Thief of Honour episode 1 recap

Been craving for some old Wuxia Series and now found one. I am not in the mood of watching new dramas so decided to pick up some old series.xd.

This series starts with the Empress of Dowager about to lose the land during the war. A magistrate suggests Empress Dowager to surrender. Empress Dowager decided to continue going to war. A general stole the seal. A magistrate advised Empress Dowager to create a fake seal. A Mongolian captain ordered the hans to get out of his way. Empress Dowager gave the Mongolian prime minister the seal. A magistrate told the prime minister that the seal he is holding is fake. The magistrate told the prime minister he would like to follow him. The prime minister killed the magistrate. The prime minister scold the Empress Dowager for giving him the fake seal. The Empress Dowager told the prime minister that if the emperor knows that he is holding the fake seal, he will also be in trouble. The prime minister asked the Empress Dowager to find the general who stole the seal.

Felix Lok stopped a cargo from hitting a kid. Eugina and her fiance intimately teased each other about sewing butterflies in the embroidery. The commoners gave gifts to Felix’s father. A servant beg his Eugina’s servant to not let Eugina to take her with her after she gets marry to the master. Eugina happily told her servant she will bring her along when she gets married. Eugina told her servant she was just joking, she knows she would be mad if she take her along. Eugina gave her servant a jade a wish her happy with her servant.

While on the way to the wedding, Law Lok Lam, a bandit killed the servants and threw some knifes. Eugina got wounded. A passerby holding the woods and checked up on Eugina in the sedan chair and find out she’s been poisoned badly Eugina’s fiance punched the passerby. The fiance’s father asked him to leave and let Eugina’s family take care of her. Eugina’s family arrived and brought her home. Law Lok Lam injured went in Canti’s place. Canti treated Law Lok Lam. Eugina’s father told Eugina that the knives is similar to which the Mongolians used. Law Lok Lam forced Canti to stab him on his knee so the poison will get out. Eugina’s father came and asked her fiance’s father when their children will get married. Her fiance’s father said they wouldn’t go against godswill. The fiance’s father that thought Eugina hasn’t been raped, but she’s been assassinated and lost her aura.


Eugina cried and wished she died. Eugina’s fiance meet Eugina. Eugina’s servant suggests them to run away. Eugina’s father gave Eugina her mother’s bracelet and asked her to take care. Eugina’s fiance begged his father to allow him and Eugina to get married. The fiance’s father said he won’t accept him as his son if he marries Eugina. Eugina’s fiance told his father that Eugina wanted to run away with him, but he misses him so he visit him. Eugina’s father said he if he dares to leave with Eugina, dont’ he dare to return home. Eugina and her servant wait for her fiance all night to come but no avail. Eugina’s father came and told his daughter her fate is so poor. Law Lok Lam gave Canti some silvers and left. Some assassins attacked Law Lok Lam. Law Lok Lam killed them all and fainted. Canti found the knife similar to the knife found on Eugina. Canti saved Law Lok Lam and said his conflicts with the assassins is his own business but why hurting the innocent such as Eugina. Canti said the knife he uses is very poisonous. Eugina hugged her mother and cried and said she disappointed her. Felix and his father watches Eugina’s matter dipping food for Eugina. Felix madly call Eugina’s fiance a jerk.




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