Sword of the Outlaw episode 16 recap

The lady said she wondered if Fengyi’s father had her in his heart but he punched her. Zhuiyun told the lady he believes that Fengyi’s father didn’t mean to hurt her. The lady told Zhuiyun he is kind, and she asked him why did Fengyi’s father pushed him. The lady said he will try to make Zhuiyun marry Fengyi. The lady transferred energy to Zhuiyun. Zhuiyun practices martial art. The lady offered to transferred her martial arts for him. Zhuiyun said it isn’t her business if his martial art isn’t as strong as hers. The lady told Zhuiyun he doesn’t understant why Fengyi like such an honest guy like him. The lady demonstrtes her martial arts in front of Zhuiyun. Zhuiyun read the poem on the manuel which Fengyi’s father wrote for the lady and he can tell that hear heart has never changed. The lady fainted while practicing her martial art and disappointed she couldn’t escaped Love. The lady requested Zhuiyun to practice her martial arts



Xiao Qian asked for Zhuiyun, a servant said Zhuiyun has died from falling from the cliff. Xiao Qian threw white paper funerals for Zhuiyun. The sect leader doubts how come the martial artist lives in that haunted house. The sect leader doubts that there’s a secret which Fengyi’s father is trying to hide in that house. The sect leader said its is a pity if Zhuiyun died since he is a skilled martial artist. Fengyi looked at the flower and sat by the cliff. Fengyi refused to believe that Zhuiyun has died and begged her father to say he didn’t die. Fengyi jumped down the cliff. Fengyi’s father held her while jumping along. Fengyi’s father met the lady. Fengyi called Zhuiyun’s name while laying on the bed. The lady told Fengyi’s father that Fengyi is deeply in love with Zhuiyun but he keeps wanting to break them off. What kind of father is he? Fengyi’s father told the lady he has been thinking of her and missing her. Fengyi’s father used his martial art to heal the lady. Fengyi woke up and hugged Zhuiyun and glad they aren’t dead.



Fengyi greets the lady.Zhuiyun told Fengyi’s father that the lady always keep his two poems which means she haven’t forgotten him. The lady asked Fengyi if she loves Zhuiyun. She has a feeling he is a good man. Fengyi asked the lady if she feels lonely and if she misses her father. Fengyi told the lady that her father always mention her and he always stared at her portrait. The lady said she will forgive her father as long as she can defeat him. The lady fought with Fengyi’s father and Fengyi’s father let her win. Xiao Qian came. The lady told Zhuiyun she won’t spare him if he falls for another girl. The lady let Zhuiyun have a duel with Fengyi’s father. The lady told Fengyi that she wanted her father to teach Zhuiyun a lessson since he still has revenge in his mind. It depends on how much Zhuiyun can learn from it.



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