Love Bond episode 16 recap

Kenix told Moses that he has an illusion of seeing his mother whenever he watch her eating the pineapple bun. He even bought the hairpin that his mother liked. Kenix told Moses they need to separate for a while. At the restaurant, Michael asked Moses if he ever thought why he likes Kenix. Michael told Moses he has to show Kenix he likes her. Kenix asked the chef several questions such as if he leave, would he tell others about the ingredients. Michael told Kenix that in Moses mind his his mother is his model so he took her as his mother. Michael said he can tell that Moses cares for her. Michael served the flower tea cakes for the customers. Kenix received a box of food and soup from Moses. Stephen told Kenix that the cake was so good that the customer bought five cakes. Kenix told Michael he plans to do different flavors of flower teas. Kenix went home and surprised seeing his father eating the flower tea cake. Bernie told Kenix that an elder woman bought the cake from Moses. Kenix returned one hundred twenty five dollars for Moses. Kenix yelled at Moses for letting her thinking that her cake business has profit. Moses told Kenix that he spent many hours searching for the box of food for her.


Michael told Moses he has to think of Kenix’s position and respect her hard work of running her tea business. Michael told Moses if he doesn’t get along with Kenix why doesn’t he break up. Michael told Moses if he wants to go on he needs to work harder to keep the relationship. Knowing each other isn’t easy. Moses thought of a way to cheer Kenix up by giving fifteen bouquet of roses with a picture of a heart carved on them. As Moses carved the heart he thought of when he cute out the heart on a paper for his mother. Moses said to himself that Kenix is not the same as his mother. Moses told Kenix that he bought fifteen roses for her since they have known each other for fifteen week. Kenix wiped the blood on Moses finger for him. As Moses is about to kiss Kenix, he let go. Moses sat on his bed thinking of Kenix’s action resembled his mother such as sewing his shirt and putting ice on his bruise. Moses told Michael he broke up with Kenix. When he kisses her, he saw her as his mother. Michael told Moses that Kenix needs a straight answer. Michael visits Kenix’s teahouse and apologized to Kenix. Kenix told Moses she thought she would be heartbroken after he dumped her but she didn’t have any feeling. Perhaps they both have never has feelings for each other.

Moses and Kenix told Kenix’s father that they have broken up. Fred talk to his friend on the phone about a restaurant with good salted fish. Bernice looked at the job searched and all the job he’s been searching are director posts which is way abotve his requirement. Kenix suggests Fred to work in her teahouse but Fred don’t want to use connection. Kenix asked the chef if he would be willing to hire her brother. Fred pour out some bird’s nest. Kenix sent boxes of flower teas for the chef to train Fred hoping Fred would be a chef someday. Fred at a piece of chicken and told Kenix that he quit his job, he doesn’t enjoy working in the hot kitchen for long hours. Kenix’s father told Kenix and Bernice he saw Fred sweating when arriving home. Fred slept for many hours which is why his face is so healthy looking right now. Kenix’s father told Kenix and Bernice that they don’t really need income at the moment so Fred can take his time looking for a job.


The ex landlord complained to Paul about his appartment management. Paul told the ex lanlord she must have bribed others so she thought he did the same. Paul angrily told the landlord he never bribed. Paul fainted. In the hospital, the landlord asked Paul to not be angry easily or he’ll be sick easily. Bernice asked the landlord to leave. The landlord’s son yelled at Bernice for calling his mother a creature. Kenix gave Michael a cup of flower tea to try. Michael forgot his phone in Kenix’s teahouse. Kenix went outside searching for Michael. Michael called Kenix in the public phone booth asking for the Mainland phone number. Kenix held Michael’s phone and smiled. Kenix gave an umbrella for Michael since the news said it may rain in China. Michael went in the bus. Kenix called Michael reminding him not to forget his stuff. Michael called Kenix if she wants to eat and waved goodbye to Kenix on the bus.


Thief of Honour episode 6 recap

Noel fell and asked Ekin how come he said he doesn’t know martial arts. Ekin said he really doesn’t know martial arts but she fell on the slippery floor. Noel warned Ekin that she won’t spare him if he uses dirty martial arts. The two mongols crated some kinda of potion in the cauldron. Noel went in the room pretends to lose the pin that the king’s uncle gave her and she asked them to search it for her. Noel took a sip of the potion and put in her shirt. Ekin celebrates his godsister’s first day of work. Noel went to the restaurant and pour wine on the cup and put the potion in and cheers with Ekin. Noel told Ekin after he drinks this wine, he will have to bow in front of her. Ekin threw up blood and fainted. Noel thought that the potion will cause Ekin to fall asleep for one day. Noel barged in the room and demanded the mongols to give out the medicine. The two mongols told Noel that the potion can’t be mixed with the wine or else the victim will be poisoned. Noel went to the restaurant and told the cashier that she gave Ekin the potion to drink just to make him listen to her order but she didn’t mean to hurt him. The doctor told Ekin some things can’t be buy with money. His fate is so pity. Noel feels guilty and helped the cashier’s niece and Ekin’s godsister making medicine. Ekin’s godsister yelled at Noel that if she wants to help Ekin, then stop disturbing Ekin.


Ekin knows he will die. Ekin asked his friend to give some money to his godparents. Ekin asked his godsister to be filial to her parents. Noel saw a mother mourning about her kid dying. The cashier said the potion was created by Emperor Temür Khan. He read many medical books but couldn’t find a treatment. The cashier told his niece there’s still a chance if they can take a pill from the palace. Noel stole a gingseng in her house and make a medicine and pour it on Ekin. Ekind’s godsister saw Noel and yelled at her. The cashier told Noel that only the pill from the palace can cure Ekin and there’s only three pills in this world. Noel told the cashier she will go to the palace and search for it. Noel came in the room and pointed a sword at the mongol and asked him where’s the pill. The mongol said the emperor gave his uncle the pill and he cherish it. Noel asked the mongol to give her the potion. Noel drank it and fainted and spill out blood. Noel told his father that now she believes that the potion can’t be mixed with the wine. The prince’s uncle killed the two mongol and showed the pill to Noel’s father. Noel fell asleep for one day. Noel walks and crawled to Ekin’s house. Ekin’s friend scold Noel. Noel asked Ekin’s friend to give her a bowl so she can make the medicine. Ekin wakes up and asked Noel to leave. Noel fainted. The cashier’s niece asked Ekin why does he wants Noel to leave, she spilled out lots of blood and make medicine to save him. Noel teased Ekin to bow in front of her three times to make her forgive him. The cashier told Noel that the method she used to save Ekin is risky. The cashier gave Noel a special bowl of cake from his restaurant. Noel’s father slapped Noel’s servant worrying about Noel. Noel went home. Noel’s guard told Noel that what she did was very risky, she shouldn’t try it next time.


Noel teased Ekin that he has a crush on the cashier’s niece. Noel helped Ekin picking out presents for the cashier’s niece. The fabric stall owner refuse to sell fabrics to Noel an Ekin. He spit at Noel. Noel confronted him. Noel drank at the restaurant and everyone left. Noel told Ekin that she never has friends and won’t play with her since her father collaborate with the mongolians. Ekin told Noel if she’s nice to others they will be good to her. Ekin gave Noel, the cashier’s niece handkerchief to wife her tears. Eugina’s father hands thicken after he fought with some mongols on the street. Eugina’s father told Felix he’s been searching for his grandson (Ekin) to repent his mistake but no avail. Dicky ate at the restaurant and Ekin’s godsister thanked him. Ekin left for a while and found that Ekin’s godsister is just a a normal girl. Ekin picked up the shoes for the cashier’s niece. Ekin’s godsister introduced Dicky to Ekin. Ekin gave the cashier’s niece a sac pendant. Dicky painted a picture of the cashier’s niece. Eugina’s father saw the painting and got mad at Ekin not focusing on his martial arts.


Thief of Honour episode 5 recap

This is the first time I’ve seen Noel acting a childish and spoiled character. Dicky Cheung and Noel Leung in one series which is awesome. Dicky Cheung and Noel Leung star in many Wuxia Series back in the 90s.

Noel happy that the guy that them men pulled up was a man. Noel’s men drink the wine. The servant told Ekin that Noel is a bratty princess and even more arrogant than the mongols. Noel told Dicky since he doesn’t like her pull his friend up, she will pushed him down. Noel pulled the rope, and Ekin and his friend fell. Ekin told Noel that everyone is scared of her but him. Noel paid Ekin ten thousand taels. Ekin return the bag of taels. It’s been three days Ekin and his friend haven’t found a job. A guy argued with his boss about low salary. Ekin is willing to take the job of picking up bag of rice. Ekin shows his strenght of picking up four bags of rice. Ekin’s friend put his bag of rice down and got exhausted for working hard. Ekin saw a pretty female passing by. Noel rode the horse abruptly and bumped into the female. Ekin stopped the horse and Noel fell. Noel madly went home. Ekin helped his friend picking up the bag of rice. Noel threw the bag of rice and told Ekin he dares to talk to her like this. Noel ordered Ekin to carry the bucket of rice. Noel mix different types of rice together. Noel asked Ekin to pick up the fresh grain of rice for her. Everyone watches Ekin sorting out the grain of rice. Noel said it’s late and she will go home to eat. Ekin pour back the grain of rice and showed Noel the fresh rice.


Ekin saw the female again. He followed her to the restaurant and returned the handkerchief to her. She thanked him and told his uncle who is the cashier that Ekin saved her. The cashier hired Ekin as his servant. Noel got mad when the boss told Noel he fired Ekin and his friend. Noel ordered his guards to find Ekin. Noel came to the restaurant and told Ekin that she closed down the rice stall. Noel asked Ekin to bow in front of her three times if he wants her to let go. Ekin told Noel that she was born in a wealthy family but she drive all the customers away. Some people only got a few chances to eat a nice meal. Noel ordered Ekin to eat the bowl of lettuce on the floor. Ekin picked up the lettuce and eat. Noel compensate money to the cashier. The cashier suggests Ekin to learn to cook and be a chef. Ekin carried the bucket and saw the boss working in the rice stall. Noel threw a rock toward Ekin’s bucket causing his water to drip down the hole. Ekin ignored Noel and carried the bucket of water. Noel threw a rock at Ekin’s leg. The cashier’s nice brought some medicine to Ekin. Ekin showed the cashier’s niece a shoes he sewed.


Ekin’s godsister brought a wine for her father. The wine stall owner told Ekin’s godsister that his father has engaged her to him. Ekin’s godmother showed Ekin’s godsister some fabrics that Ekin sent. Ekin’s godsister said she rather live in the town instead of farming in the village. Ekin’s godfather told Ekin’s godsister she will eventually will marry. Ekin’s godsister left a farewell letter. Noel stood in front of Ekin if he wants her to stop bothering him, he should bow in front of her three times. Noel tied the bucket of water. Ekin let go the bucket. Noel and his guards pushed the bowl of lettuce in the kitchen and tied up Ekin on the pole and threw water at him. Noel asked Ekin to bow in front of him three times. Noel ordered the guards to let Ekin being tied on the pole until sunset. The cashier’s niece wiped Ekin’s face. Noel’s father asked Noel not to go out tomorrow cause the king’s uncle invited her. Noel whined that everyone called her family a rebel cause they hang out with the mongols. The cashier suggests Ekin to learn some martial arts to defend himself but he has to promise him not to tell anyone he taught him. The king’s uncle gave Noel a pin. The king’s uncle asked Noel to watch the play with his wife or play chess with him. The king’s uncle’s wife warned him not to fall for Noel. Ekin’s sister don’t have the money to pay for the bowl of noodle. Dicky Cheung first appears and gave a bag of money and asked Ekin’s godsister if she has dropped it. Dicky watches his grandpa (Eugina’s father) performing martial arts. Dicky plays the role of Eking’s cousin. Ekin’s godsister visits Ekin at the restaurant. Noel went in the kitchen and forced Ekin to bow. Ekin punched her back.


Wuxia: Is it Dominated Male fans?

I stumbled accross this question when a male Wuxia fan told me that most Wuxia fans are males. He’s right. It seems that most Wuxia fans I discuss Wuxia Series with are males or usually males since they enjoy watching action dramas. I discuss about TVB modern action dramas and Wuxia with male fans while they are not really interested in romance comedies or family dramas. My cousin Michael enjoy watching Wuxia Series but not interested in Korean Romance Comedies. Some male tvb fans I discuss dramas with enjoy watching tvb series unless they have their favorite female actress or it is a wuxia Series. I’ve chatted with so many Wuxia fans who grew up watching the 80s and 90s Wuxia Series. Some are fans of Mainland Dramas also but some are not. Different Wuxia fans have different tastes on Wuxia. I’m a fan of Wuxia but I also watch modern dramas. You know there are Wuxia fans who only watch Mainland Dramas, some are only into TVB Dramas, some watches both Mainland and TVB.

I personally don’t want to make my blog a solo Korean, or a solo Wuxia blog cause I’m always in a mood to watch different types of dramas. Sometimes I’m in the mood for Wuxia, sometimes i’m in the mood for romance comedies, sometimes i’m in the mood for TVB Dramas. Nothing is guaranteed what dramas I will recap during which day. I’m fine with fantasy Wuxia as long as it doesn’t have abundant CGI. Yeah there are many Wuxia fans who have the same taste as I who are not into Wuxia with lots of CGI.

I grew up with the mid 90s Wuxia Series though sometimes I discuss about Wuxia with the fans from the 80s since they also like some of the 90s and also watch TVB. I don’t really watch the 80s though I know the plot is really good but I find the tech is bad. They understand, they said if they grew up in the 90s, they probably wouldn’t watch Legend of condor Heroes 83 though they suggest me 80s series but they understand the tech back then is lacking. They recommended me Revelation of Last Heroes and the Romance of White Hair Maiden 95. I’m currently watching and Recapping Thief of Honour 1992 at the moment and every scene is good though the tech is lacking the series is slow moving.

There are many types of group of Wuxia fans. There are many Wuxia Series being made but currently only Mainland is doing Wuxia. Some prefer watching and rewatching the good old Wuxia but others prefer watching the new RPG Wuxia Series which is the current trend of Wuxia.

For the RPG Series, my favorite series is Chinese Paladin 3. ❤ the ost and the casts and the chibi looking characters.

Limelight Years episode 20 recap

Fans messaged online hoping Linda will wake up. Miss Wah said fame really makes a person fall down. Miss Wah wish Linda will wake up to reunite with her lover Alex. Damien told Miss Wah he’s not sure if her concert will be fabulous so he has to stay behind hand watch it. In other words, he doesn’t want to die yet. He decided to do a surgery after going to her concert. Alex brought a wedding gowns which costs eighty thousand dollars, in front of Linda. Alex told Linda she’s ready for her dream wedding. The road may be windy and stormy but he will be there for her. Alex told Linda if it rains, let’s get wet together. During the wedding, the priest will ask her if he will marry him if he’s a prince or a pauper, or a rich guy or poor writer. Eating Japanese or Hamburger, she will always be with him. Alex cried and held Linda’s arm and asked her to wake up. Linda said “I do”. She wakes up and said “Thank You”. Buddy teared up. Alex kissed Linda. Linda ate hamburger in the hospital thinking of happy memories with Alex. Alex gave Linda pears shaped like chips. Alex and Linda wore glasses and a mask to hide from the reporters. Alex took Linda on the mall where most celebrities go, on their first date. Alex told Linda she is famous now and must get used to the celebrity life.

Paparazzi surrounded Linda and Alex. Alex greet them and walked with Linda to the bakery shop. The boss gave Alex and Linda free cakes. Alex thanked the boss and said he may order the wedding cakes here. Linda asked Alex if they are going to get married. Alex asked Linda if she wants to marry him sooner. Linda told Alex it feels kinda rush since he hasn’t give her flowers. Linda asked Alex if he will regret it. Alex told Linda he’s afraid she will regret while her mind is still fuzzy. Alex told Linda they can spend as much christmas and valentine together so she can enjoy the privilege of being his girlfriend. The TV producer called, Linda turned off her phone. She feels embarrass if she tells the producer about she went to the hotel to catch Brother Tang cheating. Alex told Linda he will go with her making a wonderful story about Wonder Lady. Alex and Linda appears in the show in front of the TV. The host interviews how did he saved the five girls from the lunatic. The host showed a video of the scene Alex told Linda about the priest asking them in the wedding. Alex said though Linda agrees to marry him, he doesn’t want to force her just for her words. Whether she will marry him, it’s up for her to decide. He just wants her to know he’s ready. Linda told Alex though he didn’t have a diamond or romantic proposal, she will marry him because he is her dream man. Crowd cheers. She is willing to say a thousand times “I do”. Alex kisses Linda. Linda touched the wedding dress and wonder if Alex’s tears is on it. Miss Wah take pictures of Linda. Miss Wah told Linda she is now well known on TV with Alex.


Miss Wah asked Linda if she is sure she didn’t agree to marry Alex out of impulse. Miss Wah told Linda that she’s afraid she will become a drama queen though this is actually her life happiness. Linda said she wanted to find a man who loves her romantically. Miss Wah told Linda she knows Alex’s character. Marriage isn’t like a romance novel. Alex showed Linda pictures of the chapel that Mr.Lai sponsors for their wedding. Mr.Lai suggests Damien to form a band with him and sing during Linda’s wedding. Miss Wah agrees and would like to see how Damien’s singing is. Miss Wah and Alex listens to Jazz’s melody. Miss Wah let Alex to write the music for her since he’s writing her autobiography and been through ups and down before he becomes famous. Mr.Lai told George he couldn’t believe that Damien would spend time with Miss Wah over them. George told Mr.Lai that Damien wouldn’t admit he’s Miss Wah super fan. Mr.Lai told Damien he won’t go back to Taiwan until the concert is over and he successfully done his surgery. Mr.Lai and George persuade Damien to sing with them on stage. George turned on the audio and there’s loud beep. Damien got a headache and fainted.


In the hospital, Hugo said Damien’s tumor is getting worse and needs a surgery immediately. Miss Wah told Damien, if he wants her to sing, she can sing to him anytime. Damien said if there’s something wrong, he can’t shoot fireflies anymore. Miss Wah left for Taiwan. Damien told Theresa there’s another reason he doesn’t want to get a surgery, he’s afraid he won’t able to see her. Damien told Theressa she doesn’t need to worry about him anymore since he has friends who will be there for him when he’s in trouble. Miss Wah took pictures of fireflies in Taiwan.

Buddy wrote a farewell letter to Alex for returning home to work for his father. Buddy read Alex’s wedding script that Linda must wear this wedding gown to the wedding. Linda asked Alex if there’s no trust in a relationship, can the couple still go on. Alex ate and brought some hamburgers to buddy. Buddy frowned and said he doesn’t have the appetite to eat and he wanted to puke reading his script. Buddy told Alex the script he wrote for his wedding seems too fake and calculated. Buddy told Alex he asked him to sent him the wedding gown to show Linda not because he wanted her to wake up but because it is part of his script. He even arranged for the reporters to be there. He knew Linda would wake up so he put on a show. Alex recalled the doctor told him that Linda just took the medicine and fell tired and just asleep and he can tell this good news to Linda’s family. Alex called Buddy to bring Linda’s wedding gown. The reporters came when Buddy gave Alex the wedding gown. The reporters took photos of Alex and Linda. Alex told Buddy that he set up the scene but he truly loves Linda. Buddy asked Alex where’s is his dignity. He is still a prince without putting on this show. Alex said if he didn’t hype this show, people would forget him less than a week. Buddy told Alex he only cares about getting fame but what about Linda. Alex said he’s doing this for Linda, if he doesn’t get fame, he can’t date Linda. Buddy asked Alex what would Linda think if she found out that the wedding was just a wedding script for marketing. Alex said he wrote the script sincerely, and it doesn’t matter if Linda never finds out. Buddy told Alex that Linda is his future wife and she needs to know about this. Alex said it’s better for Linda not to know it. Alex asked Buddy not to tell her this if he cares about her and he asked him if he wants Linda to cry and have a failed wedding. Buddy packed his stuff and said he doesn’t want to see Linda leaned on his shoulder and cry. Alex asked Buddy if he’s jealous because he’s famous. Alex asked Buddy if he’s jealous that Linda is being with him. Buddy gave Alex his blessing Linda and left the house.


Thief of Honour episode 4 recap

Canti fell in the house and asked Eugina to let him see his son for the last time. Canti asked Eugina to remember to teach his son martial arts or he’ll end up like him and teach him how to read. Canti held the knife which Law Lok Lam gave him, he said he is satisfied dying having a wife and a son. Canti passed out. Eugina cried and asked Canti to not leave her. Eugina gave the seal and knife to her servant and asked her to keep it and hand it to her son. Eugina hand her son to her servant. Eugina asked her servant not to name her son under her family’s name. Eugina said he caused Canti to live alone in the heaven, she has to join him. Eugina pushed her knife toward her stomach and died. Eugina’s father asked Felix if he remembered how his mother die, he can’t forgive Eugina. Felix dressed in the black suit and found Eugina’s grave. Eugina’s father visited Eugina’s grave and blamed himself.

Twenty Years later, Ekin grows up as Canti’s son. The mongolian whipped Ekin and his friend using a rope for blocking their way. Ekin’s friend carried a fat man across the river and fell. While Ekin pick up the medicine, Ekin’s friend sneakingly eating bun and got punched on the back by Ekin’s godsister. Eugina’s servant’s husband got drunk and fell on the roof. Eugina’s servant cried. Ekin gave his godmother some money. Eugina’s servant told Ekin that he’s well grown up so she doesn’t have to feel shame. The mongol demanded a poor family to pay his taxes. Ekin prevented the mongol from hitting the kid. Eugina’s servant asked Ekin to apologize to the mongol. The mongol punched and kicked Ekin and said if he can beat him, he won’t demand taxes from the family. Ekin angrily punched the tree.


Ekin told his friend if he knows martial art, he will chop those Mongol to pieces. Ekin’s friend requested Ekin to invite him to eat for his birthday. Ekin and his family eat salted fish and drink tea for Ekin’s birthday. Ekin’s friend asked his godparents to let Ekin work in the town but they refused. Ekin’s godfather grumpily told Eugina’s srvant that Ekin’s parents got killed in that town. Ekin’s godsister asked Ekin’s godparents why don’t they let Ekin work for money in town instead of working hard in the village. Eugina’s servant told Ekin that she and his godfather is not happy today because it is the day when her friend passed away. Eugina’s servant asked Ekin if he really wants to go to town. It’s not a bad thing for him to explore. Eugina’s servant asked Ekin to not work for the rich family. Ekin’s godfather told Eugina’s servant if he didn’t work in a rich family in town, he wouldn’t be crippled as of now. Eugina’s servant said there is a slim chance that Ekin will have enough power to revenge for his parents. She just hope he will leave healthy and peacefully with his future wife and children. Ekin’s godfather asked Eugina’s servant what does it contains in the box, and how come Law Lok Lam haven’t picked up since twenty years. Ekin’s godparents greets Ekin to the shore. Ekin’s godfather reminds Ekin that the people in town isn’t as gentle as the people in the village, he needs to take care.

The mongol requested to have a duel with Felix. The mogolian captain punched Felix. Eugina’s father punched the mongolian captain. Felix asked his father he can request to not have a duel with the monglols. Ekin and his friends hang out in town. Ekin and his friend saw a rich man coming out of the brothel unsatified with his service. A commoner told Ekin and his friend that the rich man works for the mongol. Ekin’s friend took Ekin to an expensive restaurant. Ekin whispered to his friend that they don’t have enough money. Ekin told the boss that he ate the food but didn’t know the price of the food. The boss demanded Ekin and his friend to pay the bill. Ekin and his friend stared at the chicken and duck. Ekin’s friend got pulled up the restaurant and saw Noel.


Hey Arnold! Arnold’s Valentine

What’s so special about this episode? Arnold realized that his crush Ruth isn’t what his first impression of her was like. Arnold has a crush on Ruth at first sight an impressed at her nice personality without ever talking to her before. Well, sometimes what we see isn’t what we know about the person.

-Arnold goes two timing when Helga impersonated his French pen pal Cecile and set up a date with him on the day of his Valentine’s date with Ruth.

-Arnold is known as the perfect and righteous guy giving advices to his peers but this is one of the few times he listens to Gerald’s advices and is breaking the rules being a two timer despite he once played Hookey.

-Helga tries to sent a Valentine Card to Arnold but keep on scratching her love letters not feeling the writing makes sense. This is one of the few times Helga is having the courage to almost tell Arnold she likes him. It’s hard to invite your crush without being manipulative or too cheesy. It was a coincidence Helga sat next to Cecile on the plane.

-Helga spent some money to do her hair, learning French and eating diner at an expensive French Restaurant.

-This is one of the rare times Helga do the makeover except for the episode Helga’s Makeover.

-Helga invited Arnold to a diner date in Chez Paris which is also the same French Restaurant she invited in Diner for Four.

-Arnold sent Ruth a Valentine Card for a diner date but Helga took the advantage and invited Arnold to Chez Paris. Gerald thought of an idea of having Arnold inviting Ruth to the restaurant next to Chez Paris since he has two dates on the same night.

-Arnold dressed in a nice black tuxedo making Ruth mistaken him as a waiter. Ruth thought Anonymous was a person’s name.

-Arnold gets bored when Ruth talks about her hair while the waiter complimented her hair.

-Arnold likes Helga’s personality when he sees the gentle side of her as Cecile. Perhaps if Helga do her hair and acted gentle, Arnold could fall for her.

-Arnold notices Cecile’s accent is so American when Helga impersonated her.

-Arnold orders a hamburger in Chez Paris which means he doesn’t know much about French Food. This is an elegant French Restaurant unlike a fast food place.

-Arnold mentioned about Helga stood out to him (which means he notices her) when Helga asked him if there’s a classmate that he likes.

-Gerald covered up for Arnold impersonating Arnold and invite Cecile for a hamburger on the next block.

-Arnold kisses Helga on her hands just like French greeting goodbyes. This is the first time Arnold kisses Helga unlike where Helga schemed to get that kiss like in the episode School Play.

Love Bond episode 15 recap

I’m back recapping Love Bond. Been taking a break recapping this drama due to focusing on recapping other dramas. But now finally got the time to continue recapping this drama. 🙂

Kenix sighed that the tickets ran out. A guy told Kenix and Michael that his girlfriend was busy so he’s selling his movie tickets to them. Michael stared at Kenix dreamily talk about the main female character. In the market, Michael looked at the magazine and saw some housewives gossipped that an actor stole his brother’s girlfriend. Michael gave a ride for Kenix. Kenix asked Michael to taste her flower teas. Stephen delivered cakes for Kenix. Michael suggests Kenix to create a cake with the flavor of the flower tea so the customers can eat cakes and drink teas. The ex landlord wrote a complain to Paul to fix the flat. Bernice’s boyfriend turn around when he saw a woman resembled his mother. Bernice’s boyfriend told Bernice that his mother, the ex landlord is still mad at her father. Bernice went to Kenix’s teahouse and sighed to Kenix about her boyfriend. Kenix and Bernice saw a magazine of Fred at the arcade. Kenix questioned her brother about the magazine. Kenix asked Fred to find a job since he dropped out of school. Fred left the house. Bernice asked her father to lock the door to warn Fred. At three in the morning, Paul to Kenix that Fred haven’t returned home. Paul is anxious that something might happen to Fred. Kenix and Paul went to Michael’s house and asked them if Fred has visited them.


Kenix and Michael searched for Fred. Michael took Kenix to the arcade and saw an ambulance. Kenix anxious and hoped that Fred will be fine. Fred looked at the patient and feels relieved it isn’t Fred. Fred called Oscar. Oscar told Fred that his father scold his two sister. Fred told Oscar he has a plan to finding a place to hide and acting pity so his father won’t force him to work. Fred asked Oscar what kind of life is funner than play. Paul fell. Bernice and Kenix saw Fred sneaking out of the house. Michael asked Fred how many times did he take the exam. Michael told Fred his tone tells him that he will fail again, it will be better for him to find work. Michael told Fred if he wait one year to find work, there will be more graduates and it will be harder to find a job. Fred told his sisters they are just forcing him. Paul pretends to faint. Paul support Fred in finding work. Fred complained the working in a grocery store, the salary is low. Paul told Fred to worry about his future, he can’t take care of him forever. Fred told his sister he’s working hard for his father. Michael asked Kenix and Bernice to support Fred working.

Mose came back form his business to Kenix’s teahouse. Mose gave Kenix a hairpin which Kenix found ugly. June whined to Edmond he didn’t get the purse for him. Mose showed the hairpin to Natalie. Natalie told Mose that the hairpin is so old fashioned. Paul looked at the hairpin and said it was a special hairpin from the seventies. Michael told Kenix that he found a chef who can bake the flower tea cake for him and can reduce the price for her. Moses interpret German for the chef. Kenix yawned and wants to go to sleep. Michael told Moses that Kenix is worried about her teashop. Moses asked Kenix if anything happened while he’s gone. Michael and Kenix tasted the cake. Michael and Kenix bake the cake all night but couldn’t make it taste the same. Moses slept. Michael persists to bake the cake again and he told Kenix that baking a good cake takes time. Moses stared at Kenix uses the force to smash the pineapple bun. Kenix stared at Moses and grabbed the bun and ate. Moses asked Kenix why didn’t she continue using the fork. Michael took out the cake and asked Moses to taste it. Michael successfully made the flower tea cake. Moses asked Kenix to taste the cake. Kenix asked Moses how did he baked the cake. Kenix asked Moses about the timing of the cake but Moses mumbled. Kenix asked Moses why did he lied.Moses told Kenix he just wanted to cheer her up. Moses asked Kenix why is she always grumpy. Kenix told Moses there’s something wrong in their relationship, they have a third party.



TVB Couples with big age gap

Older Men Younger Women about 15-30 years age gap

Elliot Yue and Ada Choi In Gem of Life

Damian Lau and Tavia Yeung in Silver Spoon Sterling Shackles

Kenny Wong and Sisley Choi in Speed of Life


Bobby Au Yeung and Myolie Wu in House of Harmony and Vengeance

Chin Siu Ho and Tavia Yeung in Wudang Rules


Ekin Cheng and Linda Chung in Always Ready

Mose Chan and Oceana Zhu in Romantic Repertoire

Older Women and Younger Men about 10 years age gap

Bosco Wong and Amy Kwok in To Love with No Regrets


Raymond Lam and Melissa Ng in Le Femme Desperado

Thief of Honour episode 3 recap

Canti told Eugina that someday she’ll take her in town to fake being a ghost to scare her family for fun.,Eugina told Canti she rather not telling her family she’s alive so they won’t be the center of gossips. Canti apologized to Eugine for not buying a gift for her but instead he bought a chicken for Law Lok Lam. Canti gave Eugina a wooden pin and asked her to not be upset. Eugina asked Canti to put the pin for her. Law Lok Lam stared at the badge of general. Law Lok Lam told Canti and Eugina that the mongols are searching for him. Law Lok Lam told Canti and Eugina he trust them to let him stay in this house. Canti suggests Law Lok Lam to go out to explore the world with his ability. Law Lok Lam accepts Canti has his brother. Law Lok Lam gave Canti and Eugina an arrow badge as a token for their weding. Eugina asked Canti she hopes he will make a wooden bed. Eugina rubbed her belly and Canti is thrilled she is pregnant. Canti brought some nutritions. Law Lok Lam injured his arm and returned to the woods and met Canti. Law Lok Lam said he got hurt by the soldiers of Mongolians. Law Lok Lam hand out his seal to Canti. The assassins chased Law Lok Lam and demanded him to hand out the seal. Law Lok Lam fought with the assassins. Canti told Eugina he would like their kids to model Law Lok Lam as a hero. The assassins surrounded Law Lok Lam by the hill. Law Lok Lam grabbed an assassin and told him if he wants the seal he should go to hell with him. Law Lok Lam grabbed the assassin and jumped down the hill. The guard told the prime minister that Law Lok Lam jumped on the hill with the seal.


The doctor checked the pulse for Eugina’s mother and said she suffered from anxiety and won’t survive for long. Eugina saw her servant praying for her by the stream. Eugina’s servant told Eugina that her mother is very ill and about to pass away. Eugina stood in front of her house but her servant prevented her from going in the house. Eugina’s servant asked the servants to leave. Eugina bowed in front of her mother at the funeral and cried with Canti. Eugina cried and persists to see her mother for the last time. Felix and her family and friends came. Eugina’s father confronted Eugina of faking death and coming back. Canti bowed in front of Eugina’s father as his father in law. Eugina’s father slapped Eugina and asked her to leave and said her mother won’t have an unfilial daughter like her. Eugina’s father break the sword and told Eugina they will go on their separate ways from now on. Eugina’s fiance father and told his son that Eugina married a woodcutter. Eugina and Canti throws white papers for her mother. Canti bowed and hoped Eugina’s mother will be fine. Eugina gave birth. Canti knocked on the neighbors door in the rain and begged the nannies to help his wife giving birth but they closed the door and refused to help. Canti knocked on the door and a maid opened. Eugina’s servant saw Canti and came and helped Eugina. Eugina’s fiance drinks. His friend told Eugina’s fiance that Eugina is already pregnant. Eugina gave birth to a son. Eugina’s fiance burnt the house and punched Canti. Eugina and her servant carried Canti out to another house. Canti asked Eugina how come someone wants to burn their house. Eugina assumes that it was Law Lok Lam’s enemy. Eugina’s servant begged Eugina’s father to save Eugina.Eugina’s father said he is a proper man and wouldn’t accept an immoral daughter. Eugina’s servant told Eugina’s father though he doesn’t accept Eugina but he must love his grandson. Eugina’s father asked his daughter to leave. Canti fell. Eugina told her father even if she die, she won’t die in front of his family. Eugina’s father asked the servant to lock Eugina’s servant in the warehouse. Eugina’s servant cried and told Eugina’s father he is so righteous on the outside but he only cares about his face. He forced her to be a nun and she at her end and he droves her away. Eugina’s servant told Eugina’s father he isn’t worthy of being Eugin’s father. Eugina’s servant told Eugina’s father he never helped his daughter. Eugina’s servant left and refused to call Eugina’s father as his master.