Twin of Brothers episode 41 recap

Raymond and Tavia’s brother alienate instead of being enemies. Li Qian told Tavia’s brother that though he is more mature than Raymond, she doesn’t understand why she doesn’t fall for him. Tavia’s brother told Li Qian though she haven’t really answered his question, he does know now who she likes.Li Qian apologized that she isn’t fortunate enough to be with him. Tavia’s brother told Li Qian that love cannot be measured by the number of sacrifices. It depends on how happy she is. Derek advised the two princes to go to war with Raymond and Tavia’s brother. The royal prince told the majesty that Tavia’s brother wants to rebel. The majesty told the princes that as a family, they should love each other. The majesty asked the princes for opinions of recruiting Tavia’s brother back home. The royal prince said Tavia’s brother is unsatisfied of not being the crown prince, so he greeds to steal the throne. The princes said Tavia’s brother collaborated with Raymond to force him giving up the throne. The majesty told the princes it is alright to be careful but they must remember that Tavia’s brother is their brothers and no matter how critical the situation is, they shouldn’t kill each other. Raymond and Tavia’s brother received a letter from the princes to meet them forbidden place without bringing any soldiers. Raymond and Ron doubt if it is setup to accuse them of rebel. Ron and Raymond lead his friends to the secret underground. Derek practice martial arts and told the princes that he’ll fight with Raymond and Ron while they deal with Tavia’s brother. Raymond said it is destined that they day Tavia’s brother gain power, is the day that he and Ron die. Raymond shouted why heaven won’t let them and Tavia’s brother work together. Raymond refused to believe in fate and believes they can change their future and rewrite their history.


The evil sect members surrounded Leila and her friends. Nancy arrived and hugged Ron and has a strange feeling; she took off the face masks and saw the general’s face. The princes told Raymond and Tavia’s brother that they invited them here to destroy them. Leila and Nancy fought with the dark sect. The princes and the soldiers surrounded Raymond and Tavia’s brother. Ron stood on the roof and asked the princes if it’s too soon for them to be excited. The soldiers surrounded the princes. Derek fought with Raymond and Ron. Li Qian and Tavia greets Sok Ne. Sok Ne told Li Qian and Tavia that they are so beautiful no wonder why Raymond has a hard time to choose between them. Li Qian told Sok Ne that Raymond did hurt her but he did regret it. Sok Ne asked Li Qian to shut up and no need to plead for him. Sok Ne served them drinks. Sok Ne told them that they will be loners if Raymond loses the fight. Tavia said when you hurt others, it also means you hurt yourself. Sok Ne said “But some people deserves karma”. Tavia wants to leave and the soldiers surrounded Tavia and Li Qian. Sok Ne asked them to see if Raymond is lucky or the royal prince managed to kill the rebel. Ron and Raymond pushed the statue toward Derek. Derek absorbed the power of the green jade frog and got injured. Derek crawled and tried to reach the majesty chair and said the crown belongs to him. Raymond put his hands on Ron’s shoulder and said he’s been living like a king and he prefers hanging out with his friend.


The princes asked Tavia’s brother to surrender. Tavia’s brother said the winner belongs to whom the people follow. Raymond and Ron opened the door. Raymond said the royal prince is guilty of collaborating with the dark sect to overthrow the emperor. Tavia’s brother advised the soldiers to surrender then he’ll leave this case alone. As the soldiers start to put their sword down, the royal prince stabbed one and asked if they dare to rebel. When he becomes king, they will all die. General Li said he hopes they make the right decision by following a good leader. The soldiers put their swords down. The two princes bowed and beg Tavia’s brother to forgive them. Tavia’s brother asked them to get up and the royal prince pointed a sword at Tavia’s brother. It’s snowing. Raymond and Ron shot an arrow at the princes. Tavia’s brother told the majesty that the two princes rebel and got killed by Raymond and Ron. The majesty fell and asked why did they died. The majesty confronted Tavia’s brother about using the forbidden soldiers and barged into his room without his consent. Tavia’s brother asked the majesty to lend him the crown. Raymond greets Sok Ne and said he came to bring Li Qian and Tavia back. Raymond told Sok Ne that he used to hurt her so she should deal with him instead of hurting innocent girls. Sok Ne said she doesn’t have the power to deal with him. Though he won, this mission hasn’t finished. Sok Ne stared at Tavia and Li Qian and Raymond and madly left. Sok Ne arrived and consoled the majesty that his reign is over. Sok Ne suggests the majesty persists of staying in his reign and punish Raymond for turning Tavia’s brother bad.




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