Blogging as a hobby vs Business

There are two types of asian drama bloggers: One who blog for the money and one who blog for a hobby.

Hobbyist: I would say Love of TVB and KTVB are great example of hobbyists who just blog when they have time. xd

-Blogging is just a side hobby, we major on other stuff and have a career (accounting, architecture, science, etc).

-Blog whenever we have time. Can slack of or delay the deadlines.

-We get to choose the dramas to blog.

-Admin is always right.

-Informal writings

-Can be blunt and express our opinions and defend our opinions

-Don’t care about hits since we don’t make money.


-Blogging is our bread and butter, we need it to live.

-Have to deal with deadlines and blog about new dramas on time.

-We have to blog about new dramas even if we don’t like it.

-Customers are always right.

-Formal writings

-Have to please customers even if we don’t agree, have to try to make as much online friends as possible.

-Know how to manage business and good networking skills and stress over not enough money.

What more would you add about the difference of those who blog about dramas for money and those who don’t?

Blogging takes a lot of time! The only rule is to Be Nice!

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