Limelight Years episode 14 recap

Miss Wah asked Linda if she think she is cold blooded and if she thinks she deserves this. She rather she is the one who’s in trouble instead of her son. Linda said that Marjorina said in his book that it’s either people owes her or she owes the people. There many debts that can’t be repaid. Miss Wah said his ex lover was Chow Shun Long. Jazz looked for an amateur which is the music teacher Shung Long. He composed the hit song which made her famous. One time a reporter took photos of Shung Long and her in the movie theather, her mom saw it and disapproved their relationship. Jazz composed a song and asked her to leave Shung Long or he’ll let someone else sing the song. She chose to follow her career but didn’t expect the reporters would create gossips about Shung Long. In order to protect Miss Wah’s image, they would write that Shung Long is a stalker. Linda frowned and asked Miss Wah that she didn’t apologized to Shung Long after ruining his reputation. Miss Wah told Linda she told her about her past so she can help her not judge her.

Miss Wah introduces Damien to the team as her photographer. Alex said it’s good to have a professional photographer since he is just an amateur. Damien said professional is not everything about photographer, he must also have integrity and not leak those photos. Alex suggests Miss Wah to let Jazz be the creative director. Alex said there will be a lot of excitement when Mr.Man returns since he is Miss Wah’s mentor and he’s known for classic songs. Linda told Miss Wah she can mend her relationship with Mr.Man and perhaps Vince may produce Tong Wing’s songs. Linda took photos of Tong Wing playing his cello. Damien watches Linda and asked what she’s doing. Damien talked to Miss Wah privately and said he suspects that Linda has been taking photos of Tong Wing secretly. Damien asked Miss Wah that Alex could ask Linda to be his spy. Damien told Miss Wah that Alex gave Linda the disk and and asked her to play it to Tong Wing. After he listened to the song, he was very agitated. Damien reminds Miss Wah to be careful since it wasn’t easy for her family to reunited. Linda took photos of Tong Wing while he’s playing the guitar. Miss Wah stared at Linda and asked her to take out the garbage and let her borrow her phone since her battery is low. Linda dialed Master Kai number and gave it to Miss Wah. While Linda is out for a moment, Miss Wah checks Linda’s phone. Miss Wah asked Linda to come downstair with her. Miss Wah showed the photo and asked Linda if Alex asked her to do this. Linda asked Miss Wah to fire her. Miss Wah told Linda she met many people but none as stupid as her. Alex used her many times and she could sue her. Linda asked Miss Wah if she thinks someone is stupid sacrificing for love. Miss Wah told Linda that love brings down others, and the person who she should love the most is herself. Linda said now she understands why she treated her uncle this way. Linda said because of Miss Wah, her uncle was called a stalker and got freaked out and couldn’t write songs and afraid to see people so he hid in the island. Linda said her uncle is dead now but he lived a life even worst than dead. Linda told Miss Wah her songs were touching and sweet and well loved by fans but her children don’t want to be with her. Linda said this is karma and god let her be her assistant. Perhaps Alex wanted her to work for him to expose her true nature and justice is served for her uncle. Miss Wah told Linda she will repay her but please don’t let Alex uses her anymore and make up stories about Tong Wing. Linda told Miss Wah Alex won’t make up stories but write a biography about her.


Alex and Buddy planned for a hotpot diner and saw Linda with her head covered down in front of their house. Alex took Linda out for diner and it’s raining. Alex held the umbrella for Linda. Linda stared at the smileys on the umbrella. Alex told Linda the world is crying but he doesn’t want her to cry. Linda asked Alex how did he know she wants to cry. Alex said he can’t predict the weather but he can see her mood. Alex told Linda he can’t change the weather but he hopes he can cheer her up. Alex bought sweet and sour chicken for Linda. Linda said she doesn’t have the appetite. Alex told Linda it’s not she doesn’t have the appetite but she doesn’t have the mood. Alex asked Linda if she wanted to ask him something. Linda told Alex that Miss Wah found out she secretly took photos of Tong Wing; she had a fight with her and won’t work for her anymore. Alex said the relationship can be fixed. Alex asked Linda why didn’t she tell Miss Wah she took photos of Tong Wing because she loved his music. Linda told Alex that Miss Wah also found out about Uncle Long’s disappearance and his two books. Alex pissed and asked what’s the point of apologizing now. Alex told Linda he will figure something out. Alex asked Linda to show the photos she took of Tong Wing. Linda said she shot a lot but why does he still want them. Linda said she feels so relieved after telling out to Miss Wah and she doesn’t need to hang out with the hypocrite. Linda got the mood to eat the sour chickens. Alex checked the photos and told Linda he has something urgent to do. Alex went home and wrote his novel and madly asked Buddy to see if Miss Wah or money is more attractive.

Linda’s mother told Linda she found a nice guy for her and forget about Alex since he works for Miss Wah. Linda told her mother that Alex doesn’t really work for Miss Wah. He’s just using Miss Wah to get ahead. Linda’s mother told Linda she’s afraid Alex is using her. Linda’s brother suggests Linda to have a baby with Alex so their mother can’t deny them. Linda asked her brother if she wants him to drop his phone. Linda’s brother asked Linda to ask Alex to convince her mother. While Alex is writing his novel, Linda asked Alex if he would like her to bring some take out food for him from a good restaurant. Alex yelled at Linda that he’s really busy and don’t have time for breakfast or lunch with her. Alex drank coffee at the coffee shop while typing his novel. Jori gave Alex another cup of coffee on the table. Alex paid for the coffee for Jori. Jori gave Alex a ride. Alex told Jori she is the only woman who can sit with him while he’s writing the manuscript. Jori told Ale that perhaps their love has fizzled. When he wrote the manuscript, she used to complain he’s always writing while he complained she wouldn’t give him some personal space. Jori told Alex maybe they don’t love each other anymore since they didn’t notice their bad habbits. Jori told Alex perhaps he needs another woman. Alex said before he finish writing his book, all the women has to wait.

Buddy and Linda saw Jori dropping Alex off. Linda asked Jori why are they together.Jori told Linda she doesn’t need to worry since Alex only treated her as a family. Linda said she doesn’t need to worry since she is only Alex’s friend. Alex held around Linda and told Jori he forgot to introduce Linda as his buddy number two. After Jori left, Linda stomped on Alex’s food “Buddy Number 2?”. Alex wiped off his foot and advised Buddy to never offend a woman cause she has so much free time to go to breakfast and will step on his toe. Buddy told Alex it would be better if she broke his leg so he couldn’t go anymore. Buddy told Alex that he is so cold to his girlfriend. Alex told Buddy that Linda is not his girlfriend she is delusional about love and he should help her. Buddy told Alex that Linda helped her so much. He doesn’t need to use her; he just need to make her happy. Alex said he didn’t say he wouldn’t be with Linda but before he gets famous. Buddy told Alex that today Linda said he would be waiting for him even if she gets old. Alex said he didn’t ask her to wait, she can leave anytime. Buddy threw his phone at Alex and said he’s hopeless and he’s not taking his side anymore.


Uncle George complimented the food during diner. Hugo told his father and Uncle George that Corina resigned. Damien puts his arm around Hugo. Damien told Hugo that Corina told him that she is pregnant. Hugo told Damien that he’s not going to marry Corina just because she’s pregnant. Hugo told Damien that he and Corina agreed that they would use contraceptives. Different scold now is different. Hugo said he doesn’t think his attitude will change. Damien told Hugo that he has a son now and will be a father. Hugo said he doesn’t want to be tied down by a family. Damien told Hugo if he doesn’t want to take responsibility then he shouldn’t have done it. Hugo told his father if he and mom didn’t do this then there wouldn’t be this sister. Hugo said they always try to forget about his sister’s death but they will still always remember her. Hugo said he will always remember telling her stories but a car accident took hear away from them. Reality is cruel and not a fairytale so he decided not to have kids. Hugo told Damien he is not strong like him he can’t suffer losing someone. Damien said there are gain and loss in life, shouldn’t they accept reality.

Damien look at his family photo album. Alex told Theresa he had a daughter but she died very young and he put her photos away. Hugo is careful but his sister’s death affect him. Now he doesn’t have the courage to build a family. He doesn’t approve but he understands the feeling of losing the person you loved the most. He wants his son to be happy but whenever they talk about his sister’s death, they are both sad. The cop told Miss Wah that Uncle Long went missing but there were no trace of him. Miss Wah tored the paper and said she knows she owes a lot of people but why she can’t make up for them. Miss Wah asked Damien to help him patch her relationship. Damien told Miss Wah that every kid knows that when they did something wrong, they must apologize. Damien and Miss Wah Watch Jazz play the piano. Miss Wah asked Jazz what can she do for him to forgive her. Jazz introduces Miss Wah to his music students. Miss Wah sings a song for the students. Jazz stopped playing the piano and told Miss Wah that her voice isn’t as good as before and she was so clumsy when she sung. Miss Wah told the students she hopes they will remember who taught them music from scratch. When they become successful, they must look back at their roots. Jazz told Miss Wah to let the past go. Miss Wah begged Jazz to persuade Nash to produce Tong Wing’s record. Damien told Miss Wah it is easy to offend people but hard to patch up. She needs to make some effort to mend relationships but now she understands.



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