Limelight Years episode 12 recap

Eliza and her father saw Miss Wah telling Tong Sir to keep it low that Tong Wing is missing. Eliza confronted Miss Wah about caring about her reputation. Miss Wah defended that she just doesn’t want to make a big fuss out of the situation. Miss Wah asked Eliza if they should look for Tong Wing instead of arguing. Miss Wah desperately went in Damien’s house asking Damien for help. Miss Wah believes Damien can help her since he used to be a reporter. Damien said he has a former colleague who is the chairman of Taxi Entertainment Channel now. Damien asked Miss Wah if he should use this path and ask the taxi drivers to look for Tong Wing. Eliza looked around for Tong Wing in the middle of the street and the taxi driver and Damien almost bumped his car into her. Damien asked Eliza to calm down and if something happened to her, Miss Wah would be anxious. Eliza said it was Miss Wah’s fault for not telling about Tong Wing missing to the public since she only cares for her image. Damien told Eliza that she and Miss Wah are both silly and actually cares for each other but won’t admit. Damien said Miss Wah cares for her faces but she wanted to protect Tong Wing. Damien said Miss Wah believes Tong Wing will recover after they finish performing his album. Damien said Miss Wah tried to save Tong Wing’s instruments during the fire and her hands even got burnt. Damien showed a picture of Miss Wah depressed look to Eliza and said she felt helpless and stressed. Damien said Miss Wah hoped that Tong Wing will stand on stage again.Damien told Eliza that only Miss Wah and Tong Wing know how much they loved music since they are singers but it’s no doubt she loves her children.

Eliza gave her mother a glass of water. Eliza told Miss Wah she knows she doesn’t want to inform the public so Tong Wing will recover faster and be a singer again. Eliza told Miss Wah that before Tong Wing became disabled, he used to say his first album was the company’s song idea so he created a second album with his ideas. He wanted the fans to know what he thinks. It doesn’t matter if it will affect his public image, he once said those who likes his music will still support him no matter what. Eliza told Miss Wah that Tong Wing has pride and confidence like her. Alex’s friend told Alex that Miss Wah wanted to announce finding Tong Wing in public but Tong Wing is the selling point of their book. Alex told his friend that a mother is justified to look for her son. Mr.Tsang called and Alex said there’s no point of promoting Miss Wah’s concert anymore. Alex’x buddy asked Alex “What if Alex forgot about it?”. Alex thought “If Mr. Tsang forgot about it, there’s still a chance”. Master Kai told Miss Wah he understands he tried to find her son but people will think she’s been lying if she made this public. Mr. Tsang told Miss Wah if her fans boycott her because he’s staying in the sanitary room instead of singing, then her effort will be wasted. Miss Wah said she can’t stop the fans if they think like that but she believes they will support her songs if they like her songs. Miss Wah told Mr.Tsang she will accept all the loss of her concert. Mr.Tsang told Miss Wah they will move the press three hours late, and if she can’t find her son three hours later, then it’s her decision do decide what she wants to do. As the drive drove by Miss Wah’s old home, Eliza and Miss Wah questioned if Tong Wing could be have went there. Eliza and her mother sat on the bench by the playground. Eliza said when she and her father were away her brother used to sing to her after school. Eliza said whenever there were gossips her parents, her schoolmate would laugh at her. Miss Wah asked Eliza if she would give her a chance to be a good mother.

Linda told Damien she finds it a shame if Miss Wah cancel the concert. Damien asked the nurse kindly what happened before Tong Wing disappeared. Linda doubts if she caused Tong Wing to leave. Linda told Tong Wing she played the mp3 for Tong Wing and he became agitated listening to it. Damien asked Linda what song did she played. Linda said she doesn’t know since Alex gave it to her. Damien told Linda Alex may know something they don’t. Linda told Damien she would feel bad if she caused Tong Wing to disappear. Damien told Linda that Alex used her many times but she still believes him. The news of the burnt building played in the car. Damien told Linda to call Mr. Kai to cancel the press and asked Miss Wah to meet him outside the buidling of the bandroom. Damien and Miss Wah searched for Tong Wing in the bandroom. Miss Wah found her son fainting and burnt. In the hospital, Tong Wing wakes up and trembled then called Eliza. Tong Wing called his daddy but couldn’t recall Miss Wah. Miss Wah said “Forget it, Tong Wing made progress by remember you guys”. Tong Wing called Miss Wah “Mommy!”. Damien walked in and saw Miss Wah and her family smiled happily. Eliza’s father apologized to Miss Wah for misunderstanding her and she actually loved Tong Wing the most. Miss Wah told Eliza’s father she did many things for her family and he didn’t even come home. Eliza’s father told Miss Wah when they were married, he wished they would live together until they aged but he didn’t expect they would have many barriers. They were a perfect couple onscreen and offscreen but when they were home, they were no romance. Eliza’s father told Miss Wah he really doubts if she ever loved someone before. When he found out their relationship didn’t work out, he refused to admit failing. Eliza’s father held Miss Wah’s hands that it was god’s sake that they used to be husband and wife and they were once were happy together. Miss Wah teared up and said she can’t guaranteed him a long and lasting marriage but she wishes him happy and healthy everyday. Eliza’s father thanked Miss Wah and wished she will find her true love soon.


Alex told his friend now that Miss Wah found her son, and the concert continues, his plan still succeed. Alex’s friend opened the door and saw Linda stood madly in front of Alex. Linda told Alex that it’s lucky that Tong Wing survived this time or else he wold be a murderer and she would be an accessory. Linda asked Alex why did he lie to her. Miss Wah didn’t asked him to visit the sanitary room. She asked him why did he asked her to play that music. Alex said it is Tong Wing’s unfinished demo music. Linda asked Alex if he stole it and used her again. Linda asked Alex what did Tong Wing do for him to treat him this way.Alex said he was just experimenting Tong Wing’s reaction to the music. Alex’s friend said Alex is writing a novel and needs to do a research on it. The character is an idiot. Lind yelled at Alex’s buddy that he must think she’s an idiot. Linda asked Alex since Miss Wah is his boss, why would he used her son as an experiment. Linda asked them to explain to her or she’ll tell Miss Wah. Linda said Miss Wah allows her to meet her son which means that she treat her like her own daughter. She’s different from the guy who betrayed her though she trusts him so much. Alex said he’s writing a new book but it’s not a novel but it’s a memoir. The theme is Wah Fong Ying. Linda asked if he wants to reveal Miss Wah’s secrets. Linda asked Alex if he used her as a mole. Alex apologized and he didn’t meant to hurt her. Linda said he doesn’t need to apologize. She likes him, he rejected her but she persists. She was prepared for him to take advantage of her. Linda told Alex he’s mean while she’s cheap. Linda told Alex she is the one who is cheap so leave Miss Wah alone. Alex asked Linda to stop mentioning Miss Wah. She doesn’t know what kind of person Miss Wah is. Alex told Linda “You said I’m mean but she’s so much meaner than me”. Alex told Linda her uncle fell for Miss Wah and she betrayed him and fell depressed. Linda asked Alex not to make up stories. Alex’s friend said Alex is telling the truth. Alex asked Linda to ask her mom why she hates entertainment business so much. It’s because she knows very well what kind of person Miss Wah is.

Linda recalled her mother told her that Uncle Leong wrote a song which made Miss Wah famous, then she accused him for being a stalker and he got fried from the school. Then he was nowhere to be found. Perhaps he killed himself. Linda visited Uncle Leong’s house and played the piano. Alex went in Uncle Leong’s house. Linda told Alex that her mom told her everything, she will resign tomorrow and not work for Miss Wah anymore. Alex asked Linda why the rich and famous can cover up their lies. Alex asked Linda why does Miss Wah have so many fans. Alex told Linda he hopes she collaborates with him to write the biography to unmask Miss Wah’s darkness and defend her uncle. Linda said that will hurt innocent people including her children. Linda said though Miss Wah hurted her uncle but she didn’t treat her badly. Alex told Linda whatever she decides, he will support her. Miss Wah sit and listens to Kat Leung’s song. Linda returned and asked Miss Wah if she didn’t have the music teacher composing her first song, where would she stand today. Would she still be the singing queen? Miss Wah said there are many if’s but the outcome is she is still the singing queen. Linda crumpled the paper.



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