Different genre of Ancient Chinese Series

Wuxia is a sub genre in Ancient Chinese Series.

Wuxia: Has some martial art, action and romance. A great example of Wuxia Series is Legend of Dagger Li/Xiao Lei Fei Dao where there are mostly action packed theme. Sword of the Outlaw and Against the blade of Honour are also another great example. Twin of Brothers and A Step of the Past are also considered Wuxia Series though they also have history and adventure elements. Ru Lai Shen Zhang and Treasure Venture are also a Wuxia Series though it has adventures in it.

Adventure Comedy: Perfect Couple is a great example to describe the comedic ancient genre. Game of Deceit, Legendary Four Aces, and Lady Sour are other examples.

Fantasy: Chinese Mythology elements which consists of the ninetailed fox, Chang’e. Journey to the West, God of Honour, Madame White Snake, and Karma Rider are great examples. Face to Fate and Lady Fan are also fantasy series though they don’t have mythology in it, but they have tons of CGI.

RPG Series: Series based on video games and time traveling. Chinese Paladin 3 and Legend of Ancient Sword are great examples.

Historical: Talk about the history of the emperors and court cases, concubines scheming and war politics. Justice Bao, War and Beauty, Lan Ling Wang, and Bu Bu Jing Xing are great examples.


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