Sword of the Outlaw episode 22 recap

Sword of the Outlaw has 2 famous Hollywood Chinese actor and actress Chen Kun and Li Bing Bing which is pretty awesome.

The eunuch asked Xiao Qian how would she explain to her master for not obeying his order of turning Zhuiyun into evil. Zhuiyun is about to walk toward Xiao Qian. The eunuch jumped in swamp. The bodyguard told Xiao Qian and Zhuiyun he discovered that the elder sect leader in the black suit isn’t injured from the outside but has five holes in his heart. Zhuiyun recalled Fengyi’s father told him that there’s a strange martial art in the manuel which doesn’t require a sword but can kill people using five fingers and leaving five holes in the heart. Zhuiyun told the bodyguard perhaps the elder sect leader knows the secret about the feud between the past two sects. The bodyguard told Zhuiyun that the flower lady would like to meet him. The flower lady told Zhuiyun that she isn’t related to the case of the elder sect leader. Zhuiyun asked the flower lady why did she invited him. The flower lady told Zhuiyun he invited her. Zhuiyun asked the flower lady why did she saved him multiple times. The flower lady asked Zhuiyun if he would like to know who killed his sect. The flower lady told Zhuiyun his father has been framed but she can’t tell him right now who framed him. The flower told Zhuiyun if he would like to know the answer, he should rescue her from this dungeon before it’s too late. Zhuiyun told the flower lady he can’t save her now under the guard of the bodygaurd but he will find a way to save her later. Xiao Qian threw powder at the bodgyguard. Xiao Qian and Zhuiyun saved the flower lady. The flower lady unlocked another prisoner. The flower lady took the prisoner to the master. The master called the prisoner his father. The flower lady told Zhuiyun that his father may not remember things since he’s been imprisoned for so long. Zhuiyun asked the master if he is using him to save his father. Zhuiyun asked the master if he set up the bodyguard to kidnap the flower lady. The master told Zhuiyun he owes him a favor, he will pay him. The master gave Zhuiyun one hundred thousand gold. The flower lady told Zhuiyun she doesn’t know a thing about his sect feud. The master promised Zhuiyun his father will tell him about the feud about his sect once he regain his memory. Xiao Qian told the master that only a crazy person would believe in his tale. The master’s father called Zhuiyun’s sect name. Zhuiyun asked the master why did he used to to deny he was related to his sect. The master asked Zhuiyun if he remember he asked him if he has a big enemy. The master said the enemy of his family is the emperor. The master said his ancestor is a righteous magistrate. His ancestor’s dream was to conquer the reign and help the people. The magistrate is playful and neglect his people. Zhuiyun said he doesn’t want to interfere with politics and just want to live a peaceful life. Zhuiyun said overthrowing the emperor will cause many innocent people to die. Even if there’s one good emperor, what can he do. The change of emperors won’t affect the people. The master told Zhuiyun he believes he will change his mind someday. The flowerlady told the master that Zhuiyun’s answer was pretty straightfoward and she doesn’t believe he will change his mind. Xiao Qian whined to Zhuiyun he didn’t accept the gold from the master.


The bodyguard asked Zhuiyun where are the prisoners. Zhuiyun told the bodyguard the prisoners are gone, he promised him after he complete his mission he will surrender. The bodyguard told Zhuiyun he won’t let him make anymore mistake. He asked him to come with him to the court. Xiao Qian told the bodyguard, “What a joke, he is not your wife, why must he return with you?”. The bodyguard fought with Zhuiyun. Zhuiyun pointed a sword toward the bodyguard. Xiao Qian took the stab for Zhuiyun. A female assassin rescued the bodyguard. The female assassin told the bodyguard she should have took him to the magistrate for treason The female assassin told the bodyguard they should keep spying on the sect leader. The female assassin asked the bodyguard to take the chance and frame Zhuiyun. Xiao Qian told Zhuiyun she wants to die in his arm. Zhuiyun told Xiao Qian to wait he will bring the best doctor to cure her. Zhuiyun took out his father’s jade and asked Xiao Qian to hold it. He said it means a lot to him. Zhuiyun met Fengyi’s nanny. Fengyi’s nanny asked Zhuiyun if he saw news of Fengyi. Zhuiyun told Fengyi’s nanny he has to save Xiao Qian first then search for Fengyi. Fengyi’s nanny asked Zhuiyun what did he and Xiao Qian do. Fengyi’s nanny knocked Zhuiyun down. Xiao Qian ache and held on to Zhuiyun’s jade. Fengyi’s nanny put Zhuiyun on the canoe. Fengyi told Zhuiyun she would have killed him if it wasn’t for Fengyi. Zhuiyun told Fengyi’s nanny if he doesn’t save Xiao Qian, she will die.


An elder stared at the magistrate’s daughter painting and said it reminds him of a poem. The master’s daughter’s canoe bumped into a female’s fishing canoe. The female sneaked in the master’s daughter’s house and demanded the servant to repay for her canoe. The servant pushed the female on the pole and she fainted. The owner of the warehouse’s family got assassinated in the warehouse.The maid showed the magistrate’s daughter a jade pendant she found on the female’s body. The magistrate’s daughter assumed that she is Zhuiyun’s little sister. The magistrate’s servant got injured and confessed that the sect leader ordered him to kill the owner of the warehouse.



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