HK-Korean Drama Expression

Hey Arnold! Arnold’s Valentine

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What’s so special about this episode? Arnold realized that his crush Ruth isn’t what his first impression of her was like. Arnold has a crush on Ruth at first sight an impressed at her nice personality without ever talking to her before. Well, sometimes what we see isn’t what we know about the person.

-Arnold goes two timing when Helga impersonated his French pen pal Cecile and set up a date with him on the day of his Valentine’s date with Ruth.

-Arnold is known as the perfect and righteous guy giving advices to his peers but this is one of the few times he listens to Gerald’s advices and is breaking the rules being a two timer despite he once played Hookey.

-Helga tries to sent a Valentine Card to Arnold but keep on scratching her love letters not feeling the writing makes sense. This is one of the few times Helga is having the courage to almost tell Arnold she likes him. It’s hard to invite your crush without being manipulative or too cheesy. It was a coincidence Helga sat next to Cecile on the plane.

-Helga spent some money to do her hair, learning French and eating diner at an expensive French Restaurant.

-This is one of the rare times Helga do the makeover except for the episode Helga’s Makeover.

-Helga invited Arnold to a diner date in Chez Paris which is also the same French Restaurant she invited in Diner for Four.

-Arnold sent Ruth a Valentine Card for a diner date but Helga took the advantage and invited Arnold to Chez Paris. Gerald thought of an idea of having Arnold inviting Ruth to the restaurant next to Chez Paris since he has two dates on the same night.

-Arnold dressed in a nice black tuxedo making Ruth mistaken him as a waiter. Ruth thought Anonymous was a person’s name.

-Arnold gets bored when Ruth talks about her hair while the waiter complimented her hair.

-Arnold likes Helga’s personality when he sees the gentle side of her as Cecile. Perhaps if Helga do her hair and acted gentle, Arnold could fall for her.

-Arnold notices Cecile’s accent is so American when Helga impersonated her.

-Arnold orders a hamburger in Chez Paris which means he doesn’t know much about French Food. This is an elegant French Restaurant unlike a fast food place.

-Arnold mentioned about Helga stood out to him (which means he notices her) when Helga asked him if there’s a classmate that he likes.

-Gerald covered up for Arnold impersonating Arnold and invite Cecile for a hamburger on the next block.

-Arnold kisses Helga on her hands just like French greeting goodbyes. This is the first time Arnold kisses Helga unlike where Helga schemed to get that kiss like in the episode School Play.

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