Sword of the Outlaw episode 19 recap

As the magistrate about to drink the wine, the bodyguard grabbed the wine and pointed a sword at the flower lady. The bodyguard took out the stick and showed the poison. The flower lady told the magistrate though they weren’t enemies, he bribed money from innocent people. The maid notified the master that the flower lady has been arrested by the bodyguard. The master said he needs to plan out carefully how to rescue the flower lady since the bodyguard is smart. The bodyguard visited the flower lady and asked her if she was the one who killed those officials. The flower lady said those magistrates are greedy and did many bad things. The bodyguard asked the flower lady how many of those magistrates are powerful officials. The bodyguard asked the flowerlady about the mastermind. The bodyguard told the flowerlady she will cause chaos if she kill others. He hopes she never get used by others. The flowerlady said the majesty only enjoy playing and it is fine to rebel against this kind of person. The bodyguard yelled at the flower lady “How dare you say such a thing?”. The bodyguard asked the flowerlady if she doesn’t believe in justice. If she uses her beauty to seduce men, there’s still no moral. The flowerlady asked the bodyguard if law can do justice for the people. The flowerlady told the bodyguard he is just a slave to those officials in her eyes.

Xiao Qian told Zhuiyun that they misunderstood the flowerlady, she is righteous for killing those greedy officials. Zhuiyun told Xiao Qian that some of those officals are have done many merits to the government. Zhuiyun believes that the master is using the flowerlady to kill those officials to cause chaos in town. Zhuiyun said only the flowerlady knows the answer. The bodyguard told the magistrate he set up a trap for the master to save her. The bodyguard plead the magistrate to give him the case to investigate the greedy magistrates. Zhuiyun sneaked in the dungeon. The bodyguard saw Zhuiyun and asked him if he wanted rescue a prisoner. Zhuiyun told the bodyguard he wanted to ask the flowerlady as question. He suspects the flowerlady is related to a powerful organization. The bodyguard told Zhuiyun though they are good friends, there are rules he has to follow. Zhuiyun asked the bodyguard that it looks like he is scared he will find out the secret.


Some female sect in the black suit injured the guards. The maid beg the master for forgivness for failing to rescue the flowerlady. The master told the maid he will eventually save the flowerlady but he needs to plan out carefully. Zhuiyun and Xiao Qian found the master in the black suit in the master’s house and an assassin passed by. Zhuiyun doubted if the master is the mastermind , how come he hid the master in the black suit instead of killing him. The magistrate told his servant that he will use the bodyguard to lessen the master’s power. The master visited the flowerlady’s room. The bodyguard asked the master for a drink and ask about the whereabout of the flowerlady. The master said he doesn’t have that kinda of power to be the mastermind. The master said if there were more heroes like the mastermind, then the world would be more peaceful. The bodyguard told the master that only he knows what he’s doing, and he will investigate the truth. Plus, the flowerlady has been arrested, more person will be arrested, and perhaps even him. The master thanked the bodyguard for giving him an advice.

Zhuiyun told Xiao Qian that the master is very secretive which is hard to finds out clue. The bodyguard has been investigating the case for all they have to to follow him to his house. Xiao Qian found the bodyguard’s house so organized. Xiao Qian told Zhuiyun that the bodgyuard is righteous but if he didn’t always follow the law, he isn’t that bad. Zhuiyun and Xiao Qian stole the paper from the bodgyguard and read the list of officials. Zhuiyun and Xiao Qian stared at the master giving gift to the greedy official. The bodgyguard demanded Zhuiyun to return the paper. Zhuiyun gave the paper and asked him how come he suspected him. The bodyguard asked Zhuiyun to stop investigating the case, and the it isn’t simple as he thinks. Zhuiyun said he has the right to investigate the case as long as he did something wrong. Zhuiyun suggests the bodyguard to collaborate with him. The bodyguard warned Zhuiyun to not continue investigating the case or else he will arrest him. Zhuiyun visited the master and said he came here to ask him a question. Zhuiyun pointed a sword at the master. Zhuiyun told the master he suspects he is related to the feud with is past sect. The master said he didn’t. Zhuiyun asked the master how come the master in the black suit is in his house. The master said he saved the master in the black suit from the sect. The master asked Zhuiyun to come with him to know the reason. The master took Zhuiyun to the grave where his father’s tablet located. The master told Zhuiyun that his father told him that his father is their savior and they must always remember it.


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