Sword of the Outlaw episode 18 recap

The magistrate talk with the sect leader’s member and asked him to watch out for the sect leader. Once his mission his complete, he will let him be the sect leader. The sect leader’s member asked the doctor about the the martial art master in the black suit’s condition and if he can make him being in coma eternally. The sect leader visited Fengyi in the cellar and said it’s been quiet. Fengyi said since it’s boring in the cellar, she rather sit quietly. Fengyi asked the sect leader if he would like to kill Zhuiyun. Fengyi told the sect leader she despite Zhuiyun for always searching for the manuel and ignoring her. The sect leader told Fengyi she is a smart girl but too bad he already had the master’s daughter or else he would have fallen for her. He will never release her. The sect leader told his member that Fengyi has tons of tricks and don’t ever fall for it.

A beautiful in the sedan chair passed by Zhuiyun. Zhuiyun told Xiao Qian that beautiful girls are like beautiful flowers and they are there to entertain you. Some sect members caused troubles on the street. Zhuiyun and Xiao Qian came. The pauper sect member’s leader interrupted and asked the sect members to be arrested. The sect leader’s member told Zhuiyun that the economic has went down and the sect fought with each other to survive. The sect leader’s member asked Zhuiyun about why he’s here. Zhuiyun asked the sect leader’s member to retell him what happened between his sect and the other sect and why they kill each other. Zhuiyun said he heard that his sect stole the manuel from the other sect which caused the fight. Zhuiyun swears that his sect didn’t steal the manuel because he knows where is the manuel. Zhuiyun suspects there’s a mastermind who make use of the manuel to cause chaos in town. Zhuiyun wonder who has so much power causing the sects to fight. The sect leader’s member told Zhuiyun only the master has that kinda of power. The beautiful lady invited Zhuiyun to her room and sent her a letter from the master. Xiao Qian suggests Zhuiyun to pretends to reject the offer while going and investigating.


The sect leader’s member pushed the pill in the man in the black suit’s mouth and the man in the black suit accused him of being a mole. An assassin barged in and fought with the sect leader’s member and left a jade. The magistrate told the sect leader’s member that the eunuch don’t dare to fight with the master so he’s using the master to do some task. Xiao Qian wait in front of the brothel holding flowers and gave money to the ladyboss to find the flower lady for Zhuiyun. Xiao Qian told the flower lady that Zhuiyun will not meet the master. Some thief stole fifty golds from the magistrate. Zhuiyun told Li Qian he will investigate the flower lady. Zhuiyun sat on the roof watching the flower lady drinking with the bodyguard in the brothel and wonder why he’s here. The master thanked the flower lady for bringing the man in the black suit for him. The master told the flower lady that the magistrate bribed thousands of money from the commoners. The flower lady said she has to punish them. The master told the flower lady if she was a male, she would be a hero. The master promised the flower lady after he accomplish his mission, he will not let her suffer no more. Xiao Qian peeked at the flower lady walking out of her house. The master asked the doctor about the man in the black suit’s health.

Fengyi told Xiao Qian when he watched the flower lady dancing, he has this feeling of elegance in her which other girls don’t have. Xiao Qian told Zhuiyun that she only saw people in the sedan chair coming in the master’s house but don’t get out. She doubt who’s sitting in the sedan chair. Zhuiyun doubts if the master has connection with the officials. Xiao Qian finds it strange the the person in the sedan chair went to the street market. Zhuiyun told Xiao Qian he saw the bodyguard and believes he’s investigating a case related to the master and the flower girl. The flower lady drink with the bodyguard and a magistrate. The magistrate gave the flower lady a red jade as a gift.



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