Sword of the Outlaw episode 15 recap

The sect leader warned his member not to interfere between his duel with Zhuiyun. Fengyi’s father said whoever snatched the flower first is the winner of this contest. Zhuiyun waled in the underground and saw a poem on the pole. Xiao Qian told Fengyi’s father that Fengyi won’t forgive him if anything happens to Zhuiyun in that cave. Zhuiyun saw a reflection of himself through the mirrors and doubt if it is an illusion. Zhuiyun and the sect leader found the flower. Earthquake shaken. The sect leader is about to touch the flower.


The sect leader and Zhuiyun stepped out the cave. Zhuiyun questioned how the sect leader knows the martial art in Xiao Qian’s master’s manuel. Fengyi’s father talked to the sect leader privately and asked him if he has the manuel. The sect leader gave Fengyi’s father the manuel. Fengyi’s father said his dream has been to master this martial art. The sect leader would like to exchange for the manuel for his engagement with Fengyi. A man in the black suit screamed. The sect leader followed him and Fengyi’s father inside the deserted house. Fengyi told Xiao Qian and Zhuiyun she heard there’s a ghost in the forbidden house and once someone walked in the cave, they can’t get out alive. If they came out alive, the becomes blind.

Fengyi’s father agreed to give Fengyi to the sect leader. Fengyi’s father feels troubled about his daughter using her death to cancel this marriage. Fengyi’s father returned the manuel to the sect leader. The sect leader decided to withdraw from the contest but let Fengyi’s father keeping the manuel in condition he does one thing for him. Fengyi’s father gave the sect leader his jade as a token of his promise.

Zhuiyun doesn’t have the appetite to eat and blames himself for losing the contest. Fengyi went to see Fengyi. Fengyi saw Zhuiyun and hugged Zhuiyun. Xiao Qian asked Zhuiyun to run away with Fengyi.


Fengyi took Zhuiyun and Xiao Qian to the deserted house. Xiao Qian tripped. Zhuiyun believes there’s a powerful martial artist in this haunted house. Fengyi and Zhuiyun saw the writing of the martial art on the wall. Zhuiyun and Fengyi saw Fengyi’s father. Fengyi’s father punched Fengyi. Zhuiyun asked Fengyi’s father how did he get the martial art writing and he questioned if it is related to his sect. Fengyi’s father fought with a martial artist. Xiao Qian, Zhuiyun, and Fengyi left the haunted house. Fengyi’s father punched Zhuiyun off the cliff. A lady saved Zhuiyun. The lady told Zhuiyun his wound will get worse if he fight with Fengyi’s father again. The lady questioned the girl Fengyi he often mentioned, is Fengyi’s father’s daughter. The lady revealed her identity and Zhuiyun said Fengyi often talk about her. The lady is glad to hear. The lady said she is Fengyi’s father sister under the same master. She said her martial art is stronger than Fengyi’s father. She can master the martial art while he can decipher the martial art steps. Fengyi’s mother gave birth to Fengyi and died.



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