Yan Hua San Yue/Misty Love in the Palace episode 9 recap

It’s like when some of the TVB Wuxia friends told me, they enjoy watching Wuxia but watching other genre is cool to. I enjoy recapping different genre of dramas from action, fantasy, romance, historical, wuxia depending on my mood. Each genre has its own gem. This is a pretty good historical drama about the history of Emperor Kangxi and the flute poet Rong Rue. This series is slow paced but sometimes I’m in the mood for a calm and slow moving series.

Empress Dowager sent an order for Ao Bai and the magistrates to pray at the temple for seven days. Kangxi invited Ao Bai to come in his hall. Kangxi told Ao Bai he is surprised not seeing him confident. Kangxi gave Ao Bai a box gifted in a golden fabric on the behalf of empress dowager. Ao Bai opened the present and it is a stack of manuels. The magistrates count eighteen manuels which is the same number of magistrates in the room with Ao Bai. Rong Rue and Kong Si Zhen got sent out of town. Ao Bai asked the magistrate what does he has to say to him, he will spare him. The magistrate trembles and said he has nothing to say to him.

Rong Rue told Si Zhen after he finish his mission getting rid of Ao Bai, he will run away with her. Shen Wan ran in the rain preserving the flowers. Ao Bai and the magistrate saw the guards lining up.


Kangxi arrived in front of Ao Bai with the guards in the grave. Kangxi told Ao Bai he has broken the rule many times and he should be a good role model for the people. Ao Bai told Kangxi he killed many people but never got arrested he asked him if he’s a strong person. Kangxi asked Ao Bai if he feels ashamed killing a big previous general. Ao Bai and the guards surrounded Kangxi. Ao Bai took out a knife and about to stab Kangxi. Ao Bai fought with Rong Rue. Si Zhen and Mingzhu arrived with the guards.The magistrate brought manuels from the empress dowager and asked Ao Bai to think carefully what he’s doing. Ao Bai asked Mingzhu what is a rebel. Ao Bai told Kangxi the innocent Han people he killed can’t compared with the number of people he killed. Kangxi told Ao Bai it isn’t a shame he is in this situation. Before he leaves, Ao Bai warned Mingzhu that what happened to him today will happen to him tomorrow. Si Zhen asked Rong Rue if he will take Ao Bai’s post. Rong Rue said once he has that position, he will marry her. Rong Rue hugged Si Zhen and said she is free. Rong Rue saw Si Zhen’s foot crippled and asked her why she lied to him. Si Zhen asked Rong Rue to go home. Si Zhen walked further in the grass, and Rong Rue called her name.

Mingzhu told Rong Rue he refused to marry Shen Wan many times but now her father is in the prison, he wanted to save her. Rong Rue told his father it is a shame if they couldn’t save Shen Wan. Mingzhu told Rong Rue if they let Shen Wan stay in their home, the majesty may despite them. Ao Bai has hurt the majesty many times. Rong Rue asked Mingzhu what did he do before he came here. Rong Rue told his father he would feel guilty if he used their family’s name to keep their generation. Mingzhu showed Rong Rue a written contract he wrote before Ao Bai and he fight. Mingzhu told Rong Rue he never thought of using him in exchange of his family’s name. Mingzhu gave Rong Rue the contract and said he will ask Kangxi to release Shen Wan.

Empress Dowager told Kangxi that Ao Bai did many merits. Kangxi told empress dowager he will spare Ao Bai and he we won’t have enough power to rebel. Empress Dowager said she couldn’t sleep last night being anxious about him. Empress Dowager said she’s old and she would like him to work hard. Mingzhu gave Kangxi the list of rebels. The majesty’s guard told Rong Rue he is greedy. Rong Rue said the result always turn out to be backward. Rong Rue said let go with the flow and forget about the result. Si Zhen sit on the swing and thanked the majesty. Kangxi asked Si Zhen not to be harsh on herself and cry and make a wish. Kangxi promised Si Zhen he will work hard to let she unite with Rong Rue. Si Zhen cried and said she doesn’t want to break Rong Rue and Yu Chan. Kangxi asked Rong Rue to be his bodyguard.



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