Madam White Snake 2001 episode 9 recap

The green snake told Magistrate Bai she will treat his daughter like a sister. The white snake happily eavesdropped on Xu Xian studying with his servant. Xu Xian itched to gamble and plead his servant to let him gamble just this once. Magistrate Bai told his wife that Junbao’s biggest dream is to become a monk. Fann served tea for Xu Xian, Xu Xian’s servant pretends to have a cold and cover his face withe a manuel and grabbed the tea. The white snake pour tea on Xu Xian’s servant and asked him where’s Xu Xian. The white snake took Junbao to Bai Suzhen. Jun Bao surprisingly found Suzhen looks so much alike the white snake. Xu Xian won and won and pretends to lose in the end. Xu Xian told the white snake she doesn’t have to worry about him gambling, he always win. The white snake told Xu Xian she doesn’t care if he wins or lose, she would like him to stop gambling. Xu Xian brought some dessert for the white snake. The white snake beg Xu Xian to take his studies seriously. The white snake wants Xu Xian to be the top scholar. The white snake caught Xu Xian climbing on the roof trying to sneak out to gamble. The white snake angrily left and told Xu Xian his freedom is now granted. Xu Xian chased and begged the white snake to return home. The white snake kicked Xu Xian and said he will never change no wonder he made his mother crazy.



A god friend gave the white snake a fruit for her to gain more power. The white snake recalled the elder god told her that she did many bad deeds in her previous era and has to repent her mistakes. Only the turtle Xu Xian can help her become a snake again. The white snake sighed she couldn’t motivate Xu Xian to behave. The white snake threw up blood. Xu Xian sat and gambled. Xu Xian prevented his servant from burning his manuels. Xu Xian read the manuel and giggled and surprisingly feels relaxed. The godfriend gave the white snake the soup and she felt better after drinking it. He then about to kiss her but she pushed him away. The white snake said she just wants to focus on doing more good deeds to become a snake again.

Bai Shi Chang told the green snake he misses her when he’s not seeing her. Bai Shi Chang told the green snake he will let her choose some maids for her. Bai Shi Chang saw the bandages around the green snake’s arm. The green snake said she burnt her hands after cooking. Bai Shi Chang got mad thinking his wife did it. Bai Shi Shang’s wife yelled at her maid for serving breakfast to Junbao. Jun Bao told Bai Shi Chang’s wife that he believes with her backing up for him, it will be easier for him to become a magistrate. Jun Bao said he wants to be the majesty’s secretary. Bai Shi Chang accused his wife of burning the green snake’s hands. Bai Shi Chang and his wife argued. Jun Bao asked Bai Shi Chang’s wife to calm down. Jun Bao asked Bai Shi Chang’s wife if she doesn’t want to make up for him after abandoning him. Bai Shi Chang’s wife told Junbao she regretted not killing him. Jun Bao told the green snake he doesn’t want Bai Shi Chang’s wife to die but he wants to steal all her gold and silvers.



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