Boba Teas ranking in Dallas, Texas by JacJac

I’ll rate my favorite Boba Tea Places in Dallas, Texas

1. Tasty Cup: The Classic and Jasmine Green Milk Tea is perfect. I saw others buying strawberry milk tea and some people went there twice a day. Customer Service can be sloppy at times.

2. Fat Straws: I would rated this as the best but it’s too Americanized for my taste. It’s good that they also have slushes and smoothies. Their classic milk tea is one of their well know ones. Customer service is fast.

3. Bobaland: Also one of my favorite places to buy Milk Teas: They have cool names for their milk teas. I liked their Panda Milk Tea and Jasmine Tea Sea Cream. They have Friendly Customer Service. I could have rated this the best Boba tea place but Tasty Cup beats it by the perfect flavor.

4. QQ Teahouse: This teahouse is situated in a remote location but the milk tea they got the Taiwanese tea flavor. The wait is long cause there’s short of staff.

5. Mister Shabu Shabu: They’ve got Rose Milk Tea and Hongkong Milk Tea and milk teas that other places doesn’t have.

6. Fruitealicous: Not bad but the staff seems to care more about teenagers and their friends more than their milk teas. The Chai latte is pretty good. Jasmine Green Tea has the milk tea flavor. They have cool ingredients combination. It’s a very Americanized Boba tea place. If you want an Americanized Version of Boba Tea, this is the place to go.

Each Boba Tea place is different but I’ll give Kudos to Fruitealicious and Bobaland for the creative names and ingredients; Tasty Cup and QQ Teahouse for making an authentic Taiwanese Boba Tea. Fat Straws for the Classics, and Mister Shabu Shabu for having Hongkong Milk Tea.

These are my top ones for Milk Tea places in Dallas, Texas.

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