Limelight Years episode 5 recap

Watching this drama for Alex Fong. Linda’s character is wishy washy.

Linda covered herself with her hands and a man on the street called her cheap lady. Ka Ming packed his electronics. He told Linda she broke up with him because she found a richer man. He said she is even cheaper and he asked why would a rich man fall for someone so vain like her. She is a laughing stock right now. Alex asked his Damien’s coworker to put his picture on the front so even the ones who are illiterate know who he is. Miss Wah is getting prepared for her upcoming concert. Linda texted that she couldn’t make it to the concert since she’s sick. Master Kai asked Miss Wah not to fire Linda since it’s hard to find an assistant who is willing to stay more than a month. Miss Wah sings a song on the radio. Damien yelled at his coworker for not clean up his place. He asked Damien if he knows how upset he was after he left for Taiwan and enjoys his food. He played video games cause he was depressed. Damien told his colleague that Mr. Lai invited him too but he decided not to come. He told Damien that if Mr. Lai was his friend, he wouldn’t have left him bankrupt. Damien listened to the radio and heard Miss Wah said Damien gave her gifts from his wife and he became a fan of her. Damien shouted “I’m not your fan!”. Linda read gossips about her online being materialistic. Miss Wah made a statement in the interview that those who don’t know Linda shouldn’t listen to what others said and he wants to tell the troublemaker that he’s the cheapest.

A taxi driver gave Alex a free ride and support him for calling out the cheapest woman in town. Alex visited Damien’s studio. Damien told Alex that his conduct is so shameful and refuse to take his picture. Alex compared Damien to Robin Hood and said he didn’t come here to take photos but to ask Mr. Lai some photos to use for his autobiography. Damien said his photo together is memorable and he wouldn’t give his photo to an untrustworthy person like him. Alex said someone will write an autobiography for him.

Linda covered her face and walked toward Miss Wah in the massage room. Miss Wah saw Linda coming toward her and freaked out. Linda told Miss Wah she would like to resign since she ruined her image. Miss laughed and told Linda she didn’t offend everyone but only half she will taker her to someone. Miss Wah took Linda to meet Mrs. Hung and Mrs. Pang. They complimented that Linda is right she is what she is, if she marries a cheap man then she is a cheap woman. She showed her video to her daughter to warn her not to marry any guy. Her husband complains that she is spendthrift but it helped him owning several business. Miss Wah cheers that they deserve better. Miss Wah said Mrs. Hung and Mrs. Pang are carefree because they found the right men. Miss Wah told Linda that she’ll have the opportunities to find rich mean. Mrs. Wah and Mrs. Hung told Linda they will support her and write bad about him on the newspaper to embarrass him.


Miss Wah and Linda saw Alex and his friend. Miss Wah told Linda that Alex wants to use her popularity. Linda smiled and walked confidently toward Alex. Linda told Alex that Miss Wah doesn’t want to be harassed, Alex told Linda that Miss Wah doesn’t know him personally so he wants to talk to Miss Wah. It’s a shame he can’t meet Miss Wah but he’s happy to see Linda again. He hopes their story can continue. Alex asked Linda if he fell for him for money. Alex asked Linda if she find herself cheap for betraying her feelings to marry a rich man. Alex saw Linda closing her fist. Alex’s assistant hoped Linda punched Alex while Miss Wah hopes she calm s down. Linda said everything can be sold but feeling because affection is beyond our control. For a woman wearing a designer handbag, a competent man would be proud of her but an incompetent man would call her vain. He can’t tell if a woman is a golddigger by looking at her handbag. He can tell by looking at the man next to her. Alex told Linda she is not Marjorina; he would like to know what she thinks. Linda told Alex she thinks he is childish for recording videos behind her back in his thirties. Lots of men got famous during their teens and died in their thirties. Alex walked away. Alex’s assistant told Alex he couldn’t believe Linda uses his Marjorina words back at him. Alex tag his friend to not post the video.

Alex’s boss told Alex that Mr. Pang refuse to distributes his magazine since Mrs. Pang is Miss Wah’s friend. Alex’s boss told Alex the distributor banned his name but he can still write as Marjorina since it still sells and no one knows he is Marjorina. Miss Wah looked at her photo and thanked him. Damien told Miss Wah she doesn’t have to thank him but she can stop calling him her fan. Linda saw Alex’s friend at the bakery shop and she left and ran to Damien’s shop. Damien opened the door and punched Alex’s friend. Alex’s friend showed the smashed cake.


Alex’s friend apologized to Linda on behalf of Alex and said Alex is not that bad but he used to get hurt by woman badly. Alex’s friend asked Linda if she really likes Marjorina. Alex’s friend told Linda a secret that Alex is Marjorina. Alex used to have a girlfriend who was pretty and talented so Alex put his life into it and created Marjorina. His girlfriend thought he didn’t have a bright future so she dumped him leaving him heartbroken. So he stopped writing as Marjorina and wanted to build his career under his own name. Linda whined that her enemy is her idol. On the bus, Linda read Marjorina and whined she posed as Marjorina and kissed him. Alex pushed his cart of books. Alex saw his book Marjorina and thought of when he celebrated his ex girlfriend’s birthday. He asked her if she wanted a brand handbag as a present. The next day he woke up, his girlfriend left him a farewell note saying a man’s time is in his thirty and her birthday wish is to meet a man who can give her something better. Alex said to his girlfriend he worked hard to become a better man but it turns out he became a cheap man. Alex tore the book. An old lady came and pick up his books to sell it. Linda watches Alex.

Alex’s friend told Alex Damien can persuade Mr. Lai to let him write his autobiography. Alex told his friend he doesn’t want to be a writer anymore. Alex saw his friend having a bruise on his face. Alex’s friend told Alex he doesn’t mind being the bad guy or getting hurt or losing all his money because of him but now he wants to give up and even accused him of being nosy. Alex gave his friend a glass of water. Alex visited Damien’s firm. Damien watches Alex helping elder people walking. Damien told Alex he read his Marjorina book and he sees he has some talent. He’s not sure if he should call him romantic or dumb but using others in his tricks for unethical motive won’t last long. Alex said he understands and he will apologize to Linda. Damien told Alex he will let him use his photo for his autobiography. Alex thought about Mr.Lai told him that Damien used to make a mistake and caused him to lose trust in George. Alex asked Damien if he ever made a mistake, they will get back at him. Alex gave Damien the clip.


Alex sat and chill in the sun and saw Linda dressing up. Alex told Linda to not worry since his books won’t get published. Alex apologized to Linda and gave her ride for the night. Alex asked Linda if it was a blessing for her to meet him since she dumped her cheap man because of him. Alex asked Linda to pick up the glass and this will be a token from him for being his loyal fan.



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