Sword of the Outlaw episode 13 recap

Fengyi’s father announced that he will tell them sect the date of the martial art competition. Fengyi told her father she will only marry Zhuiyun and if he forces her to marry anyone else she will die in front of him. A servant showed Xiao Qian and Zhuiyun a letter from the master that his sword is his second chance to win. While Zhuiyun is taking a nap, Xiao Qian pretends to go the bathroom and blew a sleeping smoke through the window in one of the four master’s room to steal the master’s fan to read the poem on the fan. One of the four masters lend his fan and a jade sculpture to Zhuiyun. Zhuiyun and Xiao Qian watch a professor reciting poems. Zhuiyun told Xiao Qian that the professor is testing the martial artist’s patients and their generosity. Xiao Qian asked Zhuiyun which of those martial artists is his opponent. Fengyi asked her maid to massage her. Fengyi froze her maid.


During the competition, the master wrote a calligraphy. The sect leader wrote a poem. The bodyguard wrote a poem. Then it’s Zhuiyun’s turn to write a poem. Fengyi stared at Zhuiyun hoping he would win. Fengyi’s father critique the poems. Fengyi’s father announced tomorrow they will compete in martial arts. A master told the eunuch that those martial artist no matter how good they are, they won’t defeat him. The master asked his servant about the martial arts of the four masters. Fengyi’s father gave the martial artists a bowl of wine and test them to see if they can endure it without being drunk for half an hour. The eunuch dreamt about having golds and concubines. Zhuiyun dreamnt about his father asking him to find his daughter. The sect leader dreamt about meeting someone.



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