Thief of Honour episode 4 recap

Canti fell in the house and asked Eugina to let him see his son for the last time. Canti asked Eugina to remember to teach his son martial arts or he’ll end up like him and teach him how to read. Canti held the knife which Law Lok Lam gave him, he said he is satisfied dying having a wife and a son. Canti passed out. Eugina cried and asked Canti to not leave her. Eugina gave the seal and knife to her servant and asked her to keep it and hand it to her son. Eugina hand her son to her servant. Eugina asked her servant not to name her son under her family’s name. Eugina said he caused Canti to live alone in the heaven, she has to join him. Eugina pushed her knife toward her stomach and died. Eugina’s father asked Felix if he remembered how his mother die, he can’t forgive Eugina. Felix dressed in the black suit and found Eugina’s grave. Eugina’s father visited Eugina’s grave and blamed himself.

Twenty Years later, Ekin grows up as Canti’s son. The mongolian whipped Ekin and his friend using a rope for blocking their way. Ekin’s friend carried a fat man across the river and fell. While Ekin pick up the medicine, Ekin’s friend sneakingly eating bun and got punched on the back by Ekin’s godsister. Eugina’s servant’s husband got drunk and fell on the roof. Eugina’s servant cried. Ekin gave his godmother some money. Eugina’s servant told Ekin that he’s well grown up so she doesn’t have to feel shame. The mongol demanded a poor family to pay his taxes. Ekin prevented the mongol from hitting the kid. Eugina’s servant asked Ekin to apologize to the mongol. The mongol punched and kicked Ekin and said if he can beat him, he won’t demand taxes from the family. Ekin angrily punched the tree.


Ekin told his friend if he knows martial art, he will chop those Mongol to pieces. Ekin’s friend requested Ekin to invite him to eat for his birthday. Ekin and his family eat salted fish and drink tea for Ekin’s birthday. Ekin’s friend asked his godparents to let Ekin work in the town but they refused. Ekin’s godfather grumpily told Eugina’s srvant that Ekin’s parents got killed in that town. Ekin’s godsister asked Ekin’s godparents why don’t they let Ekin work for money in town instead of working hard in the village. Eugina’s servant told Ekin that she and his godfather is not happy today because it is the day when her friend passed away. Eugina’s servant asked Ekin if he really wants to go to town. It’s not a bad thing for him to explore. Eugina’s servant asked Ekin to not work for the rich family. Ekin’s godfather told Eugina’s servant if he didn’t work in a rich family in town, he wouldn’t be crippled as of now. Eugina’s servant said there is a slim chance that Ekin will have enough power to revenge for his parents. She just hope he will leave healthy and peacefully with his future wife and children. Ekin’s godfather asked Eugina’s servant what does it contains in the box, and how come Law Lok Lam haven’t picked up since twenty years. Ekin’s godparents greets Ekin to the shore. Ekin’s godfather reminds Ekin that the people in town isn’t as gentle as the people in the village, he needs to take care.

The mongol requested to have a duel with Felix. The mogolian captain punched Felix. Eugina’s father punched the mongolian captain. Felix asked his father he can request to not have a duel with the monglols. Ekin and his friends hang out in town. Ekin and his friend saw a rich man coming out of the brothel unsatified with his service. A commoner told Ekin and his friend that the rich man works for the mongol. Ekin’s friend took Ekin to an expensive restaurant. Ekin whispered to his friend that they don’t have enough money. Ekin told the boss that he ate the food but didn’t know the price of the food. The boss demanded Ekin and his friend to pay the bill. Ekin and his friend stared at the chicken and duck. Ekin’s friend got pulled up the restaurant and saw Noel.


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