Legend of Master Chai episode 15 recap

Timmy slept in the prison and had a nightmare of his past. Timmy being tied up by a chain screamed at guard to release him. Timmy grabbed the elder monk’s and demanded the pupil monk to release him. Timmy fought with the monks. Johnny ordered the monks to push Timmy in the boiling water on the well. Timmy called the elder monk a hypocrite and nice on the outside but evil on the inside. Timmy’s mother sneaked out and beg Joey’s mother not to be so good to her. Noel’s father at the big chicken and threw it outside and asked Noel to watch the play seeing the poor fighting over the food. Noel left a farewell father to his father and asked him not to play anymore. She made fish and lettuce for him. Noel’s father ordered the servant to give him gingseng. Noel’s father showed Joey’s various bowl size and asked him to take out some golds for him. Timmy refused and asked him not to be greedy, and put off his bowls. Timmy’s uncle crawl and beg Joey to let him serve him. People surrounded Joey and asked him for help. Noel watch Joey and smiled. Cherie whined about seeing a worm in her food. Noel visited Cherie and said she stopped having feeling for Joey. Noel told Cherie she plans to travel around the world. Joey ran and waved at Noel by the shore.


At the shore, Timmy’s mother sighed of leaving Timmy’s biological father. Timmy’s biological father returned on the canoe and greeted Timmy’s mother. Some kids threw food at Timmy’s mother for bearing an illegitimate son. Monks praying. Jonhny pulled Timmy up with a rope. Timmy punched a person. Timmy demanded the monks to release him or he’ll rather stay in the well. Timmy’s parents watched Timmy. Timmy’s mother blamed herself for not teaching her son well. Timmy’s mother pulled Timmy up. Timmy’s biological father stabbed Timmy. Timmy pleaded his mother let him leave with her. Timmy’s mother chopped the chain. Timmy pushed her mother and said if they were evil to bear an evil son like him. Timmy’s father punched Timmy. Timmy stabbed his father. The monks chased Timmy. Timmy hid behind a tree. Dogs barked and bit their owners while Timmy fought with the guards. Timmy laughs evilly. Dogs followed Timmy. Timmy recalled everything in heaven. Timmy denied of being Erlang Shen’s dog. Timmy’s mother cried and blamed herself for bearing a bastard. Johny drinks and sighed to Timmy that his martial art is not powerful enough to fight with Timmy. Timmy went to the temple and begged his master Erlang Shen for help. Erlang Shen told his dog that he committed a big crime by stabbing his parents. Erlang Shen asked his dog to take care. Patients whom got bitten by dogs and got diseases went to the court. A dog bit Noel’s father. Noel’s father ordered Timmy’s uncle and the guards to spank the dogs. Timmy turned crazy and punched his uncle. Joey followed Timmy. Timmy escaped to a cave with statues and recalled the time he followed Erlang Shen.



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