Sword of the Outlaw episode 21 recap

The magistrate told his servant he has some worries. The servants packed their stuff and left the magistrate’s house. The eunuch gave an order for the sect leader’s member to kill the master. The member told the eunuch they will begin searching for the master in his warehouse where he always discuss important matters with his sect. The eunuch scared the elder sect leader in the warehouse. The sect leader’s member plans to kill some sect leader in master’s warehouse to warn him.

Zhuiyun and Xiao Qian sneaks in the bodyguard’s house. Zhuiyun stared at the painting and found it similar to the master’s fan. Zhuiyun and Li Qian stared at the eunuch flirting with the ladies in the brothel. Zhuiyun plans to take a look at the materials that the eunuch possessed. Xiao Qian hurriedly grabbed the flag. Zhuiyun read the word on the flag and said it is a safeguard’s flag. Xiao Qian and Zhuiyun laid down on the grass and stared at the stars. Xiao Qian plead the stall owner to sell the pearl bracelet for her. Xiao Qian left since the bid was too high. She turned back to buy it again but someone already bought the bracelet. Zhuiyun asked Xiao Qian where did she go. Xiao Qian said she went to the bathroom. Zhuiyun asked Xiao Qian if she found something in the bathroom. Xiao Qian said if she found something in the toilet, she would throw it away. Zhuiyun held the bracelet and twirl it around. Xiao Qian happily grabbed the bracelet and said it is stinky. Xiao Qian went to the stall and bid with the owner for the charm. A lady bought the charm and called Xiao Qian poor acting like she’s rich. The lady said if Xiao Qian dressed up, she would look like a ghost. Xiao Qian tied up the lady and her servant and put them in the cauldron.


While walking in the woods, Zhuiyun asked Xiao Qian if she was playing tricks since she acted a bit fishy. The bodyguard waited for Xiao Qian and said she’s under arrest for being related t two warehouse’s murder cases. The bodyguard said there’s a witness that saw her kidnapping the lady and the servant. The lady cried and asked Xiao Qian why is she so evil killing her whole family. The lady whined and said she shouldn’t have fight with Xiao Qian for that bracelet. Zhuiyun told the bodyguard he believes it was just a coincidence that Xiao Qian was there. The bodyguard said the killer is very evil for killing the granny and the children. The bodyguard said the house was closed tightly and checked carefully. The bodyguard and Zhuiyun believes that the killer’s target is the master. The bodyguard locked Xiao Qian for a few days. Zhuiyun told Xiao Qian she can leave if she wants. Zhuiyun yelled at Xiao Qian for causing so much troubles just for one little thing. Zhuiyun told Xiao Qian it was her male friend who bailed her. Xiao Qian told Zhuiyun she will change. Zhuiyun asked Xiao Qian when did she start putting on make up. Zhuiyun told Xiao Qian he will buy whatever accessories she would like. Zhuiyun asked Xiao Qian if she would steal if she doesn’t have money. Zhuiyun told Xiao Qian they can find money with their ability and martial arts.


Zhuiyun went to the warehouse but it was closed. Zhuiyun knocked on the door and claimed that he is a memeber of the sect. An owner asked Zhuiyun several questions but he couldn’t answer, so he asked him to leave. The sect leader in the warehouse recognize Zhuiyun. Zhuiyun told the sect leader he was worried someone is framing him so he came to check out. A member eavesdrop at the sect leader and Zhuiyun. The sect leader shouted and fought with Zhuiyun. The sect leader threw a piece at Zhuiyun. Zhuiyun tucked it in his belt and asked Xiao Qian to leave. Zhuiyun went to the brothel and claimed he wold like to work there. Zhuiyun gave a letter to the prostitute to give it to the master.

The master walked close to the eunuch and asked him who ordered him to kill who. The eunuch made a deal with the master to spare his life in exchange for him to tell who is behind this scheme. The eunuch said the sect leader is behind this. The sect leader told the eunuch to tell the sect leader if he continues to go against him, he won’t be nice. The eunuch asked Xiao Qian to side with him since Zhuiyun is only using her.



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