Romantic Repertoire episode 7 recap

Katy and Jason took pictures of the interior design. Katy wondered when she will be able to design her own house. Katy asked Jason to take a picture of her. While talking about Mrs. Wah, Katy looked at Jason’s expression and asked him he he’s hiding something. Jason showed Katy the picture of Mrs. Wah sleeping on the shelter. During diner, Moses asked Jason to show him his camera. Jason mumbles that Katy has it. Moses asked Jason to look at him and say it. Jason said Katy saw the photos of Mrs. Wah in the shelter. Jason said Mrs. Wah called Katy and Katy happens to see the photo while he was holding the camera. Moses asked Jason what was his motive of telling Katy the secret. Moses’s sister assumed Jason has a crush on Katy. Jason deny. Louise came and negotiates with Moses to renovate Mrs. Wah’s house for one hundred and fifty thousand dollars. Katy said her father gave this flat to her mother but her mother didn’t use it. Jason asked Katy about her father, Katy said they are not that close to talk about it. Jason told Katy his parents live in Singapore. His father is a professor, and his mother is a housewife. Katy said she’s not interested to hear about his family.


Katy brought Espresso coffee for Moses. Katy asked Moses permission to renovate her mother’s flat. Moses asked Katy and Jason to create a design and he will choose the better one. Moses and Jason watches Katy discusses her design with her family next door. Moses told Jason he’s behind. Moses’s sister encouraged Jason to work hard and gave Moses a chicken breast to have more meat. While Moses looked around Mr.Tin’s office, her heard he told Mrs. Lai that he will appoint Evergreen Mak’s cousin Ryan as the creative director. Moses spoke up for Evergreen Mak but Mr. Tin worries that Evergreen Mak is putting a show for him. Moses told Mr.Tin Evergreen Mak reviewed his proposal. Mr.Tin wants to test Evergreen Mak to deal with his setback. Evergreen Mak told Moses he has to work hard to prove to his father he’s capable of taking the post. Moses showed Katy and Jason their design and asked them to evaluate. Katy critiqued Jason’s design. Jason then critiqued Katy’s design. Moses complimented Jason and Katy for pointing out the design mistakes to be fixed and said this project is sure worth one hundred and fifty thousand dollars. Jason shops for design curtains and tiles and design accessories and discussed with Katy. Katy received a call to meet for her birthday and promised to come back for work. Jason helped a delivery man on the way to Katy’s birthday. Jason looked at guys pleasing Katy and said Katy has a princess syndrome. Jason showed Katy the chicken wing and said he didn’t purposely come to her birthday. Jason showed Katy her USB she forgot to bring. Katy thanked Jason. Jason stared at Katy celebrates her birthday and smiled. Moses stared at Katy and Jason working together on the design and smiled. Moses give the project to Katy and Jason. Moses said they are not ready to take on projects but this is a chance for them.


Evergreen Mak cheers with Moses that his father let him take on the project. Evergreen Mak saw the news of the natural gas pipeline exploded in Europe, and felt puzzled. Moses saw police taking Ryan away for investigation. Moses asked Mrs. Lai if Evergreen Mak is involved investing the company’s money into the project. Mr. Tin called Moses and asked him to tell Evergreen Mak to see him if he found him. Moses searched for Evergreen Mak in the yatch and saw him drunk. Evergreen Mak complained that his father only gave him one third of the funds so he had to ask Ryan to embezzle the company’s money to invest in the project. Evergreen Mak said his father always put him down and criticize him. Moses told Evergreen Mak his two flats cost eighteen million dollars he can let him borrow. Evergreen Mak asked Moses to keep it since he lost five hundred million dollars. Paparazzi surrounded Joyce as she visited Mr. Tin’s house. Mr.Tin tripped the stairs. Joyce asked Moses about Evergreen Mak. Moses explains that the father and son relationship between Evergreen Mak and his father isn’t simple. Evergreen Mak works hard to impress his father but his father found it wasn’t enough and asked him to work harder. Joyce believes Mr.Tin will help Evergreen Mak. Moses told Joyce that Mr.Tin cares for his faces, and if he protects Evergreen Mak, people will gossip about him. Mose said different people have different views about family and business. He doesn’t believe Mr. Tin will help his son.



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