Love Bond episode 15 recap

I’m back recapping Love Bond. Been taking a break recapping this drama due to focusing on recapping other dramas. But now finally got the time to continue recapping this drama. 🙂

Kenix sighed that the tickets ran out. A guy told Kenix and Michael that his girlfriend was busy so he’s selling his movie tickets to them. Michael stared at Kenix dreamily talk about the main female character. In the market, Michael looked at the magazine and saw some housewives gossipped that an actor stole his brother’s girlfriend. Michael gave a ride for Kenix. Kenix asked Michael to taste her flower teas. Stephen delivered cakes for Kenix. Michael suggests Kenix to create a cake with the flavor of the flower tea so the customers can eat cakes and drink teas. The ex landlord wrote a complain to Paul to fix the flat. Bernice’s boyfriend turn around when he saw a woman resembled his mother. Bernice’s boyfriend told Bernice that his mother, the ex landlord is still mad at her father. Bernice went to Kenix’s teahouse and sighed to Kenix about her boyfriend. Kenix and Bernice saw a magazine of Fred at the arcade. Kenix questioned her brother about the magazine. Kenix asked Fred to find a job since he dropped out of school. Fred left the house. Bernice asked her father to lock the door to warn Fred. At three in the morning, Paul to Kenix that Fred haven’t returned home. Paul is anxious that something might happen to Fred. Kenix and Paul went to Michael’s house and asked them if Fred has visited them.


Kenix and Michael searched for Fred. Michael took Kenix to the arcade and saw an ambulance. Kenix anxious and hoped that Fred will be fine. Fred looked at the patient and feels relieved it isn’t Fred. Fred called Oscar. Oscar told Fred that his father scold his two sister. Fred told Oscar he has a plan to finding a place to hide and acting pity so his father won’t force him to work. Fred asked Oscar what kind of life is funner than play. Paul fell. Bernice and Kenix saw Fred sneaking out of the house. Michael asked Fred how many times did he take the exam. Michael told Fred his tone tells him that he will fail again, it will be better for him to find work. Michael told Fred if he wait one year to find work, there will be more graduates and it will be harder to find a job. Fred told his sisters they are just forcing him. Paul pretends to faint. Paul support Fred in finding work. Fred complained the working in a grocery store, the salary is low. Paul told Fred to worry about his future, he can’t take care of him forever. Fred told his sister he’s working hard for his father. Michael asked Kenix and Bernice to support Fred working.

Mose came back form his business to Kenix’s teahouse. Mose gave Kenix a hairpin which Kenix found ugly. June whined to Edmond he didn’t get the purse for him. Mose showed the hairpin to Natalie. Natalie told Mose that the hairpin is so old fashioned. Paul looked at the hairpin and said it was a special hairpin from the seventies. Michael told Kenix that he found a chef who can bake the flower tea cake for him and can reduce the price for her. Moses interpret German for the chef. Kenix yawned and wants to go to sleep. Michael told Moses that Kenix is worried about her teashop. Moses asked Kenix if anything happened while he’s gone. Michael and Kenix tasted the cake. Michael and Kenix bake the cake all night but couldn’t make it taste the same. Moses slept. Michael persists to bake the cake again and he told Kenix that baking a good cake takes time. Moses stared at Kenix uses the force to smash the pineapple bun. Kenix stared at Moses and grabbed the bun and ate. Moses asked Kenix why didn’t she continue using the fork. Michael took out the cake and asked Moses to taste it. Michael successfully made the flower tea cake. Moses asked Kenix to taste the cake. Kenix asked Moses how did he baked the cake. Kenix asked Moses about the timing of the cake but Moses mumbled. Kenix asked Moses why did he lied.Moses told Kenix he just wanted to cheer her up. Moses asked Kenix why is she always grumpy. Kenix told Moses there’s something wrong in their relationship, they have a third party.




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