Thief of Honour episode 2 recap

Eugina’s fiance told Felix that Eugina won’t get used living in poverty with him. Felix told Eugina’s fiance taht he only wants to have the fortune of his family. Felix fought with Eugina’s fiance. Felix stabbed Eungina’s fiance to warn him. Eugina’s father argued with Eugina’s fiance’s father. Eugina’s fiance’s father said Eugina has been touched by other males and no one would want to marry her. Eugina’s father fought with Eugina’s fiance’s father and stabbed him. Eugina’s father told Eugina’s fiance’s father that even if no one marry his daughter, he won’t let her marry a jerk like his son. Eugina’s mother suggest her husband to arranged marriage for Eugina with a foreigner. Eugina’s father advised to let Eugina be a nun. Eugina’s father told Eugina that this is for her own good to save her face. Eugina beg her parents to let her stay. Eugina’s servant plead Eugina’s parents to let her leave with Eugina to serve her. Eugina bowed farewell for her parents. Eugina’s mother asked Eugina to take care. Eugina’s mother gave Eugina a bag of money before she leaves the temple. Eugina hugged her mother. Eugina cut herself while cooking vegetables and got scold by other nuns. Eugina’s servant saw Eugina. Eugina asked her servant not to tell her mother what happened. While washing the clothes, two men passed by and gossipped about her being raped. People gossipped about her being raped by three men. If they were her they rather die. Eugina got mad and jumped in the stream. Canti jumped in the stream and rescued Eugina. Law Lok Lam transferred his energy to Eugina. Eugina woke up and told Canti that he caused he to be the center of rumors. Eugina asked Canti and Law Lok Lam about their intention of hurting her last time. Law Lok Lam confessed to Eugina that he injured her but Canti has saved her and saved him.


Eugina’s family searched for Eugina in the stream. The nun told Eugina’s father she will create a bed for Eugina to live comfortable in the stream. Canti came to Eugina’s family house but got drove away. Eugina told Canti she wants to die. Her father won’t accept her anymore. Eugina cried. Canti cooked for Eugina. Law Lok Lam told Canti he met many good guys but only he is able to put himself down for others. Canti bought woods in the rain and got a cold. Law Lok Lam asked Eugina to go with Canti selling the woods. Law Lok told Eugina that Canti risked his life but sucking the poison to save her. Doesn’t matter what others gossip about, but she is so cold to her. If anything happens to Canti, who will cook for him? Eugina held a lamp and searched for Canti in the woods. Eugina found Canti lying down freezing and she picked him up. At the funeral, Eugina’s servant accused the nuns of causing Eugina to suicide. The servant asked Eugina’s servant to leave with him to the country farm. The servant said he has saved enough money to bail her. While counting his tales, the servant dropped some money in his master’s room and got locked. The servant eavesdropped his master teaching his son martial arts. Eugina’s fiancee punched the servant’s leg. Eugina cooked for Canti and Law Lok Lam. Canti gave Eugina a new dress which he bought. Eugina gave Canti a new pair of shoes she sewed for him. Law Lok Lam told Canti that it is alright for him to court Eugina. Eugina’s sevant dip in medicine for the servant. The servant gave Eugina some taels and asked her to bail herself and marry someone else. The servant cried and said he’s crippled and won’t have a future. Eugina’s servant refused to leave.

While on the way to sell the woods, Canti dropped his new shoes, and went down to pick them up. Canti yelled at Law Lok Lam to picked him up. Law Lok Lam asked Eugina to stay silent. Law Lok Lam told Canti that it is just a normal shoe. Law Lok Lam asked Canti to admit he likes Eugina so he can save him. Canti said he has a crush on Eugina but don’t want to have high hopes being with her. Law Lok Lam told Eugina if he saves Canti, and she won’t accept him he will be heartbroken. Eugina told Law Lok Lam that she never said she doesn’t love Canti. Law Lok Lam laughed and said this is fate. Canti and Eugina marry each other and thanked Law Lok Lam. Law Lok Lam drinks the wine for them.



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