Limelight Years episode 20 recap

Fans messaged online hoping Linda will wake up. Miss Wah said fame really makes a person fall down. Miss Wah wish Linda will wake up to reunite with her lover Alex. Damien told Miss Wah he’s not sure if her concert will be fabulous so he has to stay behind hand watch it. In other words, he doesn’t want to die yet. He decided to do a surgery after going to her concert. Alex brought a wedding gowns which costs eighty thousand dollars, in front of Linda. Alex told Linda she’s ready for her dream wedding. The road may be windy and stormy but he will be there for her. Alex told Linda if it rains, let’s get wet together. During the wedding, the priest will ask her if he will marry him if he’s a prince or a pauper, or a rich guy or poor writer. Eating Japanese or Hamburger, she will always be with him. Alex cried and held Linda’s arm and asked her to wake up. Linda said “I do”. She wakes up and said “Thank You”. Buddy teared up. Alex kissed Linda. Linda ate hamburger in the hospital thinking of happy memories with Alex. Alex gave Linda pears shaped like chips. Alex and Linda wore glasses and a mask to hide from the reporters. Alex took Linda on the mall where most celebrities go, on their first date. Alex told Linda she is famous now and must get used to the celebrity life.

Paparazzi surrounded Linda and Alex. Alex greet them and walked with Linda to the bakery shop. The boss gave Alex and Linda free cakes. Alex thanked the boss and said he may order the wedding cakes here. Linda asked Alex if they are going to get married. Alex asked Linda if she wants to marry him sooner. Linda told Alex it feels kinda rush since he hasn’t give her flowers. Linda asked Alex if he will regret it. Alex told Linda he’s afraid she will regret while her mind is still fuzzy. Alex told Linda they can spend as much christmas and valentine together so she can enjoy the privilege of being his girlfriend. The TV producer called, Linda turned off her phone. She feels embarrass if she tells the producer about she went to the hotel to catch Brother Tang cheating. Alex told Linda he will go with her making a wonderful story about Wonder Lady. Alex and Linda appears in the show in front of the TV. The host interviews how did he saved the five girls from the lunatic. The host showed a video of the scene Alex told Linda about the priest asking them in the wedding. Alex said though Linda agrees to marry him, he doesn’t want to force her just for her words. Whether she will marry him, it’s up for her to decide. He just wants her to know he’s ready. Linda told Alex though he didn’t have a diamond or romantic proposal, she will marry him because he is her dream man. Crowd cheers. She is willing to say a thousand times “I do”. Alex kisses Linda. Linda touched the wedding dress and wonder if Alex’s tears is on it. Miss Wah take pictures of Linda. Miss Wah told Linda she is now well known on TV with Alex.


Miss Wah asked Linda if she is sure she didn’t agree to marry Alex out of impulse. Miss Wah told Linda that she’s afraid she will become a drama queen though this is actually her life happiness. Linda said she wanted to find a man who loves her romantically. Miss Wah told Linda she knows Alex’s character. Marriage isn’t like a romance novel. Alex showed Linda pictures of the chapel that Mr.Lai sponsors for their wedding. Mr.Lai suggests Damien to form a band with him and sing during Linda’s wedding. Miss Wah agrees and would like to see how Damien’s singing is. Miss Wah and Alex listens to Jazz’s melody. Miss Wah let Alex to write the music for her since he’s writing her autobiography and been through ups and down before he becomes famous. Mr.Lai told George he couldn’t believe that Damien would spend time with Miss Wah over them. George told Mr.Lai that Damien wouldn’t admit he’s Miss Wah super fan. Mr.Lai told Damien he won’t go back to Taiwan until the concert is over and he successfully done his surgery. Mr.Lai and George persuade Damien to sing with them on stage. George turned on the audio and there’s loud beep. Damien got a headache and fainted.


In the hospital, Hugo said Damien’s tumor is getting worse and needs a surgery immediately. Miss Wah told Damien, if he wants her to sing, she can sing to him anytime. Damien said if there’s something wrong, he can’t shoot fireflies anymore. Miss Wah left for Taiwan. Damien told Theresa there’s another reason he doesn’t want to get a surgery, he’s afraid he won’t able to see her. Damien told Theressa she doesn’t need to worry about him anymore since he has friends who will be there for him when he’s in trouble. Miss Wah took pictures of fireflies in Taiwan.

Buddy wrote a farewell letter to Alex for returning home to work for his father. Buddy read Alex’s wedding script that Linda must wear this wedding gown to the wedding. Linda asked Alex if there’s no trust in a relationship, can the couple still go on. Alex ate and brought some hamburgers to buddy. Buddy frowned and said he doesn’t have the appetite to eat and he wanted to puke reading his script. Buddy told Alex the script he wrote for his wedding seems too fake and calculated. Buddy told Alex he asked him to sent him the wedding gown to show Linda not because he wanted her to wake up but because it is part of his script. He even arranged for the reporters to be there. He knew Linda would wake up so he put on a show. Alex recalled the doctor told him that Linda just took the medicine and fell tired and just asleep and he can tell this good news to Linda’s family. Alex called Buddy to bring Linda’s wedding gown. The reporters came when Buddy gave Alex the wedding gown. The reporters took photos of Alex and Linda. Alex told Buddy that he set up the scene but he truly loves Linda. Buddy asked Alex where’s is his dignity. He is still a prince without putting on this show. Alex said if he didn’t hype this show, people would forget him less than a week. Buddy told Alex he only cares about getting fame but what about Linda. Alex said he’s doing this for Linda, if he doesn’t get fame, he can’t date Linda. Buddy asked Alex what would Linda think if she found out that the wedding was just a wedding script for marketing. Alex said he wrote the script sincerely, and it doesn’t matter if Linda never finds out. Buddy told Alex that Linda is his future wife and she needs to know about this. Alex said it’s better for Linda not to know it. Alex asked Buddy not to tell her this if he cares about her and he asked him if he wants Linda to cry and have a failed wedding. Buddy packed his stuff and said he doesn’t want to see Linda leaned on his shoulder and cry. Alex asked Buddy if he’s jealous because he’s famous. Alex asked Buddy if he’s jealous that Linda is being with him. Buddy gave Alex his blessing Linda and left the house.



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