Twin of Brothers episode 42 recap (End)

The majesty slapped Tavia’s brother and asked him why he killed the two princes. Tavia’s brother said the princes grabbed him as hostage and Raymond and Ron shot at them to save him. The majesty asked Tavia’s brother if the believes it is a good reason for Raymond and Ron to be innocent. The majesty said as long as he is the emperor, he won’t will treat Raymond’s sect as rebel. Tavia’s brother pleaded to let him take all the guilt. The majesty asked Tavia’s brother if the didn’t know that he knew he was the one who won the land but he didn’t expected the princes to cause troubles. The majesty told Tavia’s brother he can give the reign to him but he has to promise him to revenge for the princes and go to war against Raymond and Ron. The soldiers told Tavia’s brother they owe Raymond and Ron their lives and rather sacrifice their lives than going to war. They rather rebel against the majesty. Tavia’s brother refuse to rebel and held a sword.

Ron chat with Leila by the sea for the last time. Leila asked Ron if this will be the last time she will see him. Ron asked Leila to not tell Nancy about this war or she’ll sacrifice her life. Leila leaned on Ron’s shoulder and cried. Ron told Leila that the greatest thing about this world was meeting her since she helped her turning evil into good. She should not be sad but should be happy for him. Leila told Ron to do what he needs to do, their heart will never be torn apart.

Raymond told Tavia the first time he met her, he fell for her and tried to be successful for her. It was his wish to romantically watch the fireworks with him but too bad his feeling has faded. He feels that his feeling for her has gone. Tavia told Raymond that he only has the initial feeling with her Li Qian is the one in his heart currently. Tavia said was her fault for leaving him and not cherishing him. Tavia told Raymond he wasn’t wrong, they are just not fated to be together but she will always remember their good times together. Raymond told Tavia she is not only pretty but generous. Raymond meet with Li Qian. Li Qian told Raymond that she expected she will be heartbroken so he needs to be blunt. She won’t blame him. Raymond told Li Qian he didn’t say anything cause he know she’s going to be disapointed. Li Qian said she knew it. Raymond told Li Qian she always has been there for him everytime he’s in trouble but now she cannot anymore. He hopes she won’t feel upset. Li Qian said she understands and know who he loves the most. Raymond apologized to Li Qian that he hurt her. Li Qian asked Raymond to not say anymore. Li Qian leaned on Raymond’s shoulder and cried. Raymond asked Li Qian to promise him to live healthy life.


Raymond and Ron meetup with Tavia’s brother. Raymond and Ron drink the wine with Tavia’s brother. Tavia’s brother told them that the majesty give him the reign but in condition for him to kill the one who killed the princes. Raymond told Tavia’s brother a person who wants to accomplish a big task cannot be emotional. Tavia’s brother told Raymond and Ron that it won’t be easy to kill them but it is easy for them to kill him. Tavia’s brother gave the sword and asked them to kill him. Tavia rode the horse and saw Li Qian. Li Qian told Tavia she’s going back to her hometown. Tavia told Li Qian it is good for her to tell the news to her family. Li Qian said it is better to know the answer sooner instead of beating around the bush. Tavia said they will respect Raymond’s decision and still being friends. Tavia and Li Qian wish each other happiness with Raymond. Li Qian and Tavia went back and told each other what Raymond told them. Tavia said Raymond is in danger. Leila told Nancy that Ron is going to war. Raymond and Ron asked Tavia’s brother to kill them. Tavia and Li Qian and Leila and Ron hurriedly went to the war scene. Sok Ne said she successful revenge and only has revenge in her heart. Raymond and Ron died. Tavia and Li Qian went to Raymond; Leila and Nancy went to Ron; and they cried and hugged their lovers in the snow. Raymond asked Ron to let him go down and let him reincarnate. Raymond bids farewell to Ron and asked him to visit him in his grave and drink with him. Li Qian stared at Raymond holding her slippers and smiled. Raymond told Li Qian she he is naive and now she knows who he truly loves. She feels she is the happiest girl in this world. Li Qian told Raymond though he parted her, he will always be in her heart. Raymond wakes up and wiped Li Qian’s tears. Raymond held Li Qian’s hands. Li Qian hugged Raymond as he vanishes. Raymond told Li Qian she must live well after he leaves; she can chat with him under the stars if she misses him.


Tavia and her brother watch the fireworks celebrating their ten years of being on the reign, and thanking and thinking of Raymond. Ron and Leila watch the fireworks. Nancy sent Ron a basket of fruits with a letter. Nancy said though she didn’t win his heart but she hung out with him for awhile leaving her memories. Ron looked at the girl sending the letter and doubt if she is Nancy’s maid or daughter. Ron visits Raymond grave and said his sacrifice wasn’t futile and Tavia’s brother is a good emperor. Ron drinks with Raymond. Ron told Raymond he needs to leave some place in the stomach to eat with Li Qian. Raymond teased Ron when he can call Leila sister.


The End!


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