Sword of the Outlaw episode 14 recap

The four martial artists sit on the rock and dream.One of the masters has a dream about the identity of being a prince in the Yuan’s dynasty. He promised he will throwoveer the Ming Dynasty. The bodyguard has a dream of trying to kill himself. The sect leader had a dream of Fengyi being kidnapped. Zhuiyun has a dream of seeing his father got killed during the duel with a sect. The master and the bodyguard told Feng Yi’s father they decided the withdraw from the contest.


Fengyi asked Xiao Qian about how Zhuiyun fare in the contest. The master told the bodyguard if they weren’t contestants, they would be friends. Fengyi and Xiao Qian dressed in black and pointed and tied up the eunuch while he’s making out, and pointed a knife toward him asking him why is the sect leader here. The sect leader would like to compete with Zhuiyun fairly without anyone interfering. Zhuiyun doubts the sect leader wants to marry Fengyi for recognition. Zhuiyun asked Fengyi to have confidence in him that he’ll win the contest. Fengyi’s father confronted his daughter about visiting Zhuiyun. Fengyi denied of seeing Zhuiyun. Fengyi’s father asked Fengyi to eat some food before she sees Zhuiyun. Fengyi embraces her father for understanding. The sect leader’s member ordered the eunuch and his sect to distract Zhuiyun before the contest.


As Fengyi put water on the flower, and hope Zhuiyun wins this contest. The sect leader told Fengyi that Zhuiyun and the master’s daughter are already a pair. The sect leader told Fengyi he’s worried she’ll get hurt. Fengyi said she’ll marry whoever wins the contest. The sect leader asked Fengyi to not regret when the results come. Fengyi grabbed the flowers and asked Zhuiyun if he loves the master’s daughter. Zhuiyun said he discover the the world is evil after digging but the master’s daughter kind heart gave him hope in this world. Fengyi asked Zhuiyun what does he thinks about her. Zhuiyun told Fengyi he doesn’t mind what kind of person she is, he will still love her. The sect leader look at the manuel finds it useless since it doesn’t contain the martial arts. The sect leader helped Zhuiyun fight with the eunuch and his sect. Zhuiyun told Xiao Qian that the person who most wanting the sect leader to win in the contest was the one who assassinated him. The sect leader asked his member why did he assassinated Zhuiyun. Zhuiyun said he was worried if the scenario is he loses so he thought of attacking Zhuiyun ahead for him.


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