Romantic Repertoire episode 10 recap

Moses told Evergreen Mak that Joyce is inexperience in love unlike his previous girlfriends. Evergreen Mak told Moses he likes Joyce because she persuaded his father to forgive him. Moses asked Evergreen Mak did he mistaken gratitude for love. Evergreen Mak said he had this great feeling when Joyce sang her opera. Evergreen Mak sings. Moses told Evergreen Mak he believes he fell for Joyce. Moses told Evergreen Mak he couldn’t believe he fell in love in his thirties. Evergreen Mak asked Mose to help him court Joyce. Moses suggests Eveergreen Mak to start gently. Moses gave the gift bag to Katy and asked her to send it to Joyce. Moses told Katy to not be nosy to stay out of trouble. Moses asked Jason to give some work to Katy instead of doing all by himself. Moses asked Jason if he can’t order Katy as his assistant, how can he managed to be a boss. Jason lower his voice and gave Katy a job. Katy told Jason to return the gift bag to Moses and she’s leaving to work on the project. Moses called Jason a loser. Moses saw his girlfriend interview director Lee on the video. Moses went to the acting stadium and searched for Bella. Bella served her boyfriend Sam. Moses saw Bella and surprised her with a box of meal. Bella walked out and asked Moses to leave. Moses watched Bella talking to Sam and left.


Joyce stared at Evergreen Mak’s gift and feels guilty. Katy advised Joyce not to buy any gifts to Evergreen Mak in return. Moses’s sister prepared Bella’s favorite dish for diner. Moses sadly said Bella won’t come home for diner since she’s busy with work. Moses’s sister told Moses that Bella is lucky to have such a good boyfriend, what does she want more. Moses told his sister Bella is not lucky as him having a sister cooking for him. Sam told Bella that Director Lee asked him if he wants to be his choreographer but he still needs two hundred thousand dollars. Joyce, Law Lok Lam,and Louise all bought pig’s intestines for their hotpot dinner. There’s too much food so Katy asked Jason and Moses to diner. Moses and Jason ate hotpot with them. Moses asked Katy if she seen Bella lately. Moses received a called from Bella and rushed leaving. Moses took Bella to the first flat he rent from Evergreen Mak. Moses recalled running into Bella in Mongkok when he went there for business. Bella left her passport in Moses’s car. Bella ate lunch with Moses in the coffee shop. Bella asked Moses for a pawn shop. Bella pawned her mother’s watch for money. Moses extended the loan and called the travel agent for Bella. Bella saw Moses in the magazine. Moses rent Evergreen Mak’s flat for Bella. Moses ate with Bella and would like a homemade Tiramisu.



While washing dishes, Jason told Katy that he thinks Moses care about Bella more than she cares for him. Moses and Bella baked a Tiramisu cake. Bella received a call and upset telling Moses she might get fired by the producer for losing the boat wire. Bell told Moses it costs three hundred thousand dollars. Moses told Bella he will write a cheque for her. Bella thanked Moses and called him “You are my Superman”. Bella gave Sam the cheque and Sam happily thanked her and called her “You are my superwoman”. At the bank, Moses saw Sam and told his friend that Sam is a movie star and Bella is currently and assistant director. Katy stared at Moses eating sandwiches. Jason told Katy that Moses is taking eight jobs at once. Bella called Katy and showed her the wire that Sam bought. Jason told Katy that Bella is immature, he heard from Moses’s sister that Moses spend three hundred thousand to buy the wire for Bella for her movie company. During diner, Katy told her family that she thinks Bella cheated money from Moses, and she showed them the picture of the wire. Joyce stared at Moses talking to Bella on the phone. Katy invited Bella for breakfast and asked her if she cheated money out of Moses. Katy asked Bella how long will she like to Moses. Bella told Katy she fell for Moses but Sam returned. Bella said she felt Sam need her.


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