Legend of Master Chai episode 16 recap

Timmy ordered the dogs to revenge Joey. Ground shaking while Joey lie down on the bed. Dogs barged into Joey’s house. Noel’s father and Timmy’s uncle crawled like a dog. Joey used his power to remove the spell. Joey’s parents help each other. Noel’s father asked Joey to use his power to find out what’s going on. Joey said he doesn’t have the power to catch demons. The dog possessed Cherie’s body. Joey took Cherie to the court. Empress Dowager sent an edict for Joey to go to the palace. Cherie asked Joey what are humans scared of. Joey whispered to Cherie “What I’m scared most is you!”. The dog told Timmy that tomorrow Empress Dowager will visit Joey tomorrow. Timmy has a plan of putting poison on the Empress Dowager to frame Joey. Joey and his mother visits Timmy’s mother who became a nun. Timmy’s mother say she would like to pray at the temple for Timmy. Joye confronted his godfriend for not finding Timmy.


Empress Dowager arrived at the court. Empress Dowager told Joey her lump on her left arm been reappearing. Joey gave Empress Dowager a bowl of medicine. The lump disappear. Empress Dowager gave Joey a bottle of wellness as a gift. The dogs put some poison powder on the dishes. Joey tested the food using an Incense stick. Empress Dowager passed the cup of wine to Joey. Joey passed it to Noel’s father. Cherie poured the wine on Empress Dowager but it dropped and she saw the poison blowing. Empress Dowager gave an order to arrest Noel’s father and Cherie and Joey’s parents. The dogs escaped. Empress Dowager arrested Joey and his family and they are about to be beheaded. Cherie, Noel’s father, and Joey’s parents got beheaded. Joey pretends to cried and whined he doesn’t want to die. Timmy fought with Joey. Joey laughed and said he fell into his trap. Empress Dowager transformed back to Joeys godfriend. The four fruits turned back to itself. Joey sucked Timmy’s powers and blew it back at him. Joey poured the three dogs into the bottle.


At the court, Joey told the Empress Dowager he already found it suspicious when Cherie asked him what humans are afraid of. He transformed into a chicken and followed the three dogs and found out Timmy is the mastermind. Then he pretended to fight with his godfriend and then asked him to disguised into the Empress Dowager. Joey clarified to the Empress Dowager that her golden suit isn’t powerful enough to trap the demons, it was one of his tricks. Empress Dowager promoted Joey as the godmonk. Timmy told Cherie that Joey wants to kill the Empress Dowager to be the emperor. Timmy finds it unfair that Joey has a godfriend. Tmmy’s tried to tear the manuel. Cherie pushed it back. Table fell down and there’s a poem written on it. Timmy laughed and said he can get rid of Joey once he found a golden rock. Timmy climbed down the rock. Timmy climbed back up and tried to reach the house. Timmy and Cherie hid from the guards. Timmy got pissed how he always has to be a dog. Joey and his godfriend search for Timmy’s place. Joey shook the bottle and asked the dogs where’s Timmy’s house. Joey poured some hot tea inside the bottle.



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