Limelight Years episode 7 recap

While Damien called Master Kai to apologize about the photos, Lydia passed by and heard Damien mentioned about Miss Wah leaking those photos. The paparazzi asked Lydia if she got promoted because of Master Kai. Miss Wah explained that Lydia got where she is for her hard work. Miss Wah asked Lydia to have tea with her. Miss Wah said those who is cold to her may not harm her. Those who tipped the reporter doesn’t want to set her up. Lydia said she may lose her status because of this. Master Kai apologized Miss Wah for causing troubles. Master Kai told Lydia he tipped off the reporters cause she wouldn’t give the timeslot of Miss Wah and her vocal is weak. Lydia whined that Master Kai ruined her career. Miss Wah told Lydia she doesn’t know how lucky she is. She used to make her career as her top priority and gave up her family. Now she wishes she could chat with her children. It’s really easy to give up something but it’s hard to fix it. Miss Wah told Lydia she can run forward but she also has to look back then she will realize there’s someone who’s been supporting her. She gotta cherish Master Kai cause he won’t continuing waiting for her if she keeps on running ahead. In the end, she’ll realize she ends up alone. Master Kai hugged Lydia and said he’ll be there for her during her rough times. Linda feels touched and cried. Damien took photos of Maser Kai and Lydia.

During the interview Miss Wah said it is supposedly that Master Kai gave her the timeslot so he can go on a vacation with Lydia. A reporter asked Miss Wah when her son Vince will return. Miss Wah said if he hopes he will come back, then they must maintain hope. Linda saw Damien surrounded by Miss Wah’s fan. Linda asked Damien to come. A fan gave Damien a bouquet of flowers to give to Miss Wah. Damien came and gave the bouquet of flowers to Miss Wah. The host asked Damien to sing on stage with Miss Wah. Damien told Miss Wah he came to apologize to her but congrats on getting the time slot. Miss Wah told Damien that with a fan like him, it is the correct time to hold the concert. Miss Wah called Lancy and asked her to come and bring chris to he concert. Lancy told Miss Wah to let Eliza look after hard. Miss Wah said she is singing for them. Miss Wah checked up on Tong Wing. Linda brought cake and stared at Diamond playing the piano. Linda asked Diamond if he doesn’t want to chat with the people outside. Diamond said they don’t have anything in common. Linda said perhaps because he is young and talented. Diamond asked Linda how does she knows he is talented and successful. Linda said his songs is written beautifully. Sometimes she tears up while listening to his songs. Linda thinks Miss Wah is right for choosing him as her music director. Brother Tang treat hotpot dinner to Alex and his friend. Brother Tang said he got a new job and would like to hire them for the project.


Linda’s brother returned home from China. He told Linda that he saw her video cheap lady. Linda’s brother deals with Linda to buy a new bicycle for him then he’ll hide it from her parents. Linda delivered documents to Brother Tang but he’s busy so gave his assistant’s address. Linda went to the office and surprisingly saw Alex. Alex’s friend came and told Alex that Ao SenSei isn’t here. Alex suggests to pose as her. Alex and his friend faked Japanese voice but didn’t work. Alex’s friend asked Linda to do it. Linda agrees to do it to repent her mistake of causing Alex’s books not to be published. Alex is impressed that Linda could pose as both Marjorina and Ao Sensei. Alex discuss with Linda about planning Miss Wah’s concert. Linda fell asleep while working. Alex gave Linda two hundred dollars for riding the taxi. Alex joked that he’ll be rich soon and buy her a sportscar and take her home. Linda said she rather find a rich boyfriend.


Linda looked at a dress at the store and thought black dress suits her well. Alex called and asked Linda to tell him more about Miss Wah. Linda said she can’t since she signed the agreement not to disclose Miss Wah’s personal information. Linda told Alex she knows one of Miss Wah’s die hard fan and he can ask him. Alex asked Damien. Alex said unfortunately Mr. Lai wasn’t in a good mood so he didn’t pay him for writing his autobiography. Damien paid Alex three hundred dollars for the pen recorder for badmouthing him to make Mr. Lai look good in his autobiography. Alex told Damien he doesn’t mind losing the job, but Damien lost two of his friends. Damien and Alex pushed back the money back and forth. Linda grabbed the money and cried said she’s heartbroken she ran into Alex and became a cheap lady. She had to buy a new bicycle and computer for his brother to keep his mouth shut. She had to buy a brand designer bag for her mom. Damien took the photo album and told Alex that it contains photos of his wife and Miss Wah. Linda followed Alex and asked him to wait. Alex looked back and stared at Linda beautifully almost tripped. Alex said he got an idea “Glamorous Transformation”. Damien stared at Miss Wah’s portrait and thought of his wife reciting Miss Wah’s songs. Damien apologized to Miss Wah and gave her the plum honey. Miss Wah said everyone has devil inside of them. She did think of double crossing Lydia for the timeslot but after seeing Damien fighting with Mr.Lai on the boat she realized she didn’t want her children to find her bad conduct. Damien gave Miss Wah a letter from his wife. Alex brought his proposal to Miss Wah. Alex and Miss Wah sit and with for Brother Tang. Alex explains his proposal to Miss Wah about the theme of the concert is someone we know share the same thing. Whether people are sad or happy, they listen to her song. There are frustrations which leads people doubt if they made the right or wrong choices. Why did our friends betray us? Why am I always the one who gets hurt? Why is the outcome different from expectation? Am I destined to be the loser of my life. A chance for glamorous transformation, he hopes the audience in Miss Wah’s concert will understand this. Glamorous Transformation is the theme of this concert.



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