Limelight Years episode 11 recap

As Miss Wah is about to leave the hospital, she saw lots of reporters outside. Linda stood up and told the reporters that Miss Wah left. The reporters told Linda that she is just her maid and don’t have the status to speak for her. Miss Wah came and said she went to the hospital for a check up. She won’t answer the reporters questions since they were rude to Linda is just like they were rude to her. Damien showed a newspaper with a picture of Alex standing next to her. Linda won’t believe Alex tipped the reporters. Linda called Alex and apologized she can’t go to Lamma Island with him since her mom will be visiting Uncle Long’s house. Alex’s buddy asked Alex if he wanted to use Linda’s mother too. Alex told his friend that Linda let him use his which is fair and square. Alex came and gave Linda and her mother a surprise. Linda’s brother mumbles “He is a good actor, I wonder if he is really your boyfriend”. Alex ordered lots of seafood for Mother’s day. Linda’s mother told Linda she was wise for breaking up with Ka Ming since he never treated her food and is thrifty. Alex made an eye contact. Alex’s friend disguised as an old man showed the magazine and asked Linda if she is Miss Wah’s assistant. Alex’s friend told Linda’s mother to send Miss Wah his best wishes and he’ll give them a thirty percent discount next time. Linda told her mother after she lost her job as a public relation in designer, her friend referred her to this job as Miss Wah’s assistant. She is satisfied with this job and keeps growing and learning from Miss Wah. There are bad guys in this profession but there are good guys too. Alex told Linda’s mother that Linda also mentioned about Miss Wah to him, he asked her why she has bad impression on Miss Wah. Linda’s mom told Linda that Wah Fong Ying isn’t a nice person, if she insists of working for her, don’t call her mother.

Miss Wah looked at the piano and thought about her son used to play a song for her in Mother’s day. He showed her his hit song he’s planning to sing. Tong Wing’s father told Miss Wah she has a good news he will marry Irene, the make up artist. Eliza saw them argued and recalled they used to argued when she was little. Tong Wing’s father said he married Miss Wah when he was thirty but he didn’t think it straight. Now he is in his sixties, many girls chased him but he only has the heart for Irene. He thinks he’s just doing the right thing at the right time. Tong Wing’s father told Miss Wah he thinks they did the right thing but were married at the wrong time. He can here to sincerely invite her to his wedding. Miss Wah told him she won’t let Tong Wing attend his wedding. Eliza told her father she will go to his wedding with Tong Wing. Eliza asked Miss Wah to stop making excuses and don’t let anyone find out about Tong Wing’s current state. Eliza told Miss Wah she doesn’t want anyone to know about Tong Wing because she just want to maintain her status as a singer. Eliza said when her father had an affair, she refused to divorce him but announced she is in a good relationship with him. Her father is at fault having an affair but he isn’t a hypocrite and filed for a divorce. Eliza took Tong Wing for a walk. Miss Wah visited Damien. Hugo brought flowers for Damien. Miss Wah asked Damien and Hugo to eat with her at the hotel. Hugo said he and his father planned to spend time together since it’s Mother’s day. Miss Wah said Michelle is blessed to have her family celebrate Mother’s Day with her though she is dead. Hugo teased Damien of being a fan of Miss Wah. Hugo put flowers in his mother’s grave. Damien looked at his daughter’s grave and teared up.


Linda held the umbrella for Miss Wah. Miss Wah asked Linda to work overtime and eat with her. Linda at with Miss Wah. A servant told Miss Wah she is blessed to have her daughter celebrates Mother’s Day with her. Miss Wah ate the dessert and said Tong Wing love dessert especially creme brulee. Miss Wah asked Linda to come with her bringing the creme brulee. Miss Wah brought the creme brulee to Tong Wing. Linda thanked Miss Wah for trusting her. Tong Wing called Linda’s name. Linda wishes her mother Happy Mother’s day on the phone. Tong Wing repeated the words “Happy Mother’s Day!”. Damien asked Eliza if she’s going to celebrate Mothers Day with her mom. Eliza said she read the news that her mother got hospitalized due to working hard for the concert. Damien told Eliza he knows that miss Wah owes her but she also loves her. Damien asked Eliza what did Miss Wah did that made her despite her so much.Eliza said it’s not about her but it’s about her brother. Flashbacks of Miss Wah looked at the song in the Karaoke.Tong Wing’s hands trembled when he signed Eliza’s students autographs. Miss Wah said Tong Wing stay did all nighter ever night and drank more coffee than water. Tong Wing got addicted to drugs. He could have gotten a bright future but now he can’t even uttered a word. Miss Wah still insists on covering the truth. She even forbids him to go to her father’s wedding. Miss Wah’s career and image are her top priority. Eliza said she knows her mother loves her but she loves her brother the most. She would like to stay away from her mother worrying she will go soft and forgive her one day. Damien told Miss Wah he really pity her children for having a mother like her. Miss Wah asked Damien if he ever listened to Tong Wing’s song, it is very good. She cares about it cause he put a lot of effort and sacrificed his health for writing the song. Tong Wing wrote each song and even designed the cover. Miss Wah turned on the song and listened with Damien and said Tong Wing is even more gifted than her. Tong Wing couldn’t write his lyrics and begged his mother not to tell anyone about this. He’ll work hard and write and compose a song for her. Miss Wah blames herself of craving for fame and status and spoiled Tong Wing. Damien asked Miss Wah to hang on and wait till his son recovers.

Alex read a book about dementia. Linda picked up the book and said Miss Wah has a son who has dementia. Alex told Linda he feel sorry for Tong Wing too. Linda asked Alex how did he know. Alex said the same ways as she knew. Alex asked Linda to tell him more about Tong Wing so they can help him. The bandroom has been burnt. Miss Wah asked the fireman to let her in to pick up the guitar. Linda told Alex that the instruments in the bandroom got burnt. Alex stared at Tong Wing’s trophy and cd. Miss Wah entered Damien’s office and said she is a successful singer but loser at being a mom. Her son instruments has been burnt. She failed to keep her children healthy and happy. Alex gave Linda an ipod and asked her to let Tong Wing listen to it. Linda gave the creme brulee to Tong Wing and put on the ipod for him. Alex listens to Tong Wing’s song. Tong got a headache and screamed covering his ears. The nurse called Miss Wah that his son is missing.



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