Limelight Years episode 10 recap

Mr.Lai sat with Miss Wah and told her he believes in Damien that Theresa and he are just friends. Miss Wah told Mr.Lai emotional cheating his bad. Her husband used to sleep around with women. She could feel Michelle’s pain. Mr.Lai told Miss Wah that Damien’s business was running slow plus his wife was sick, he can feel how much burden it is. He chat with Theressa to relax. Mr.Lai told Miss Wah that they run away from their marriage while Damien chose to stay with his wife though tough lives. Damien listened to Miss Wah sings his wife’s favorite song next door. Damien recalled Michelle waiting for Damien to return home. Damien told Miss Wah he would like to be a fan of her for one day for cheering his wife with her songs. Damien requested Miss Wah to sing one more song. Miss Wah got a heart attack. Eliza asked Tong Wing to play a song for her. Tong Wing played random notes. Eliza cried and begged him to play like he used to. Damien brought food with nutrients for Miss Wah. Miss Wah told Linda she passed her probation and she will give her a proper salary. Alex brought flowers. Linda thought how Alex told her that her acting has improved and good at pretending to love him. Mr.Tsang visited Miss Wah and asked her about dealing with the concert since Diamond refused to be her musician and she rejected Brother Tang to be her creative director. Mr.Tsang told Miss Wah she alone isn’t enough to keep the audience. Mr.Tsang suggests Miss Wah to announce she passed out due to working too hard. Mr.Tsang suggests to bring Tong Wing onstage. Miss Wah got a headache. Mr.Tsang leave. Damien asked Miss Wah if she needs to go back to the hospital. Miss Wah replied no. Damien said “I knew you were pretending”. Miss Wah said those who likes her songs will come to her concert. Alex grabbed Linda when the cart passed by. Linda said her heart was beating. Linda checks Alex’s heartbeat. Alex told Linda what she sees is an illusion just like seeing miracles in deserts. Love itself is an illusion, when she pays her bills she will wake up. Those who seek love will get lost in the desert then they will die of thirst. She is in the her late twenties she doesn’t have much time left. Alex asked Linda not to waste time on him and find her source of water. Mr.Tsang passed by Linda and Alex and recognized them as Cheap Lady and the author. Mr.Tsang asked Alex to meet him in his office before three.


George asked Damien why he wouldn’t accept Mr.Lai buying the shop for him. Damien said though he didn’t get the chance to study in the states, he got a family and built his career on his own. Alex arrived and said he came here to interview Damien about how he saved Miss Wah’s life in Taiwan. Alex asked Damien if Miss Wah said any quote before dying. Eliza came to Damien’s firm and met Alex. Eliza told Damien that Theressa doesn’t blame him she understand that he found the meaning of his life. Damien gave Eliza the room number where her mom is staying. Alex showed Miss Wah his concert display. Miss Wah feels tired and said she needs some medicine. Miss Wah opened the door and happily saw Eliza. Alex left and eavesdropped at Eliza and Miss Wah. Eliza asked Miss Wah to take off her make up and go to sleep. Alex recorded the conversation. Miss Wah told Alex her biggest wish is for her to come to the concert. Alex heard Eliza mentioned about Tong Wing being mentally disabled.A patient came and Alex told Miss Wah he returned to pick up his bag. On his way out, Eliza noticed Alex’s phone recording is on and confronted him about recording them. Alex said he was recording his plan for the concert and forgot turning it off. Eliza asked Miss Wah if she was using her to promote her concert. Eliza whined that when she was little, the reporters used to take photos of her. Eliza said she doesn’t believe it is a coincidence that Alex was outside. Miss Wah asked Alex if he recorded the conversation for Mr.Tsang. Alex asked Miss Wah to think in her boss’s position. Miss Wah told Alex she won’t let her concert fall but if someone tries to make trouble for her and her family, she will kick him out.

Linda’s mom visits Linda and asked about Ka Ming. Linda made an excuse that Ka Ming is studying hard for his accounting exam. Linda’s mom called Ka Ming and Linda prevented her and said it is embarrassing since she broke up with him. Linda said Ka Ming treated him like a deposit. Linda’s mom asked Linda she is not young anymore and hard to find another man. Linda said she found a better man. Linda asked Alex to help her pose as her boyfriend. Linda told Alex that her mother despite entertainment so her dating Diamond won’t work out.Linda pleaded Alex she doesn’t want to leave Hongkong. Alex agrees. Alex told his buddy that if he wanted to find more info about Linda and Eliza, he needs Linda. Alex posed as a financial banker and chat with Linda’s mom. Alex told Linda’s mom he can set up an account for her next time they meet. Alex turned on the tv and it showed the news of Miss Wah holding a concert. Linda turned off the tv. Alex and Linda bid farewell to Linda’s mother. Linda’s mother asked Linda to grab on to Alex until she is pregnant. Linda asked Alex to go to lunch with her. Alex and Linda ate and Alex asked Linda why does her mother hates the entertainment. Linda said that her mother dislike the entertainment because of her uncle. Her uncle lives in llama Island and used to take care of her while her parents are away. Her uncle taught her how to play in the piano and suddenly stopped and was unhappy. Her mother told her that her uncle dated someone in the entertainment industry. She betrayed him to become famous. Her uncle couldn’t face anyone and stayed in Lamma Island. He left a suicide note and left. Alex told Linda that the fries aren’t crispy and the cream have melted and try to mix the fry in the cream. Linda said “Its a perfect match like you and me!”.


Alex read the news on the newspaper that Miss Wah being harassed by another fan. Alex said this isn’t her fan, it is her secret lover. Alex said it is coincidental the man is a music teacher. He thinks this man is Linda’s uncle. Linda showed Alex in her uncle’s house. Linda showed the piano and gave Alex her uncle’s letter of failing to meet her expectation. Alex said only a career or love can hurt man the most. The deeper the love, the greater the wound. Alex circled the name and said Chow Shun Long is Kat Leung. Her uncle wrote the song for Miss Wah which made her famous. After she became famous, she ditched him and called him a stalker. Alex asked Miss Wah why is she so much like him. Alex told his buddy that it seems the story of Tong Wing is dramatic. Alex told his friend even if he plans for Miss Wah’s concert, he will still be a supporting, his main goal is to write a book about the darkness of Miss Wah. Miss Wah thought about his son played the piano while she sung. Miss Wah asked her son to sing the finale together but her son denied. Alex spoke on the radio about the darkness of Miss Wah. Her voice is moving but her heart is dark. She has thousand of fans but is this fate or karma? Alex’s new book: Behind the Glamor.



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