Happy 3 years Anniversary HKOREANDRAMAISLAND

Woah! Time flies so fast. I remember how I started this blog as a side hobby after doing a wordpress portfolio for one of my college classes. Now I’ve kept this drama blog for three years. Unfortunately lots of TVB Bloggers have been taking breaks or have retired. I’ve been watching Limelight Years and Romantic Repertoire. Limelight Years has one of my favorite HK singer Alex Fong and actress Linda Chung. Damien Lau and Liza Wang and the beautiful Taiwanese scenery plus. I’ve also been watching some old Wuxia Series from time to time since it’s my favorite genre and reminiscent of good old Wuxia.

Up more Anniversaries to come!

Here’s a collage I made of Alex and Linda in Limelight Years!


❤ Jac!


5 thoughts on “Happy 3 years Anniversary HKOREANDRAMAISLAND

    • Thanks. Sometimes when I’m really busy in real life, I delay the drama blogging for a few days or stay up late to write. I love my dramas too much.

      • Soon due to exams my blog-life will become tough, but the love for dramas always remains! I can totally relate to the staying up late to write part. “I love my dramas too much” is the greatest motivation! 😀

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