Sword of the Outlaw episode 23 recap

The magistrate asked his servant why did he kill the servants. The servants said that they wouldn ‘t listen to his order. The magistrate asked the servant’s father if he thinks the servant lied that the person behind it is the sect leader. He believes that his son won’t lie before he dies. The magistrate told his servant to not let his daughter hang out or she’ll feel upset seeing the sect leader.

The lady dressed up and asked the magistrate and his daughter how would he repay for her canoe. The lady thought of staying in the magistrate’s house for a while since he is rich. She told him she would like to eat. The lady said her mother is very elegant but too bad her father got framed and killed so she was raised in the village. The master’s daughter asked her if she has any brother or sister. The lady showed the magistrate’s daughter and the magistrate her jade with her name on it. The magistrate’s father asked the lady to keep her jade meticulously. The magistrate’s daughter told the lady that her brother has been searching for her for a long time. The magistrate’s daughter bought a jade for the lady as a gift. She was surprised that a maid bought it for a cheaper price. The maid said she is poor, the store owner gave her a discount while the magistrates’ daughter is rich so she paid full price. The maid gave the magistrate’s daughter the lion pillow on behalf of the lady. The maid told the magistrate’s daugther that since she told the lady about her brother, they can tell she fell for Zhuiyun. The magistrate’s daughter saw a flyer of Zhuiyun and fainted. The magistrate’s daughter returned home and asked her father if he was planning to hide her that Zhuiyun is being arrested. The magistrate’s daughter beg his father to save Zhuiyun. The magistrate’s daughter told her father she doesn’t believe he doesn’t have a way to rescue him, she asked him if he’s afraid he might get in trouble.

The lady stole some of pretty jade sculptures and pack her bag and told the master’s daughter she is leaving since she doesn’t want her family to be affected by her brother’s crime. The master’s daughter said she also plans to leave with her. The magistate’s servant visit the lady’s parents. The parents cried and said their daughter has died. The lady’s twin brother came and said she knew her sister wouldn’t die so easily. The mother told the magistrate’s servant she is the lady’s biological mother. Her husband used to ask her to leave the lady since she was a girl when she gave birth. The lady was raised in this poor family. The magistrate’s daughter sent her father a farewell letter that she left with the lady to search for Zhuiyun. The lady advised the magistrate’s daughter to leave some silver and took the canoe. The lady told the magistrate’s daughter now she is in the real world. People use martial arts to survive, since them ladies don’t know martial art, they have to run away. The magistrate’s daughter asked the lady to teach her some words to use to defend herself.


Fengyi’s nanny feeds Zhuiyun. Zhuiyun asked Fengyi’s nanny if she wants an innocent girl to die. Zhuiyun said she’s been lonely for ten years in the case causing her to turn crazy. He asked her if he knows why Fengyi’s father left er, it’s because she doesn’t care about people’s life. Why did she prevented him to save Xiao Qian. Xiao Qian is almost dying. Fengyi’s nanny got mad and remove Zhuiyun’s martial arts and left. Fengyi’s nanny came to the sect leader’s house and demanded the members to ask the sect leader to come out. Fengyi’s nanny said the sect leader is doing shady things kidnapping Fengyi. Fengyi’s nanny give them one day to ask the sect leader to meet her.

Zhuiyun went to the house searching for Xiao Qian. He picked up the jade. A man came in and told Zhuiyun that there used to be ghosts in the house, the magistrate ordered the people to burn the cottage. The man said the ghost girl has been burnt and burried in the mountain. Zhuiyun ran to the mountain and saw the monk. Zhuiyun bowed in front of Xiao Qian’s tomb. Zhuiyun told the monk he doesn’t know who killed Xiao Qian, but he can confirm a powerful martial artists did it. Zhuiyun said his martial art has been faded by Fengyi’s nanny. Zhuiyun asked the monk a favor to go with him to the house to rescue Fengyi’s nanny. The lady took the master’s daughter to an unknown plain. The lady said she wants to go away for a while. The master’s daughter sat on the canoe and looked around the plain and though it will be a good place for her father to relax when retiring. The master’s daughter found out that the lady left with her baggages. The lady pushed away the drawing of Zhuiyun and dig through the master’s daughter’s bag and sighed that there’s only a few silvers. The lady walked and stepped on the hands of a dead guard, and she screamed. The master’s daughter found the lady and search for her bag. They eavesdrop some members saying Fengyi is so pretty. The master’s daughter plans to save Fengyi. The lady told the master’s daughter they will go on seperate path, she will go search for Zhuiyun while the master’s daughter save Fengyi.

Fengyi asked the member if he knows what martial art the sect leader is practicing. Fengyi said to practice that martial art the sect leader has to suck energy from one person everytime he practices. Fengyi said her father is supposed to be good friends with their sect leader if not because of the manuel. Fengyi said tomorrow is the forty ninth day, the sect leader will and suck her energy and their energy and form a new sect with her father. Fengyi asked the members since her father doesn’t care about her, would he even care for minions like them. Fengyi said the sect leader wants to kill his friend cause he knows that his friend will eventually kill him to be the leader of the sect. The members told the sect leader’s friend what Fengyi said. Fengyi took the chance and untied herself and escaped. Fengyi peeked at the sect leader practicing his martial art. Fengyi left but got caught by the sect leader. Fengyi told the sect leader he should be scared because tomorrow will be the day he will excel his martial art. If he uses his martial art now, he will turn crazy. Fengyi said if she distracts him, his martial art will decrease halfway. Fengyi suggests the sect leader to kill his friend or he is just his slave. The sect leader’s friend pushed Fengyi down the cliff.



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