Romantic Repertoire episode 11 recap

Sam thanked Bella for giving him the boat wire. Sam asked Bella what beauty product did she sell which costs that so much. Bella told Sam that she went to school majoring in film to be with him.Moses brought food for Bella.Bella told Moses that the executive producer brought her boyfriend to the station yesterday and got fired. Moses told Bella then he’ll stare at her from afar, he brought her favorite roast pigeon for her. Moses said he saw the magazines that Director Lee plans to film movies in Hongkong; he asked Bella if she gets to stay in Hongkong. Bella told Moses she wants to save the roast pigeon for the second lead since he pleaded her for about the boat wire incident. Sam ate the roast pigeon and found it delicious. Bella said it was a takeout.

Joyce is getting ready to meet with Evergreen Mak and his father. Katy teased Joyce that she has fallen for him all of a sudden. Katy gave Joyce suggestions to let Evergreen Mak servers her initially. Evergreen Mak greeted Joyce and opened the door for her. Evergreen Mak told Joyce that he is lucky to receive a second chance for his proposal, he wouldn’t have this chance without her. Evergreen Mak sang the opera with Joyce. Katy texted Joyce asking how she’s doing with his dormant crush. Joyce has a heart bump seeing Evergreen Mak staring at him as Katy predicted.


Joyce received a call and asked Evergreen Mak for his address. Evergreen Mak picked up the phone and said the order for a cab is cancelled. Evergreen Mak took the opportunity to give Joyce a ride to the store. Evergreen Mak bought a scarf and put on for Joyce. Sam fixed the car for Moses. Moses asked Sam if he’s filming today. Moses told Sam he passed by and saw him filming. Moses invited Sam for a drink. Moses told Sam he heard that Director Lee is strict. Moses showed Sam his 3D Interior Design. Sam asked Moses permission to use it for his cheographer. Sam showed Bella the 3D design program he borrowed from Moses.


Jocye and her family ate peaches. Evergreen Mak texted Joyce if she received the peaches from Japan he sent her. In the balcon, Joyce pointed a sword at Moses and asked him if he’s the mole who’s been helping Evergreen Mak courting her. Moses returned the scarf to Evergreen Mak and gave the peaches to his sister. Evergreen Mak sighed and told Moses it is his first epic fail. Master Tin told Evergreen Mak it is not exactly a fail, courting an actress takes time. Evergreen Mak asked Moses to try to get close to Joyce. Moses ate peach with his sister. Moses stared at Joyce hanging up some cloth and said he doesn’t understand why Evergreen Mak likes Joyce. Moses’s sister said beauty is in the eye of the beholder, she doesn’t understand why he likes Bella. Moses fixed the window for Law Lok Lam and saw Joyce’s design. In his room, Moses searched for a picture of him with the design. Moses looked at the design. Jason said he heard from Katy that Joyce designed those miniature herself. Moses and Jason stared at the miniature tv turning on. Moses asked Jason if he finished fixing the window. Moses took photos of Joyce’s design. Moses told Evergreen that Joyce’s house is perfect but it is missing a fridge.



Moses asked Jason to tell Mr.Wai to change the lightbulb to yellow one in Jocye’s house. Moses told Jason that he made this design for his sister’s charity but Joyce bid it. Jason told Moses that Joyce rent a flat next to him and bought his miniature house, they are sure fated to be together. Moses asked Jason to carefully listen that Joyce is destined to be with Evergreen Mak and he asked him to apologize. Moses called Bella and asked her if she remembered it’s her birthday. Bella said she was too busy to remember it, and said she has an upcoming call, and hung up. Sam gave Bella a box of biscuits. Bella asked Sam if he’s free tomorrow. Sam said he’s busy filming. Sam told Bella he needs to thank her friends for celebrating her birthday with her. Moses called Bella and she agreed to celebrate her birthday with him tomorrow.


Moses stared at the ring happily. Sam dined with Bella, and two fans asked Bella to take a picture of them with Sam. Bella got upset. Bella told Sam that his friend has a list of fun things to do to celebrate her birthday. Sam told Bella that the director wants to end the movie soon so they’ll go to Shanghai. Sam asked Bella to celebrate with her friend today and then break up with him cause they have to leave to Shanghai tomorrow. Bella sat on the roller coaster and told Katy she needs to build up her courage to break up with Moses. Moses prayed in front of the Buddhist, holding flowers. Bella cried and apologized to Moses that the director called her and she’ll leave to Shanghai. Bella thinks they need some moment to cool down. Moses drank with Sam and sighed his friend is committed to film making. Bella received flowers and birthday card from Moses in the hotel. Moses support Bella in working in Shanghai and wait for her to come back. Bella wore the ring.



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