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Hey Arnold: Helga’s lines

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Since I watch Arnold every night and it has been reairing on my tv, I thought writing a bit about Helga G.Pataki’s personality.


Helga is a character that is well described which makes others can easily relate to her. Helga protect herself using anger but is kinda on the inside. She is smart and independent.

Helga G. Pataki always daydream about Arnold then yelled at Arnold when he asked her “What are you doing Helga?” . Then Helga yelled at Arnold it’s none of his business or lines to drive him away. In the show “Best Man”, when Helga keep saying “I do, I do,”, while daydreaming of marrying Arnold. Arnold asked her what she’s doing. She said “I do not like you touching my hands”. Helga would often tell Arnold to get off though she thinks the opposite. Though Helga is always mean to Arnold, she is really caring toward him. In the show “Parents day, when Helga’s father Bob called Arnold “We are not going to lose to that orphan boy”, Helga consoled Arnold by yelling at him. Helga also consoled Arnold when Lila dumped Arnold in “Arnold &Lila”.

Lila knew Helga loves Arnold in “School Play” after she asked Helga she will give her the role of Juliet if she admits she like Arnold.

The psychiatrist knows Helga likes Arnold in “Helga on the Couch” when she keeps on mentioning his name while looking at the pictures.

These are the catchlines that Helga often uses:

“None of your beeswacks Football Head!”
“Move it Bucko
” Oh Criminy!”

There were times where Helga tried to be like Arnold’s crushes to gain Arnold’s attention. She impersonated Arnold’s pen pal Cecile in Arnold’s Valentine and disguised as Lila in “Helga’s Masquerade”. It turns out that Arnold complimented Helga and doesn’t find her so bad everytime she is nice to him.

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