Twin of Brothers episode 39 recap

Feeling a bit stressed lately but will still recap dramas. 🙂

Savio pleaded Derek to let go of revenge. His persistence to win will hurt him in the end. Leila, Nancy, and Ron fought with Derek. Savio told Leila he plans to go to temple to pray for wellness. Derek attacked the the princes in the palace. The royal prince begged Derek to spare him. Derek ordered the royal prince to kill Tavia’s brother if he wants to live. The royal prince invited the doctor’s daughter to meet him. The royal prince tried to rape him. WilsoN arrived in time. The royal prince ordered the guards to arrest Wilson and framed him for assassinating him. The soldiers stabbed Wilson and stab his right arm. Tavia’s brother arrived. Wilson fell down and told the doctor’s daughter he thought he could live with her for lifetime but he couldn’t give her happiness. The doctor’s daughter cried and told Wilson he will always be her ideal husband. Wilson asked the doctor’s daughter to live well and take care. Tavia’s brother pointed a sword at the royal prince. The royal prince told the majesty that Wilson wanted to alienate Tavia’s brother and him. Tavia’s brother asked the royal prince to not make up some nonsense, Wilson knew his cohort with the evil sect so he killed him. Sok Ne then interrupted that Tavia’s brother scared her by using the knife on the royal prince. Tavia said this is a war tactic discussion and Sok Ne doesn’t have the right to talk about it since she’s only a concubine. Sok Ne wined and left. The majesty sighed to Sok Ne that his two sons won’t get along. Sok Ne suggests the majesty to separate them. The majesty ordered Tavia’s brother to move to the north.

Tavia and the soldiers decided to move with Tavia’s brother. Tavia’s brother asked his soldiers to stay with the majesty. Raymond looked at Wilson for the last time. Raymond stood in front of Wilson’s grave and cut his hands and vowed to revenge for Wilson. Ron used the green jade frog on Raymond to get rid of his evil power. Raymond and Ron fell down. Raymond and Ron believe their fate won’t be death after using the geen jade frog. Nancy and Tavia and Raymond and Ron fought with Derek and his sect. Some of the members from the dark sect pushed Tavia down the hill. Derek tries to kill Tavia’s brother. Raymond fought with Derek. Raymond hugged Tavia by his arm. Tavia asked Raymond not to leave her.



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