Thief of Honour episode 6 recap

Noel fell and asked Ekin how come he said he doesn’t know martial arts. Ekin said he really doesn’t know martial arts but she fell on the slippery floor. Noel warned Ekin that she won’t spare him if he uses dirty martial arts. The two mongols crated some kinda of potion in the cauldron. Noel went in the room pretends to lose the pin that the king’s uncle gave her and she asked them to search it for her. Noel took a sip of the potion and put in her shirt. Ekin celebrates his godsister’s first day of work. Noel went to the restaurant and pour wine on the cup and put the potion in and cheers with Ekin. Noel told Ekin after he drinks this wine, he will have to bow in front of her. Ekin threw up blood and fainted. Noel thought that the potion will cause Ekin to fall asleep for one day. Noel barged in the room and demanded the mongols to give out the medicine. The two mongols told Noel that the potion can’t be mixed with the wine or else the victim will be poisoned. Noel went to the restaurant and told the cashier that she gave Ekin the potion to drink just to make him listen to her order but she didn’t mean to hurt him. The doctor told Ekin some things can’t be buy with money. His fate is so pity. Noel feels guilty and helped the cashier’s niece and Ekin’s godsister making medicine. Ekin’s godsister yelled at Noel that if she wants to help Ekin, then stop disturbing Ekin.


Ekin knows he will die. Ekin asked his friend to give some money to his godparents. Ekin asked his godsister to be filial to her parents. Noel saw a mother mourning about her kid dying. The cashier said the potion was created by Emperor Temür Khan. He read many medical books but couldn’t find a treatment. The cashier told his niece there’s still a chance if they can take a pill from the palace. Noel stole a gingseng in her house and make a medicine and pour it on Ekin. Ekind’s godsister saw Noel and yelled at her. The cashier told Noel that only the pill from the palace can cure Ekin and there’s only three pills in this world. Noel told the cashier she will go to the palace and search for it. Noel came in the room and pointed a sword at the mongol and asked him where’s the pill. The mongol said the emperor gave his uncle the pill and he cherish it. Noel asked the mongol to give her the potion. Noel drank it and fainted and spill out blood. Noel told his father that now she believes that the potion can’t be mixed with the wine. The prince’s uncle killed the two mongol and showed the pill to Noel’s father. Noel fell asleep for one day. Noel walks and crawled to Ekin’s house. Ekin’s friend scold Noel. Noel asked Ekin’s friend to give her a bowl so she can make the medicine. Ekin wakes up and asked Noel to leave. Noel fainted. The cashier’s niece asked Ekin why does he wants Noel to leave, she spilled out lots of blood and make medicine to save him. Noel teased Ekin to bow in front of her three times to make her forgive him. The cashier told Noel that the method she used to save Ekin is risky. The cashier gave Noel a special bowl of cake from his restaurant. Noel’s father slapped Noel’s servant worrying about Noel. Noel went home. Noel’s guard told Noel that what she did was very risky, she shouldn’t try it next time.


Noel teased Ekin that he has a crush on the cashier’s niece. Noel helped Ekin picking out presents for the cashier’s niece. The fabric stall owner refuse to sell fabrics to Noel an Ekin. He spit at Noel. Noel confronted him. Noel drank at the restaurant and everyone left. Noel told Ekin that she never has friends and won’t play with her since her father collaborate with the mongolians. Ekin told Noel if she’s nice to others they will be good to her. Ekin gave Noel, the cashier’s niece handkerchief to wife her tears. Eugina’s father hands thicken after he fought with some mongols on the street. Eugina’s father told Felix he’s been searching for his grandson (Ekin) to repent his mistake but no avail. Dicky ate at the restaurant and Ekin’s godsister thanked him. Ekin left for a while and found that Ekin’s godsister is just a a normal girl. Ekin picked up the shoes for the cashier’s niece. Ekin’s godsister introduced Dicky to Ekin. Ekin gave the cashier’s niece a sac pendant. Dicky painted a picture of the cashier’s niece. Eugina’s father saw the painting and got mad at Ekin not focusing on his martial arts.



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