Legend of Master Chai episode 18 recap

Timmy is about to be beheaded in the execution scene. Timmy arrives with the badge order from Empress Dowager to spare Timmy. At the court, Joey said everyone deserves a chance to pray and be a good person. Joey asked everyone in the court if they never made a mistake. Joey said now that Timmy has become ill and has amnesia, there’s no need of killing him. He deserves a chance to repent his mistake. Joey said he already negotiated with the empress dowager, he will take all the blame for Timmy’s missteps. An explosion occur from the heaven. Joey went up the heaven to check. Noel followed Joey. Joey’s godfriend gave Joey a lucky charm. In the restaurant, Cherie invited Timmy to eat dog meat. Timmy threw up and laid down the floor. Cherie showed a bowl of dog meat to Timmy and call everybody to look at her feeding him. Joey and Noel shouted for explosion. Timmy saved Cherie and got injured. Timmy wakes up and asked Joey what past mistakes did he made which makes everyone despite him so much. Joey told Timmy that they used to play tricks against each other but he learned this lesson that they have to live with a clear conscience. Noel asked Joey to be careful of Timmy. Cherie dip the bowl of medicine for Timmy.

Noel’s father gives money to the charity for the victim whom died in the flood, to have a chance to get promoted. Timmy piggyback Cherie’s mother. Cherie’s mother played trick on Timmy saying she forgot to bring money. Cherie’s mother saw Timmy piggyback and elder man and doubted if Timmy has turned good. Joey said forgiveness is important. The bodyguard gave Cherie his wedding invitation. Joey invited Noel to eat and they chatted about their happy times during when they used to be in a relationship. Timmy and Cherie’s mother found a bucket of gold and letter from Cherie’s brother he is doing business successfully.


Cherie asked the fortune teller about her love. The fortune teller said she will stay single and also has an unfortunate incident coming up. Cherie peeked at the men passing by her by the corner. A man bumped a cart on Cherie and she fell on Timmy and kissed him on the cheek. Timmy asked Cherie if she’s hungry. He bought two buns and gave her one. Joey asked his father to give some money to charity to help the victim dying in the flood. A letter fell. Timmy read that there’s an explosion in this house. Timmy and his father search all over the room. An explosion occur in the garden and Timmy took the fall. Timmy’s hand got injured. Joey’s father gave Timmy a bottle of medicine to give to Timmy. Joey advised his father to enjoy his time planting flowers for his mother. Noel believes the person who set up the bomb must be very familiar with the house location. A letter fell down; Timmy read that the next location the explosion will occur is in the temple. Noel’s father and Noel assumed that Timmy set up the bomb but Joey denied.


An intruder with a black suit and sneaked in Cherie’s house. Cherie washed her feet and threw the water out of the bowl on Timmy. Cherie took off the mask and saw Timmy. Timmy told Cherie a secret. An intruder with a black suit went to the temple and fought with Noel. The elder monk got anxious about the bomb. Noel and Joey went in Timmy’s room. Timmy wakes up. Noel asked Timmy he can go back to sleep. Noel told Timmy this case will be solved tomorrow in the temple. Timmy gave his stuff to Timmy to give to the charity. Cherie’s brother and his members guard the temple. Noel said the suspects threw the bomb in a strange way. Noel threw Timmy’s stuff and said the bomb is in it. Noel covered her ears but surprised that no explosion has occur but instead it was a Buddhist sculpture. Cherie asked the people at the temple since they are righteous why wouldn’t they give Timmy a chance. Noel said she hurt the left hand of an intruder in the black suit last night. Cherie showed Timmy’s left arm an Noel was surprised he didn’t get injured. Johnny said the intruder last night who attacked her was him since the monk wanted to sell the buddhist statue which belong to his mother. He wanted to get it back. The eldder monk said everyone deserves a chance to repent their mistakes.


Cherie’s brother and the bandits fought with the guards and stole the chest of gold at the court. Cherie’s brother and the bandits opened the chest but found the golds turned into smelly dog poop. Cherie’s brother got the disease and acted like a monkey.



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