Romantic Repertoire episode 8 recap

Mr. Tin told Moses he used to take a walk with Evergreen Mak and he used to climb on the trees. As he grows, up he wouldn’t let him take him to school nor hold his hands. Become rebellious is one way of becoming independent. He hopes he can succeed with this attitude but he failed. Evergreen Mak got in trouble nows which means Master Tin failed as a father. Master Tin cried and said he worked so hard to build up Chun Fung Tai but he didn’t teach his son well to manage it. Moses took Joyce out to eat and they ate congee. Joyce wonder how they can help Evergreen Mak and Master Tin reunited. Moses and Master Tin watch Joyce performing an opera. Evergreen Mak cried and apologized and hugged his father.Joyce told Moses she believes he’s a good person now after seeing how much he cares about Evergreen Mak. Moses told Joyce she could look at another perspective that Evergreen Mak is his boss, if his company goes down, her sister could lose her job as well. Louise and Angelina saw Moses and Joyce chatting with each other in the room. Louise and Angelina questioned Joyce and Moses about getting so close. Joyce and Moses complimented each other. Moses believes Mr.Tin can save his son. During the interview, Master Tin took the blame that it was his mistake investing in the wrong company. Mrs. Lai announced Mr.Tin retirement as a chairman from Chun Fung Tai. Owen gossiped to his colleagues that if Master Tin leave his post, Evergreen Mak can’t the chairman. Moses asked Owen if he wants to get fired for talking behind his boss’s back.


Evergreen Mak practice Taichi with his father. Joyce bought some music for Master Tin. The cover fell down, Jason asked Katy to be more observant. Katy got an idea of hanging a mirror on the wall while Jason suggests hanging a painting. Wai shops for fresh peaches from Japan with Moses for Joyce. Katy showed Mrs. Wah a painting and Mrs. Wah said she doesn’t know how to critique painting and it’s better for her to buy it for someone else who will appreciate paintings. Joyce sat and ate peaches with Moses. Jason and Katy told Moses that the design is fine but there’s one place they can’t agree with is whether to place the painting or the mirror on the top of the bench. Moses looked at the pictures and said neither look good, and asked Louise to meet with Mrs. Wah and looked at the flat. Mrs. Wah looked around the flat and impressed with the design and opened the cover and saw a bookshelf by the bench. Joyce thought of Moses being attentive when Mrs. Wah organized her art accessories.

Law Lok Lam teaches Joyce to wash the pig intestine and put the cornstarch. Joyce praises Moses being brilliant but would be better if he has a clear conscience. Joyce asked Moses about him telling Jason about being cheat on the tiles. Moses explained that Mr.Wat only had limited budget so he had to use cheaper materials. He spent more on renovating the kitchen without charging her. The stove was too high so Mrs. Wah strained his elbow while cooking. He has to spend more time organizing the kitchen without charging him. Moses thanked for the congee with the intestine. Joyce said Law Lok Lam cooked it. Evergreen Mak saw Moses enjoying the congee and asked him if he has fallen for Joyce. Evergreen Mak told Moses he realized he has fallen for Joyce. Moses choked. Evergreen Mak ate the bowl of congee and found it delicious.


Moses checked his girlfriend’s room and found she’s gone and left a note. Katy’s sister skyped Katy that she’s coming home tomorrow. Joyce couldn’t start the engine of the car and asked Moses for help to give her a ride to the airport. Moses told Katy even though her sister is beautiful, she isn’t as pretty as his girlfriend. Moses gave the lamp to Wai, and then return to the airport to pick up Joyce and Katy. Moses surprisingly saw his girlfriend Bella. Bella introduced her boyfriend to Katy and Joyce and surprised they know each other. Bella pretends to ache her stomach and asked Joyce and Katy to come with her to the girls room. Katy assumed that Bella her boyfriend Sam isn’t Moses since Moses doesn’t have an english name. Bella told Katy that she returned to HK cause her boyfriend is filming a movie for his company in US. Bella asked Joyce and Katy to keep this secret for her. Katy asked Louise for advices about girls with many admirers. Joyce suggests Katy that since they are outsiders, they shouldn’t interfere in Bella’s relationships.



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