Limelight Years episode 13 recap

Tong Wing returns home. Damien told Miss Wah that he should have brought his camera to take this warm family photo. Linda recorded Tong Wing. Damien said Tong Wing can not only play guitar but can also speak english. Eliza looked around her room happily. Miss Wah told Eliza that they can’t turn back on their lives so they have to cherish their present and future. Eliza asked Miss Wah if Mr.Lai is her friend. Eliza asked Miss Wah then he wouldn’t fire her if she teachers her yoga. Damien showed Miss Wah the family photo and said the first time he took a picture of her with her two daughters but now he coudldn’t believe he took a family photo of her. Damien said he will close down his shop once his tenancy expires. Miss Wah asked Damien if he thinks she would let him retire since she will book him to take picture of her grandson Chris’s kindergarten graduation. Damien complained that Hugo still haven’t married since it is his wife’s wish. Miss Wah returned Michelle’s letter to Damien. Damien saw on the bench outside and read Michelle’s letters. Theressa came up to Damien. Damien told her she always visit him in his worst mood. Damien feels guilty he couldn’t do anything for his wife after she died. Damien said Michelle really wanted to attend Miss Wah’s concert.

Uncle George bought lots of food from the market. Damien teaches Hugo how to make his soup to win his girlfriend’s love. Corina requested Damien to give her a chance to be his assistant photographer for Miss Wah’s concert. Before Damien takes the family, he asked Tong Wing what comes after Do and Re in the song. Tong Wing answered “me”. Damien asked Miss Wah and his family to say “Do Re Me” as he takes the family photo. Eliza’s father told Damien he has a feeling that the pictures he took will be the best. An expert can draw the sword before he kill. Miss Wah asked Damien to be her photographer and publish her album for the concert. Damien said his wife’s longtime wish was to attend her concert. How could he say no to i? Corina looked at Eliza’s father pointing a sword in the photo. Damien told Corina she’s a fan of Eliza’s father. Corina said she used to watch Chinese and Hongkong movies to learn chinese and she was a big fan of Tong Junior in the movie One Arm Swordman,Beggar So, and Drunken Hero. Corina said Hugo is more westernized so she act western to please him. Corina said back in England, she saw one shot of Hugo and admired him so she offered to be his assistant and that’s how their relationship started. Damien said he doesn’t know whether Hugo is smart or stupid but she is the first girl he brought home to dinner. Damien told Corina his wish is to have a daughter in law.Corina said she also wanted to have kids with Hugo but she can’t do that with Hugo. Damien stared at Corina and saw her looking pale. Corina told Damien that it won’t change Hugo’s mind even if she has a baby. Corina told Damien that Hugo said he only wanted an open relationship with her but not marrying her. Corina said of course he wanted to marry Hugo but Hugo doesn’t want to marry her.


Eliza and Miss Wah brought Hugo to his bandroom to surprise him and they asked him to open his eyes. Linda said Miss Wah hired a professional craftman to renovate the bandroom and she even supervise it herself. She paid them tripple to do it. Eliza told Miss Wah that it is worth it since Tong Wing loves his bandroom. Tong Wing looked around his bandroom and play the piano. Miss Wah requested Mr.Man to let Tong Wing to perform the concert with her. Mr.Man gave a suggestion to have other singers sing Tong Wing’s song. Mr.Man told Miss Wah that Tong Wing lacks charisma and talent and wouldn’t be here without her. Miss Wah told Mr.Man this is just his subjective view; many fans admired him. Tong Wing only released one record and was successful. Mr.Man said everyone they promote are successful, there are plenty of people better than him. Miss Wah argued that Tong Wing wrote all those songs. Mr.Man said those copyrights of the songs belong to the company. Miss Wah said besides their contract, there’s also ethics. Mr.Man said she’s so heartless so he rather stick with his contract.

Mr.Man said thirty years ago, she ditched her mentor after he made her popular. Miss Wah asked Mr.Man how’s he related to Jazz. Mr.Man said she still remember his father. Linda called Alex to postpone the interview since Nash invited her for diner and she will get lots of info. Alex asked Buddy which car makes the sound Vroom!. Buddy said “a sports car”.Alex wonders who is that Nash guy. Alex and Buddy checked Nash’s profile and read that he has a Master in Business Administration in Harvard. Buddy told Alex he just needs to get a sport girls to attract girls. Buddy pointed a the picture of pink champagne Nash used to court girls. It seems that Nash is a seasoned playboy. Linda feels dizzy while drinking with Nash. Nash told Linda that Mr.Champagne is calling the charming Pink Lady like her. Before eating food, Nash held Linda’s hands. Alex rushed to the restaurant searching for Linda and Nash. Alex came to pick up Linda but Linda let go of his hands. Nash asked Alex who is he. Alex said he is Linda’s boyfriend. Alex took Linda out. Linda asked Alex if he meant it when he said he is her boyfriend. Alex told Linda she’s really drunk. Alex said this is not the first time he posed as her boyfriend. Linda asked Alex why did he interrupted her and Nash. Alex told Linda that Nash is a lecher. Linda asked Alex if there’s other reason he saved her. Alex said Linda is his messenger. Linda said she’s going to see Nash right away if Alex sees her as a messenger. Alex told Linda she is not only his messenger but also her partner. Now he promotes her to be his V.I.P. Linda drunkenly laughed and asked if she gets the pink champagne. Linda laughed that she didn’t get a discount which means she is not his V.I.P. Alex asked Linda to shup up, and he kissed her in front of the crowd.


Linda leaned on Alex’s shoulder. Alex told Linda that he rated her the highest and there’s also Buddy. Alex asked Linda about his date with Nash. Linda praised that Nash took her in the sports car and lots of girls were staring at her jealously. The he got a perfect pink champagne which matches her perfectly. Alex asked Linda if Nash took advantage of her. Alex said Nash actually prayed to the gospel before eating then he showed up. Linda said Jazz trained Miss Wah. He couldn’t take the blow after she left cause Miss Wah was a successful singer he promoted. Nash reminded himself to not be blind by fame and greed. Alex said it scary how one could be ugly behind the glamor. Miss Wah and Eliza watch Tong Wing play the guitar. Tong Wing told Miss Wah he wants to sing in front of the fans.

Jazz played the piano. Miss Wah brought cream cake for Jazz he used to treat her. Miss Wah asked Jazz to ask his son to be kind to Tong Wing and let him perform his record. Jazz said he retired so he won’t interfere with this. Miss Wah asked Jazz to give her a price. Miss Wah said she will buy the copyrights of his son’s song.Jazz asked Miss Wah how will she compensate him for training her and making her famous. Miss Wah told Jazz after she became famous she helped his son study abroad and she helped him buy this studio for retiremnt. Jazz said this is karma; back then he wanted to make her famous so he forced her to break up with Uncle Leong. He betrayed the composer Kat Leung and she betrayed her lover. Jazz said back then she would cried and tell him how much she loved Uncle Leong but then she carried on with her career as a superstar and married a wealthy man. She’s destined to be a singer and could maintained it for forty years.



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