Limelight Years episode 4 recap

Lancy left her son Chris while on the way to her wedding. Chris cried and wants her mommy. Miss Wah on the way to the wedding saw Eliza hugging him and she asked her who’s the kid. Eliza grabbed Chris and ran. Miss Wah asked Linda and Damien to chase her daughter. Linda saw Lancy went in the taxi on the left way while Miss Wah saw Eliza went on the taxi on the right way. Damien held Miss Wah and pointed at Lancy. Miss Wah told Damien that her youngest daughter has disappeared for two years. Linda asked Miss Wah if Eliza returned to meet Lancy. Miss Wah denied and said Eliza doesn’t know Lancy. Miss Wah said Lancy migrated with her father after they divorce. Damien said of course they know each other but without telling her. Linda asked who’s the kid. Damien said “He called her mama, of course he is her son. She is an unwed mother”.

Alex told his friend he has a date with Linda. Alex showed his friend that Linda has over two hundred messages on the video. Linda looked in the book and remembered Alex told her “You always deserve better.”. Alex played the piano. Linda dresses in her black dress and walked calmly and listen to the music. Linda clapped and said “Av Maria, my favorite piece”. Alex said every dream is different but at the end the wife will put on the wedding band and receive the blessing of Holy Mother Ave Maria. He hopes he can put the wedding band for her. Linda said the person who can put the wedding band on her is someone who is talented and handsome. He will always love her and put her as his top priority. Linda asked Alex if he is her dream man. The waiter went by Alex. Alex said he’ll only order water for now and order food later. Alex held Linda’s hand. The waiter, which is Alex’s friend told Alex that he hasn’t paid his bill for a couple of days. He has to pay to receive services in the hotel. Alex told the waiter he will pay later. Linda asked Alex if rich man like him only carries credit card but not cash. Alex told Linda he has to be honesty with her that he’s not a rich man and only lives in a housing estate. He doesn’t have car, house, or a degree. He’s not a businessman, he’s just an employee. Alex apologized to Linda for pretending to be rich. His credit card is over the limit because he spend it on her. If money can buy her love, he’ll spend the last penny doing that. Alex proposed to Linda he is broke but he’ll spend the rest of his money on her. Linda let go of his hands and asked Alex why are all men so cheap, and he’s even cheaper than Ka Ming since he hid he is poor. Alex told Linda a minute ago he was her dream man and now he is her cheap man. Alex asked Linda if she broke up with him cause he’s broke. Linda asked Alex even though he is talented and handsome, how can he enjoy life without money and romantically. Linda said money will always be first for him. Linda said he won’t be with cheap men and “I deserve better.”. Linda madly left. Alex’s friend asked Alex how’s it going. Alex said this will be a major hit.


Damien watches Linda walked down in the water in the pool. Linda said she just wants to sober up. Linda said she hates men who pretends to be gentlemen. She will be her new self tomorrow. The next morning, Linda served raw egg yolks to Miss Wah. Miss Wah said she doesn’t like raw egg yolks. Linda then brought eggs without yolk. Miss Wah said she doesn’t like raw egg yolks, it doesn’t mean she doesn’t like egg yolks. Miss Wah asked Linda she doesn’t need to change the plate, she’ll go eat over Lancy. Linda said she forgot to put Lancy’s address. Damien told Miss Wah he remembers Lancy’s adress, and he’ll go with her while Linda is taking a sick leave since she is heartbroken by a bad man.

Eliza called Miss Wah. Miss Wah asked Eliza if the kid is hers. Eliza said she doesn’t know who’s the father. Miss Wah asked Eliza how can she be so spoiled. Eliza asked Miss Wah if she is mad because she only care about her face. Eliza asked Miss Wah if she consider him as her grandson. Miss Wah said as long as he is her grandson, he will take care of him. Eliza said then she won’t be disappointed, he is Lancy’s son. Five years ago in Lost Angeles, Lancy fell for a man and slept with him and found out he has a wife. Eliza asked Lancy permission to nurture him. Miss Wah told Eliza she’s immature. Eliza asked Miss Wah if giving up the baby is considered mature for her. Miss Wah told Eliza whether Lancy gives up her son before or now, she’s still immature. Eliza asked Miss Wah to stop Lancy from getting married since they won’t know how her fiance react about Chris. Miss Wah asked Eliza if Lancy will listen to her. Eliza said Lancy needs Miss Wah more than she thinks. Eliza said she met Lancy in Miss Wah’s fanclub. Lancy said she could not be close to her as her daughter so she can only be her fan. She can only watch her dance and sing to know more about her. Eliza said only Lancy can give Chris his real home.

Miss Wah went to the church and told Lancy if she is praying at the church, it means she knows she did something wrong. Miss Wah asked Lancy to cancel the wedding. Lancy told Miss Wah she divorced two times and is not the right person to give her advice. Miss Wah told Lancy she doesn’t want to be her idol but she wants to be her mother. She hopes she can cheer her up when she is upset. Lancy asked Miss Wah if she remembered she called him one time, she was in Honkgong and really frustrated but she said she was busy. Lancy left and told Miss Wah she doesn’t need to force herself coming to her wedding. Miss Wah has a heart attack and thought about she had a heart attacked and was in the hospital, Lancy called her and she said she is doing a concert. Damien took a family photo of Lancy with his fiance’s family. Damien told Lancy that Michelle was dead before reading he message. Damien asked Lancy if she knows her mom was also sick. Damien told Lancy when a person is cold to her, it means she cares for her a lot. Damien showed the family photo to Miss Wah and said it’s missing her in the photo, Damien asked Miss Wah if she wants to lose this last chance.


Miss Wah arrived to the church. Eliza brought Chris to the wedding as bridesmaid and best man. Chris walked and tripped and cried wanting to see his mother. Lancy held Chris and cried and admit he is her son. Melvin left the church. Lancy’s father argued with Miss Wah that Lancy planned to adopt Chris as her biological daughter after getting married. Miss Wah said Chris is Lancy’s biological son. Lancy’s father asked Miss Wah when did she treat her daughters as biological daughters. Lancy said she now realizes the difference between biological and adopted mother mothers. Lancy told his father that she found happiness by hold her son’s hands. If her fiance loves her, he would accepted her. Eliza told Lancy she believes she’ll find someone who will accept her. Damien took a shot of Eliza and Miss Wah embracing Lancy. Lancy bids farewell to her mother at the airport. Lancy told Miss Wah she fail at being a mother but she learned a lesson that she must be a better mother than her. Damien board the plane with Miss Wah. Miss Wah told Damien if she ever hold a final concert, there are some important people she has to invite including him.

A young man named Wilson visited Damien’s studio and asked his father to take photos with him. A coworker fix up the tie for Wilson. Damien took photos of Wilson and his father. Hugo filmed woman’s pop band’s new song. Damien brought food for his son Hugo. Hugo took out some beef jerk, sun cakes, and his box of his favorite snacks. Damien grabbed the box of snakes and said he forgot to take it out. Master Kai found the portrait for Miss Wah. Master Kai asked Linda if she saw her videos online. He asked her to watch it when she’s alone. In the bus, Linda watches her video of her breaking up with Alex and Alex introduces his new book of Sacrificing Love. People on the bus pointed at Linda and called her cheaper. At the airport, Alex told his friend that this is only the beginning, his new book Sacrificing Love will gain more fans when it is out.



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