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Motive of Wuxia Disguises


There are many ways that Wuxia Heroes and Heroines disguise to hide their identity. Ever wonder why Wuxia characters put on their veils or masks?

-Wuxia Heroes wear a mask to hide his identity. There are usually characters in Wuxia where they will wear a black suit covering their face with a mask sitting on the roof eavesdropping on the bad guys or fighting with them to rescue their friends. Good example is Shadow in Twin of Brothers 2004 and Yuen Kuo in Return of Condor Heroes 95.

-Beautiful ladies wear a veil either to hide their scar or to not reveal their mysterious beauty. There will usually be beautiful ladies dancing or playing the harp behind the blind in a brothel while having men bidding for her. They can also have birthmarks to enhance their beauty. Good example is Zhi Yan in The Four after she got poisoned, she puts on the veil and bid farewell to Heartless. Szee Fei Hyun wears a veil and only let Zhi Ling sees her face once under his request in Twin of Brothers.

-Wuxia males or female characters put on dirt on heir face to make their face look darker when they are wanted criminals, to hide from the guards. They may wear a hat with a veil on it, a mustache, or moles pretending to be a hunchback or an elder to leave the gate.

-Wuxia heroines disguise into a male by putting hair up to protect themselves. A good example is Mang Lai-kwan in Eternal Happiness.

Don’t forget there will always be Wuxia characters impersonating guards or scholars by dressing up as them.

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