Sword of the Outlaw episode 17 recap

Fengyi told her nanny that Zhuiyun won’t fail her. Zhuiyun asked Fengyi’s father about how important it is for him to have the manuel and how is it related to his sect’s death. Fengyi’s father said the mysterious man whom dressed in the black suit gave him the manuel an he is the leader of a sect. He kept him in the mountain to decipher the martial art but the became assassinated. Fengyi’s father told Zhuiyun that the sect leader gave him the second part of the manuel in exchange for the wedding. Fengyi’s father said the sect leader has an ulterior motive and he asked Zhuiyun not to underestimate him. The sect leader checks in the haunted house and found the man in the black suit. The sect leader and hs member found the manuel in the man in the black suit’s body. Fengyi asked her father to grand Zhuiyun his wish for helping him reuniting with the nanny. Zhuiyun asked Fengyi’s father to lend him the manuel. Fengyi got mad. Fengyi visited the haunted house and surprisingly saw the sect leader walking out. Fengyi’s father and Zhuiyun went in the haunted house and found the main the black suit missing. Fengyi’s father saw Fengyi’s knives and doubted she used tricks to lure the man in the black suit out. Fengyi followed the sect leader in the woods and he saw her. Fengyi fought with the sect leader and he froze her and said her martial art is still pretty weak. The sect leader ordered his member to lock Fengyi. Fengyi told the sect leader if her father found out he kidnapper her, he won’t spare her. The sect leader said the winner of the martial art contest is him. The nanny asked Fengyi’s father if he’s not worried about Fengyi since she’s been disappearing for a few days. Fengyi’s father said Fengyi stole the manuel. The nanny asked Fengyi’s father what if Fengyi is in danger. Fengyi’s father said since Fengyi stole the manuel, she can do anything. Th nanny asked Fengyi’s father if all he thinks is the manuel and if he cares for Fengyi. The nanny told Fengyi’s father he can’t tell if family or the manuel matters more. She’ll go search for Fengyi.


Zhuiyun bids farewell to Fengyi’s father. Fengyi’s father asked Zhuiyun if he still loves Fengyi. If he finds Fengyi, he needs to persuade her. Zhuiyun told Xiao Qian he would like to go finds Fengyi and asked her about the manuel. Xiao Qian asked Zhuiyun if revenge is that important to him. Zhuiyun said ever since his sect got killed, all he thinks is revenge. Xiao Qian asked Zhuiyun if Fengyi isn’t important to him. Fengyi’s been trying to find ways for her father to agrees to let him marry her. Zhuiyun said he understands but he hopes Fengyi will understand him. Zhuiyun and Xiao Qian dresses as scholars. Zhuiyun lends a room, and a clerk told Zhuiyun that there’s been some people who killed others using daggers and he must be careful and don’t bring his sword. Zhuiyun and Xiao Qian watch two sect members fight with each other to win the contest. A man told Zhuiyun and Xiao Qian that four martial artists got killed from competing for the contests. At the brothel, a master told Zhuiyun that the four martial artists surprisingly left the contest, and there were no news about them afterward. The master said there their martial art prints on the four martial artists body and it seems like they fought to death. He believes there must be a mastermind.

Fengyi being tied up on the tree. The sect leader told Fengyi he blocked her martial art. Fengyi asked the sect leader if he’s not scared that her father will kill him. The sect leader asked Fengyi to enjoy her stay here, after he accomplished his mission he will release her. The sect leader asked his member why doesn’t the other sect haven’t attacked them. The sect leader said because they don’t find them a threat. The sect leader said he feels hurt that other sects found his sect weak. Zhuiyun ordered tea and sat with Xiao Qian. Zhuiyun said this teahouse is a well known teahouse and many people come here. Zhuiyun asked Xiao Qian to look at the two poor people who are happy. Zhuiyun asked Xiao Qian to look at the two sect members fighting with each other. Zhuiyun said those that haven’t been attacked are the one at an advantage. Zhuiyun and Xiao Qian followed the two poor people to his sect. Zhuiyun doubts what is the sect leader’s motive for gathering many poor people.



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