medicine or half of his wealth. The warehouse got burnt. Timmy framed Joey and said Joey knows how to make dark spells. Timmy took Noel’s father to the cellar and saw Joey turned into a rat. Joey sold medicine to the customers. Noel’s father ordered Cherie’s ex to throw away the medicines. Noel’s father ordered the guards to chase Joey. Timmy pointed a sword at Joey’s mother. Joey told Jimmy he is so disappointed him. A priest came and arrest Joey. Cherie and her mother saw people throwing white papers. The priest tied Joey up on the pole and performed a spell on Joey. Cherie came and told Noel’s father that Joey is not a demon but a god, her mother got well after eating his bowl of water.


Timmy returned home and couldn’t find his godfather and got mad he took all the silvers. Timmy’s mother begged Timmy to give her the medicine. Timmy pushed her away and said she deserved to be in this state. Timmy’s birth father told Timmy’s father that he stole five thousand silvers to buy a hairpin for he but then became a criminal. He couldn’t find her at the shore then she was married to Timmy’s godfather. Timmy’s birth father asked Timmy’s mother to reunite with her and live a peaceful life with their son. Timmy arrived to the shore and confronted his father of not trusting him. Timmy’s godfather told Timmy that he almost got tricked by his tactics but he found out he tried to poison him. Timmy pushed his godfather on the sea. Timmy gave his servants some money to leave. Timmy’s birth father asked Timmy to apologize to his mother. Timmy stab his birth father using a knife and push him down the sea. Noel prayed in the temple and recalled everything back in heaven. Noel ran searching for Joey. Joey bath in the boiling cauldron. Noel beg his father to forgive Joey. Timmy’s uncle closed he lid on the cauldron. Lots of fumes appears and the patients got healed. Timmy sat on the rainbow and told the patients that their illness got healed.


Timmy paddled the canoe with a chest of silvers on the canoe. Joey and his godfriend brought Timmy to the court. Noel’s father ordered the guard to slap Timmy. Timmy untied himself. Timmy pointed a knife at his mother. Timmy turned the knife into a flower. Timmy pushed his mother. Joey fought with Timmy without using his power. Timmy punched Joey and Joey beat him. Joey asked Timmy to pray and repent his mistake at the temple. Timmy said the people forced him to do this. Timmy said Noel loves Joey and he is an illegitimate son and lost his father. Joey told Timmy that if he accepted Noel’s love and his father is poor then he would be with Joey and his father. Timmy accused Joey of harming him with his power. Noel hit Joey with a stick. The monks asked Joey to hand over Timmy to them to repent his mistakes at the temple. Noel visited Timmy at the prison and said recited a poem money washed away like a fog, why being so stubborn and her hatred for him has gone. Joey and Noel watched the rainbow. Noel said the love potion caused so much chaos. Noel went to the heaven and ordered Joey to help Timmy let of the revenge and change him for the good.



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