Thief of Honour episode 3 recap

Canti told Eugina that someday she’ll take her in town to fake being a ghost to scare her family for fun.,Eugina told Canti she rather not telling her family she’s alive so they won’t be the center of gossips. Canti apologized to Eugine for not buying a gift for her but instead he bought a chicken for Law Lok Lam. Canti gave Eugina a wooden pin and asked her to not be upset. Eugina asked Canti to put the pin for her. Law Lok Lam stared at the badge of general. Law Lok Lam told Canti and Eugina that the mongols are searching for him. Law Lok Lam told Canti and Eugina he trust them to let him stay in this house. Canti suggests Law Lok Lam to go out to explore the world with his ability. Law Lok Lam accepts Canti has his brother. Law Lok Lam gave Canti and Eugina an arrow badge as a token for their weding. Eugina asked Canti she hopes he will make a wooden bed. Eugina rubbed her belly and Canti is thrilled she is pregnant. Canti brought some nutritions. Law Lok Lam injured his arm and returned to the woods and met Canti. Law Lok Lam said he got hurt by the soldiers of Mongolians. Law Lok Lam hand out his seal to Canti. The assassins chased Law Lok Lam and demanded him to hand out the seal. Law Lok Lam fought with the assassins. Canti told Eugina he would like their kids to model Law Lok Lam as a hero. The assassins surrounded Law Lok Lam by the hill. Law Lok Lam grabbed an assassin and told him if he wants the seal he should go to hell with him. Law Lok Lam grabbed the assassin and jumped down the hill. The guard told the prime minister that Law Lok Lam jumped on the hill with the seal.


The doctor checked the pulse for Eugina’s mother and said she suffered from anxiety and won’t survive for long. Eugina saw her servant praying for her by the stream. Eugina’s servant told Eugina that her mother is very ill and about to pass away. Eugina stood in front of her house but her servant prevented her from going in the house. Eugina’s servant asked the servants to leave. Eugina bowed in front of her mother at the funeral and cried with Canti. Eugina cried and persists to see her mother for the last time. Felix and her family and friends came. Eugina’s father confronted Eugina of faking death and coming back. Canti bowed in front of Eugina’s father as his father in law. Eugina’s father slapped Eugina and asked her to leave and said her mother won’t have an unfilial daughter like her. Eugina’s father break the sword and told Eugina they will go on their separate ways from now on. Eugina’s fiance father and told his son that Eugina married a woodcutter. Eugina and Canti throws white papers for her mother. Canti bowed and hoped Eugina’s mother will be fine. Eugina gave birth. Canti knocked on the neighbors door in the rain and begged the nannies to help his wife giving birth but they closed the door and refused to help. Canti knocked on the door and a maid opened. Eugina’s servant saw Canti and came and helped Eugina. Eugina’s fiance drinks. His friend told Eugina’s fiance that Eugina is already pregnant. Eugina gave birth to a son. Eugina’s fiance burnt the house and punched Canti. Eugina and her servant carried Canti out to another house. Canti asked Eugina how come someone wants to burn their house. Eugina assumes that it was Law Lok Lam’s enemy. Eugina’s servant begged Eugina’s father to save Eugina.Eugina’s father said he is a proper man and wouldn’t accept an immoral daughter. Eugina’s servant told Eugina’s father though he doesn’t accept Eugina but he must love his grandson. Eugina’s father asked his daughter to leave. Canti fell. Eugina told her father even if she die, she won’t die in front of his family. Eugina’s father asked the servant to lock Eugina’s servant in the warehouse. Eugina’s servant cried and told Eugina’s father he is so righteous on the outside but he only cares about his face. He forced her to be a nun and she at her end and he droves her away. Eugina’s servant told Eugina’s father he isn’t worthy of being Eugin’s father. Eugina’s servant told Eugina’s father he never helped his daughter. Eugina’s servant left and refused to call Eugina’s father as his master.




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