Why do I love asian dramas so much?

I’m a person who loves adventures either going on an adventure in real life, reading adventure books, or watching TV, I like stories that have adventures in it.

I was born in Canada in the downtown of Montreal, and I used to go out a lot, there were lots of subway,buses, and great food. but as I move to US, I felt lonely. I couldn’t get used to Texas. I remember when I was in school, I didn’t like going to school especially middle school. The schoolwork was alright for me but what I didn’t like was having bullies in the classroom. Asian dramas particular Wuxia Series was my escape from reality. Without it, I don’t think I could ever survive.

Wuxia can have some bad aspect about the fairytale romance everlastic love isn’t real. Couples don’t only love one person or stick with one person eternally. Wuxia can also have a good side that it’s a world that we want to live in where we want to perform those martial arts and dress in those costumes and go on an adventure.

I grew up with Wuxia and TVB Series. My all time favorite Wuxia Series is Demi God and Semi Devil 1996 where Benny Chan as the prince of Dali using his multicolored laser to fight. If you like modern fantasy dramas, I would recommend Romance Beyond and A Good Match From Heaven. Romance Beyond is about a princess whom got out from a computer game created by Frankie Lam. A Good Match from Heaven is about Jessica Hsuan the cupid who matchmake people in the earth.

I used to dislike modern dramas and enjoy ancient series but now I enjoy watching all genre since TVB is better with modern than ancient series nowadays.


5 thoughts on “Why do I love asian dramas so much?

  1. Cool I’ll check out The Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils 1996 (天龍八部). I actually haven’t seen any of Felix Wong’s dramas. Hope it’s good! I’m watching Love Is Beautiful 2002 (無頭東宮) atm! Have you watched that yet?

    • Yes, I’ve watched Love is Beautiful. I love the theme song by Stephanie Che. My favorite character was Marianne Chan. Demi God and Semi Devil 96 is my all time favorite Wuxia Series but I’ll think you’ll like State of Divinity 96 better because of the action.

      • yeah, the themesong for Love Is Beautiful is great! i like listening to it every episode. I think I’ll watch The Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils for Benny Chan & I’ll watch State of Divinity for the action :p Thanks!

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