Limelight Years episode 3 recap

Linda ordered tons of good food and asked the server to put it under Miss Wah’s account. This makes me craving. Lancy visited Linda. Linda told Lancy that Miss Wah didn’t want to eat those food so she ate it. Lancy told Linda it was be hard to serve Miss Wah. Lancy told Linda she won’t blame her for putting those plum honey message. Lancy gave Linda a brown envelope to send to Miss Wah. Lancy told Linda she always had to hold her emotion whenever she faces Miss Wah. Linda took out the envelope and thought of putting it on the front desk, and a flight attendant told Linda that a man has been waiting for her. Linda assumed it was Alex and tries to startled but it was surprisingly her fiance Ka Ming. Ka Ming held Linda’s hands and said he saw her status on facebook, and he’ll marry her soon.

Miss Wah asked Damien if he was the one who placed the plum honey in front of her door. Damien said it was his wife last wishes. Mr. Lai told Damien that he didn’t need to be secretive since the fans thought it was Michelle’s soul who did that. Damien told Mr. Lai he considered the ping pong match a draw. Damien apologized but Miss Wah said she should thank him instead for fulfilling Michelle’s wish. Mr. Lai took picture of Miss Lai and Damien in the park. Mr. Lai received a call and sighed to Miss Wah that he reserved a diner for Damien and Miss Wah but Lancy just called and said she reserved the meeting for him and the minister of tourism and asked him to hurry return. Miss Wah said that perhaps Lancy is busy preparing for her wedding that she forgot. Mr. Lai asked Miss Wah how does she know that Lancy is getting married. Miss Wah told Mr. Lai that Lancy is her daughter with her first husband. Lancy wanted to keep it low profile to prevent others thinking differently about receiving tips from her. Mr. Lai gave Miss Wah the plum honey to dine with Damien. Damien looked at their photos and asked Miss Wah to not tag him on weibo since he doesn’t want his son to see it. Damien suggests Miss Wah to ask Linda to post the photo since she doesn’t know how to use weibo. Miss Wah blurted that she fired Linda. Damien told Miss Wah that Linda is so good to her since she fought with him seeing him taking photos of her. Damien posted the photo for her. Miss Wah looked for her wallet and realized she places it in another purse; usually Linda pack her stuff for her. Damien showed Miss Wah the direction to go back to the hotel. Miss Wah’s phone is dead and decided to follow Damien. Damien walked around and took photos of different places. Damien asked Miss Wah if she misses Linda whom used to always serve her. Damien sighed that Michelle didn’t want to return to Taiwan to forget about her family’s accident but when she came back he was busy and she took care of his son. When she has free time, she died. Damien said he’s not an expert in photography but he takes photos for memories. Miss Wah said she first performed in the Red House and Michelle and her family came to her show. He should go there since Michelle has a lot of memories there. Miss Wah and Damien visited Beijing Opera. Miss Wah sung a song on stage and Damien recalled about his wife wanted him to watch the concert with her. Miss Wah sent a message to Michelle that People doesn’t always get what they want. She left us but there’s someone who misses her and he will fulfill her fish compared to other people who died from sickness without anyone there for them. She’s lucky and enviable. Damien took a photo of Miss Wah and said photography is magic and she an place Michelle with her.


Linda stared at Ka Ming and remember Marjorina said ever woman is a goddess but she has to lower herself to accommodate men. Linda realized she forgot to give the envelope to Miss Wah. Linda opened the envelope to see if it’s anything urgent. Linda saw a note Lancy inviting her mother to her wedding. Linda pushed Ka Ming and asked him to board the plane himself. Linda hurried went on the taxi. Alex and his friend watches the video of Linda and saw it received more than fifty thousand hits. Alex’s friend told Linda that he seems to have fallen for Linda since he leaned so close to her when he chats with her. Alex said when he stopped writing as Marjorina he realized that women loves money so he promised he won’t seriously fall for any woman until he becomes rich and successful. Alex said Song Sheung Han’s book will reveal the women love to men and Linda is the perfect example to promote it. Ale saw Linda at the airport. Alex asked Linda to stay if she doesn’t have plan to where to go. Alex asked Linda to give herself and himself a chance. Linda received a text from Ka Ming. Ka Ming asked Linda if there’s something that keep her from leaving. Ka Ming said the life of the wealthy are marvelous and she enjoy living it it but this is not the real her. She can get boss by Miss Wah. The life she wants is to live a simple life with him. Ka Ming asked Linda to return to Hongkong with him. Alex saw Ka Ming leave with Linda on the taxi. Alex chased and told his friend that Linda keeps on making mistakes again and again and she’ll regret it being with Ka Ming. Linda looked behind and saw Alex riding a bicycle chasing her. Linda packed her stuff and got out of the taxi and told Ka Ming she can’t be with him. Ka Ming told Linda that he bought her those shirts, handbags, and paying for diner and money. Linda told Ka Ming that he only see her as an investment. Linda apologized to Ka Ming that his investment is a loss, she took off the earrings and shirt and returned to him. Linda ran and hugged Alex. Alex asked Linda to not ever pity herself for something unfortunate. She went back with Ka Ming because she fooled herself. She can find someone who will love her. Alex told Linda she always deserve better.


Damien bought a cup of noodles and ate with Miss Wah. Damien received a call from his son that he saw a picture of him with Liza on weibo. Miss Wah told Damien that she should feel honored taking a picture with her. Damien said his son works in an advertising firm and is very busy and barely comes home. Damien said his son always post pictures on weibo of food and places he goes. Miss Wah asked Damien if he created a weibo account to know his son better. Damien told Liza they can always express their feelings in a message. Miss Wah told Damien he is lucky since she is can’t even befriend her daughter on facebook. She was the last person to find out her daughter is getting married. Miss Wah thanked Damien for showing her around before she leaves to Hongkong tomorrow. Miss Wah looked at her slippers and thought about how Linda used to try it for her. Lancy visited Miss Wah and thanked her for resolved the rumor about the hotel being haunted. Lancy asked Miss Wah to come to her wedding but she refused making an excuse of having a radio interview. Lancy left and cried. Linda passed by her and gave the invitation to Miss Wah. Linda said she wanted to put it on the front desk but got dragged by Ka Ming and broke up with him. Miss Wah told Linda if she broke up with her boyfriend earlier then she could have gave her the invitation sooner and she wouldn’t thave been so cold to her daughter. Linda apologized and persuaded Miss Wah to go to her daughter’s wedding. Miss Wah told Linda she’s going to give her a warning instead of firing her. Linda hugged Miss Wah. Miss Wah read he invitation letter and smiled.

While Lancy pray in the church, Eliza brought her son to her. Damien sent a message to his wife that Miss Wah has a family but is lonely. Lancy sighed to Eliza that though her fiance is wealthy, he will not accept she has an illegimate son. Eliza said which means he’s not worthy to marry. Eliza told Lancy she can either choose her fiance or her son. Eliza told Lancy that her mom left her, how would she do the same thing and leave her son. Eliza said Lancy is scared to invite Miss Wah to the wedding not because she hasn’t forgiven her but because she hasn’t forgiven herself. At the church, Miss Wah prayed that Lancy will have a good life and not go through her path and hope Eliza is well. Lancy asked Eliza to be her bridesmaid to surprise her mother. Eliza objects the request and refuses to accept her mother. Damien called Liza that he found something about her daugther which may affect the wedding. Damien showed a conversation of Lancy talking to Michelle in the fanclub about hesitating of getting married. Liza told Damien she’s afraid if she miss her wedding, she won’t be able to attend it again.



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