Legend of Master Chai episode 17 recap

The three dogs begged Joey’s mother to release them. Joey confronted his mother of releasing them. Joey’s parents told Joey that those dogs also have mothers. The three dogs feel touched seeing Joey’s father brought dessert for Joey’s mother and seeing them persuading Joey to set them free. Joey’s parents pick up dandelions. The dogs told Cherie that Joey’s mother is kind hearted. Cherie asked the three dogs if Timmy is not nice to them. Cherie beat up the three dogs. Joey’s mother saw Cherie passed by on the street. Joey’s mother chased Cherie and found Timmy. Timmy pointed a sword toward Joey’s mother. Cherie pointed a sword at Joey. Joey’s mother killed herself and told Joey that he is a god while she is just a normal lady; she asked him to help the people. Joey angrily uses his power and punched Timmy. Joey’s friend stood in front of Timmy and told Joey he can’t kill Timmy. Joey’s friend took Timmy away. Joey returned home and cried and told his father that his mother is dead. Joey writes on the restaurant board and drinks. Joey asked the servant to bring dog meat for him to eat. Noel came and asked Joey to stop eating meat and drink. Noel took care of Joey. Joey has diarrhea. Cherie had a nightmare of Joey’s mother dying. Cherie and her mother found a bucket of gold and received a letter from her brother that his business went well. People stared at Joey eating meat in the restaurant. People asked Joey for help. Joey had an illusion of people fighting with each other. Noel told Joey that he can help those people. Joey asked Noel why does god let his mother die. What can he do? Joey transformed some bullies into potatoes and chicken. Joey drinks and asked Noel where is Timmy. Joey Noel if she believes sitting next to him will solve all the problems.


Timmy wakes up but couldn’t remember who he is. Joey barged in the room. Joey told Noel if anything can be resolved the dispute with a discussion, there wouldn’t be people who are sick or died. Joey told Noel and his friend that even if Timmy died nine times, he couldn’t make up for his mistake and they keep are willing to keep a criminal.Timmy asked Joey that he must did something very bad to him for him to hate him so much. Timmy asked Joey what has he done for him. Joey told Timmy that he killed his mother and the monks and poisoned the people in the town. Joey swears what he said was the truth. Timmy ran asked himself why was he like this. Timmy walked in the street and asked the people what kinds of person he is. People three food at Timmy and said he’s a bastard for killing his mother. Timmy asked Joey what he should do. Joey asked Timmy to kill himself. Timmy stabs himself. The magistrate sentenced Timmy to be beheaded tomorrow. Noel told Joey she’s not sure if Timmy has amnesia. Noel asked Timmy if he wanted to die with Timmy. Joey’s friend told Joey he can save Timmy. Joey visited is mother’s tablet and saw the three dogs teared up. The little cloudy sparrow showed up and Joey surprisingly saw his mother. The flowers bloomed. Joey pleaded the empress dowager to spare Timmy so he can pray and turned into a good person.




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