Romantic Repertoire episode 9 recap

Moses asked Katy how does she knows Bella. Moses asked Bella why didn’t she tell him she returned to Hongkong. Bella told Moses that she and Katy were schoolmates before she migrated to the states. Moses asked Bella what where would she stayed if he didn’t bump into her. Bella told Moses she would sleepover at Katy and surprised him tomorrow. Bella received a call and smiled happily. Bella told Moses she came back to Hongkong to film a movie. She’s happy cause she got an interview. Moses got upset not knowing anything about his girlfriend. Moses came to Katy’s house and anxiously asked her and Joyce questions about Bella. Katy said friends don’t share everything, and he’s her boyfriend and he should know.

Bella told Katy that her boyfriend Sam got the interview for Director’s Lee movie. Bella hid behind Katy when seeing Sam enter his company and showed Katy who Sam is. Katy showed her family photos on Sam on the blog. Louise sighed that they are all naked pictures. Law Lok Lam told Louise that it’s better for Bella to choose Sam over Moses. Joyce complimented that Moses is not as bad as they think. Bella insists in staying in the hotel instead of Moses home. Bella asked Katy to bring some snacks over. Bella gave the snacks to Moses and said she’s sleeping over at Katy’s house. Moses stared at Katy and Bella from the window. Katy and Bella left. Bella told Katy she’s studying film because of Sam. Same always recites those romantic lines from movies. Sam is a stuntman who always work hard to impress the director to be the lead actor. Sam promised Bella that after he achieve his goal, he will marry her.Bella happily said now Sam has a chance to be the lead actor. Bella cried and hugged Katy and said she aborted the baby for Sam. She aborted the baby because Sam was happily filming in New York and she’s afraid Sam wouldn’t want it. Katy said she used to break up with Sam, then met Moses, and got back together with Sam. Sam was always there for her. She still loves Sam and hope to marry him someday.

Bella called Moses that she has a lot of stuff to talk to Katy, and she asked him to not stay up so late. Jason whispered to Moses’s sister that Moses is pretending to be happy. Moses showed Jason his designs and asked him to fix it. At work, Moses told Katy if she didn’t wasted her time doing meaningless things last night, she could have finished her design. Moses told Katy to not leave until she finishes her design.


Evergreen Mak visited Joyce and gave her colleagues gifts and cards. He asked Joyce to give him permission to watch the opera. Law Lok Lam teased Joyce that Evergreen Mak has a crush on her. At the restaurant, Bella saw Sam and leaned her head on Katy’s shoulder. Sam walked toward her. Bella apologized for not informing him about coming to US. Sam said she’s too petulant and he kissed her. Joyce, Katy, and Louise encountered Moses and his sister in the elevator. Mose’s sister is craving for durian. Moses told her she’s so petulant. Katy, Louise, and Joyce giggled. Bella called Katy and happily told her that Sam got a second male lead as a bad guy. Mose asked Bella about her job post. Bella said she’s a director assistant. Moses brought congee for Bella to her hotel wanting to surprise Bella. Bella freaked out seeing Moses in front of her door. Bella told Moses she has to dress up for a meeting in fifteen minutes. Bella took Moses out. Sam asked Bella who was she talking to. Bella said the waiter was delivering congee. Sam said has to film tomorrow. Sam hugged Bella and asked her if she remembers he asked her how long love will last.


While Master Tin listen to the music and sing opera, Evergreen Mak sings along. Evergreen Mak told his father that Joyce influenced her view about opera. Master Tin asked Evergreen Mak to not fail him or he may not be friends with Joyce again. Evergreen Mak donate stuff to the troupe and brought food and drinks. Evergreen Mak recite Romance of the Phoenix Chamber song to Joyce. Joyce told Evergreen Mak that her mother told her that to be an opera singer, she must know the meaning of the lyrics to express. Joyce sing the opera to Evergreen Mak and showed the mood of the song. Everyone stared at Evergreen Mak holding Joyce’s hands. Katy suggests Joyce to go for Evergreen Mak. Louise advised Joyce to beware of him. Evergreen Mak brought tea for Joyce’s colleagues. Joyce’s colleagues told Evergreen Mak about Joyce’s favorite food. Mo spilled tea on Joyce’s hat. Katy told Joyce there are two types of women that men can’t stand, one is the whiny ones and the other is the bitchy one.

Moses called Bella but she made an excuse being busy reading the script. Evergreen Mak asked Moses if Joyce is at home. Evergreen Mak stood in front of Joyce’s flat holding a bouquet of flowers. Joyce panickly called Moses and asked him to thank Evergreen Mak and asked him to leave.



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